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Old 2006-05-21, 10:28   Link #1
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MPEG Encoding

I have recorded several small clips with my TV Tuner in MPEG-2 format. I noticed they are quite big, and most of the file is unwanted, so I am planning to recode them to save space. I am using virtualdubMPEG, and was wondering the best settings to use. I'm not using audio, no I just set that to "no audio".

Currently I am using the default XviD settings with 4.0 if I want blurry video and 1.0 if I want better video. What is suggested? These are only small clips, of course, and size doesn't really matter. Just as long as it isn't 1.4GB for 10m of video like with MPEG-2. Eek. (15mb/s constant bit)

Should I be using a different codec?
I used XviD because I am using the clips to construct a "music video" using Adobe Premiere later on, and do not have the space to collect all the clips in RAW form.
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Old 2006-05-21, 11:17   Link #2
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XviD's constant quantizer 1 is almost always bitrate overkill. There's a very small difference in quality between q1 and q2, but the filesize difference is HUGE.

That being said, for what you want to do, I'd say XviD q2 with the defaults is good enough. If you want to squeeze out a few percent more quality at the expense of some encoding time, hit the "More" button next to the "Quality preset" menu and set VHQ mode to 4 and check "Use VHQ for bframes too".
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Old 2006-05-21, 13:16   Link #3
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Use quant 2.5 to 3 with XviD if you want to keep good quality without TOO big of a file. quant 4 will not result in a blurry file and USUALLY looks quite acceptable.
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