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Old 2006-05-19, 20:33   Link #1
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a DVD drive compatible with Dell?

I spoke to a Dell technician for 3 hours tried to install a "second" dvd drive and the conclusion they had was that the dvd drive I bought was not compatible with Dell. It only works as slave but does not work as master.

Do you people own a dell and have at least two dvd drive? Can you recommend a dvd drive that works as slave with Dell? Please, no NEC. I don't like NEC.

Is it a good idea to go to some computer store technicians (like bestbuy, microcenter etc) to have my second dvd drive installed? I tried that long time ago. They are expensive and not very knowlegable. But it may have changed now.

Actually, I found out that one of the power cable isn't working, I think. There are two power cable for dvd drives. Let's call the two power cable "A" and "B". I found out that whichever dvd drive has power cable "A" on would work, regardless of which data cable it is on. How can I replace the power cable? It is all bundled up! Is it the power cable problem?

More importantly, should I return my new dvd drive now? I can only return it within short period of time? If it is power cable problem, I would be losing a new dvd drive, wouldn't I?
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Old 2006-05-19, 21:15   Link #2
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Sounds like you just have a crap drive to begin with as you should be able to set any DVD or CD drives as either master, slave or cable select--the latter of which is the setting I prefer.
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Old 2006-05-21, 01:42   Link #3
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the dell technician is BSing you really hard. basically.... most any motherboards support master and slave regardless... and any drive has the ability to support master or slave... especially if its a dvd drive. basically my suggestion is to pull out your existing drive.. and check the back dip-switches along with the ones on the back of the you have to set one of them to slave and one of them to master. (if you dont know what dip switches are they are basically these pins sticking out from the back). you have to set one to slave and one to master.. if you wanna be lazy you can set both to cable select. and you also have to make sure you buy a cable that supports 2 drives. and that you have a power connector for both drives. you should be fine after that. :P

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