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Old 2003-12-27, 16:52   Link #21
Back From The Dead?
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Canada
Age: 28
heehee, I like Happy Lessons!
Uh, I like 'comical romance' anime
for the same reason why I like mini-games
in video games^^"

Just something not too fast moving or to slow moving
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Old 2003-12-27, 17:00   Link #22
Aria Company
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by stingray
well you've been warned.

should i feel like "half a fag" for liking romance anime? they're obviously not targeted towards guys. just watched 23eps of "Da Capo" as well as both "Onegai Twins" and " " Teacher" recently. before that was "Chobits." I'm 1 of the few guys that liked Fushigi Yuugi. maybe it's cause i don't have a g/f that i'm attempting to live vicariously through the main male protagonists.' most of them are about a guy around my age surrounded by beautiful women throwing themselves at him (i think that's just about every guys' fantasy). i find i'm getting bored w/ other anime but look foward to watching romance anime somewhat.
Actually the only one you mentained that was targeted at girls is fushigi yugi. The others are all shonen. Even Chobits, which is by Clamp, famous for their shoujo series, is shonen. Kare Kano and Fruits Basket, which you mentained in other posts are also shoujo, but like Fushigi Yugi have a large group of male fans.
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Old 2003-12-28, 06:06   Link #23
Inactive Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
what anime would get a manly rating anyway, i have watch vampire hunter d with girls and they love it, gogel 13 all that classic greats and they dont shuder at the site of blood.
well maybe during fist of the north star.
but i think all anime is strickly a sexual, so it appeal to all.
i mean those innocent pantie flashes have got to be meant for us guys right :-)
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Old 2003-12-29, 13:08   Link #24
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Singapore
personally, i feel that guys watching anything's fine as long as they don harp on it. I mean i'm fine with my bf watching anything or even cry abit when he's watching.... as long as he do not weep on me while wailing about how pitiful the caracter is or how touched he is ....
BUT once in a while , maybe i might console him o_~... .... .... only once in a while after which i'll ask him to get a grip... prefer my guy to be the strong silent type who is suppose to comfort me while i'm the one who's crying =p

So go ahead and watch whatever you want...
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Old 2003-12-29, 13:48   Link #25
Inactive Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: 626
Age: 34
I say it doesn't matter
If you like something that how you feel and no body can change your mind.
and if they think otherwise oh wells, but they won't know what they been missing.
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Old 2003-12-29, 14:30   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Age: 47
Yes, fag was certainly the wrong word. Masculine and feminine are much more descriptive and generally inoffensive terms.

Target audiences, "gay behavior", "chick flicks" - they're all just stereotypes that are meant to make groups of people easier to identify. Instead of helping, though, these groupings do more harm than good when ignorant and/or immature people read these "generalities" as "law". Do all homosexuals behave the same way? Do they all have wonderful fashion sense? Do they all speak with an effeminate lisp? No. These questions are especially revealed as moronic if you replace the word "homosexual" with "heterosexual".

My wife is a much more stereotypical male (in many ways) than I am. Do I care that she doesn't meet the "norm"? Nope. Never will. My sister is uninterested in any film that doesn't have a lot of explosions and isn't fast paced.

Does any good ever come from lumping an individual into some generalized group? (Do I need to answer this?) See people as the individuals they are. Don't worry about not fitting into the norm, unless the behavior is harmful to others or yourself. It's a sad thing to think we're less of a man or woman because of what we like in entertainment. There's a line in Kindergarten Cop (some things you just can't forget no matter how much you try) that sums up pretty well what men and women are. Men have a penis, women have a vagina. Personally, I like to define myself as an individual human being like everybody else.
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