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Old 2003-12-29, 20:49   Link #21
Afflicted by the vanities
Join Date: Feb 2003
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Originally Posted by Tommy
ashibaka Tsukihime already ended and it was good .
See, my predictions are already coming true
Learn to define and spell mo
Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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Old 2003-12-29, 20:51   Link #22
grumpiest when sleepy
Join Date: Dec 2003
1. the predictions in this thread all came true
2. muwhahahahaha
3. more muwhahahaha
4. de-evolution occurs and we all turn into apes.
5. the galaxy burst into flames.
6. The Ape-llo 1 discovers another universe by travelling through a blackhole. and pictures were taken with the Stellvia crew.
7. PS2, XBOX get married, and have their kid named Game Cube, so I can play games on a brand new hybrid console named POXUBE that plays across all three platforms.
8. We exhaust our food source, population decrease by 90%.
9. Apes in Japan got the highest average on an international I.Q. test.
10. The U.N. dissolves as a result of its irresolute board.
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Old 2003-12-29, 21:30   Link #23
Inactive ex-WoW addict
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Location: Trondheim, Norway
Age: 38
1. Gravitation will, with the current speed, reach his post number 6570.

2. George Bush will be re-elected, so I'm gonna start building my bomb-shelter right now.

3. I will spend yet another 2500 dollars on Manga, 8/10 of which I will moan was a waste of money, but read three more times anyway.

4. The number of locked threads per day will increase, as will the number of noobs joining just to ask 1 or 2 questions about where to download licensed anime.

5. I will bitch and moan twice as much next year.

8. I will not change my Avatar.

7. NoSanninWa's gender will still be unknown to the masses.
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Old 2003-12-29, 21:40   Link #24
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: SEattle,WA
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About George Bush. If he finishes his 2nd term, he will automatically be in the next elections. Oh yeah. I will turn 17. That is a prediction
Did you hear about the Aztecs predictions. At least i think it was them. Well they have been known for accurate predictions. All of their predictions have been right. Well they say the world will end 2012.
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Old 2003-12-29, 22:01   Link #25
Join Date: Nov 2003
Mariners will win World Series.
are you on pot? and why arent you sharing them?!

Bush will get re-elected.
yeah thank you for that useless prediction (everyone know this anyway, gore is too fa* and dum* to become the president).

The Devils will win the stanley cup again, but no one will care because hockey sucks.
you take that back!!

and here are my predictions...

1) animesuki's server room will suddenly become the center of all paranormal activities during April 02, 2004, people will claim they see girls who wear like a sailor and guys who wear nothing will float inside the room . then at June 20 2004 a sudden high-energy neutron beam will be direct at the server, totally demolishes the server (and destroying NoSanninWa's plan to take over bush's mind in the process.

2) All predictions are false

3) the prediction above is real

4) the prediction above is false

5) #2 and #4 is false

6) Someone here in this forum will get convict of child molester and put to jail (you know it makes sense XD ).

7) Mars will get attracted to earth by some unknown dark matter's gravitational field, causing storms, earthquake, lightings, breakdown of world's econom. system, and will make my cup noodle dryer than usual.

8) At news year eve in New York, Osama Bin Laden will appear on that giant screen and scream 'death to all morons!!'.

9) I will need to buy another two new 120gb harddrives

10) I will get one of those takuyaki cooking tray.

11) Santa will personally come to my home at night on new years eve, apologize for forgetting to give my present, as a result he will gives a persocon call Chii to me, and tell me to take care of it nicely
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