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Old 2006-05-07, 17:31   Link #1
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Scarywater's Scrape info

Anyone know why scarywater scrape info does not return the 'downloaded' value? It always returns 0.

"d5:filesd20:q(֫H d8:completei26e10:downloadedi0e10:incomplete i16eeee"

The actual html listing has the number of downloadeds in the 'dls' field though.

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Old 2006-05-08, 01:50   Link #2
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Answering my own thread. It looks like it is an issue with the tracker, hypercube, it seems to always return 0 or 1 for the 'downloaded' value.
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Old 2006-05-09, 07:57   Link #3
Don't panic.
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I took a peek at the hypercube source. Please note that I have no access to the scarywater scripts, so that part is all guesswork.

This behaviour is triggered by the scripts running at Scarywater's http server. Scarywater's backend scripts scrape the data off the tracker regularly at a high pace (every 5 minutes or so) to update the stats on the web site. With every request it resets the downloaded stats. It then adds the value it got to its own database. So what you basically get when you scrape is "downloaded" since last scrape issued by scarywater.

I explain better in pseudo-code than in English.
Scarywater's scripts:
def update_stats (seeds, peers, complete)"UPDATE stats SET seeds = ?, peers = ?, complete = complete + ? WHERE info_hash = 42", seeds, peers, complete)

def scrape_every_n_minutes
  seeds, peers, complete = http.get "http://tracker/status?raw&reset=1"
  update stats(seeds, peers, complete)

Receives status query, notes that there's a reset parameter included, resets downloaded count to zero. See tracker.c line 532 (functions
serve_status_raw and serve_status_html).

Another thing I noticed that it seems that anyone can issue a stats reset, hence you can practically kill scarywater's downloaded stats collection. Assuming mxs didn't plug that hole by restricting the reset calls only to a single IP.

How to avoid using the reset function, then? By adding a new database column [1] that keeps track of completed values and can detect a tracker reset.

[1] I've been bugging him for ages to do this, so that the RSS feed would behave better.

(actually, any browser is fine to me as long as it doesn't use IE's rendering engine...)
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Old 2006-05-09, 10:03   Link #4
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Since scarywater's main site is in xhtml (and thus a clean xml document), you *could* scrape the actual xhtml page and get those values ^^;;;; And use the file name as the key for retrieving the values you want.
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Old 2006-05-13, 15:00   Link #5
that guy
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Maybe I can shed some light on this. I never treated the hypercube-generated stats (which are returned on scrapes) as anything more than volatile -- as such, I have never taken great care to protect them or keep them accurate (as they will just be lost on a program restart, anyway).

Stats on the website are generated from the hypercube logfile, and, as hhaamu correctly surmised, stored in a database. The data displayed on the website is from that database, and should be a more accurate than the hypercube (especially across invocations

If you absolutely, positively need up to the minute, current stats for a torrent, the website is your best bet (updated every 5 minutes). Hypercube is written more for speed than features
(Fun tidbit : is not restricted either, and neither are any resets -- as the data is a purely cosmetic byproduct of hypercube's operation, anyway

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