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Siegel Clyne
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Otome Kiss

Anime On DVD Community Forums: Otome Kiss ***UPDATE 2 (06/06/06)***

Japanese fans have mentioned that several voice actors from My-Otome / Mai-Otome have gone out to the gal game, Kimi Kiss, released in Japan on May 25, 2006.

Hoshino Yuumi CV: Koshimizu Ami = Nina Wang

Satonaka Narumi CV: Mizuhashi Kaori

Mizusawa Mao CV: Ikezawa Haruna

Sakino Asuka CV: Hirohashi Ryou

Futami Eriko CV: Tanaka Rie = Tomoe Marguerite, Fiar Grosse

Shijyo Mituki (Shijou Mitsuki) CV: Noto Mamiko = Yukino Chrysant

Nana CV: Nogawa Sakura = Shiho Huit

Kawada Tomoko CV: Kawasumi Ayako

Hiiragi Akira CV: Fukuyama Jun

According to Japanese fans at 2ch, Nakahara Mai, who plays Tokiha Mai, plays Kuryuu Megumi in Kimi Kiss.

Some Japanese fans have remarked that Futami Eriko resembles her voice actor, Tanaka Rie.

But it also looks like that the other main characters in Kimi Kiss may be, to one extent or another, modeled after their voice actors (e.g., hairstyle).

If 2ch's gal game board is any indication, the favorite character in Kimi Kiss among Japanese fans, by an overwhelming margin, appears to be Futami Eriko.

UPDATE 1 (05/30/06):

In this Kimi Kiss character popularity poll, Futami Eriko, voiced by Tanaka Rie, so far is the runaway winner at number one.

The popularity of Futami Eriko aka Eririn has apparently skyrocketed since the release of Kimi Kiss on May 25, 2006 in Japan. According to a number of Japanese fans, this is due to Eririn's voice and the voice acting of Tanaka Rie.

Responding to someone who would prefer a person in real life like Futami Eriko over the Futami Eriko in Kimi Kiss, a couple of Japanese fans on 2ch said...

Kimikisu * KimiKiss 26kaime

965 : [Nanashikun,,,suki desu...] : 2006/05/30(Ka) 00:53:41 ID:Jcu7rg1p
Omoun dakedo sa, sanjigen de Eririn mitaina hito ga itemo honmono no Eririn ni wa kanawanai to omoun da.

966 : [Nanashikun,,,suki desu...] : 2006/05/30(Ka) 00:54:31 ID:22mn0kRb
Eririn wa ano boisu nakushite Eririn de wa nai!!!!!
Kimi Kiss - The 26th Time Around

965 : [Mr. Nameless, I love you...] : 2006/05/30 (Tuesday) 00:53:41 ID:Jcu7rg1p
Even if you think there exists a three dimensional [real life] person like Eririn, I think she cannot match the genuine [Kimi Kiss] Eririn.

966 : [Mr. Nameless, I love you...] : 2006/05/30 (Tuesday) 00:54:31 ID:22mn0kRb
Without that voice of Eririn [Tanaka Rie], it is not Eririn!!!!!

UPDATE 2 (06/05/06):

Kimikisu * KimiKiss 28kaime

896 : [Nanashikun,,,suki desu...] : 2006/06/02(Kin) 18:42:58 ID:Wvc5ECk7
Kinou, yatto Eririn sukiruuto miteta. Mina ga kanojo ni keitousuru imi ga wakata.
Jiitto mitsumeta toki no riakushon moe shinda.
"Ufufu. Jiiiiii w" tte koemade dashite mitsume kaesaseru to haa.

Tanakasan no voisu mo pittari de, mecha kawayusu

Kimikisu * KimiKiss 28kaime

896 : [Mr. Nameless, I love you...] : 2006/06/02 (Friday) 18:42:58 ID:Wvc5ECk7
Yesterday, I finally saw the Eririn love route. I understand why everyone is devoted to her.
When watching the moment of her moe reaction, I died.
<laughing quietly> Yes, indeed, putting out and hearing Eririn's voice gives back something in return.

Also, the voice of Ms. Tanaka fits Eririn perfectly ... very lovely.

Kimikisu * KimiKiss 31kaime

774 : [Nanashikan,,,suki desu...] : 2006/06/04(Nichi) 22:01:43 ID:2icFAjS0
Youyaku kidzuitanda ga, Eririn Mama no koe tte sonomama Tanaka Rie ga yattetanda na••••••. Nani gururi mo shiteru noni zenzen kidzukanakatta.

Toiu kako no hito tte Suigintou ya Rakusu yara no koe no hito nan deshou?
Sugee na••••••. Koe no tsukaiwake jouzusugi.
Kimi Kiss - The 31th Time Around

774 : [Mr. Nameless, I love you...] : 2006/06/04 (Sunday) 22:01:43 ID:2icFAjS0
I finally realized that the voice of Futami Eriko's mother is the same voice as Tanaka Rie's.......
I did not notice it at all though I played it many times.

This person did the voices of Suigintou [in Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden ~träumend~] and Lacus Clyne [in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY]?
Incredible...... Tanaka Rie's skill in using different voices for different roles is too much.

Last edited by Siegel Clyne; 2006-06-05 at 04:40. Reason: More comments by Japanese fans on Tanaka Rie - range, versatility, etc.
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Old 2006-05-31, 05:13   Link #2
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I think I have to look for it after it is released.
Hope that it doesn't require an Japanese OS...
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Old 2006-07-07, 05:19   Link #3
Siegel Clyne
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Tsundere & Kuudere ***07/14/06 UPDATE 2*** + ***08/21/06 UPDATE 3***

Anime On DVD Community Forums: Tsundere & Kuudere ***07/14/06 UPDATE 2***

saeba_ryo said:
Tsundere for those that don't know what it is.
In Japan, a lot of these terms originate or are popularized on forums and message boards at Internet sites like 2ch, Yahoo! JAPAN, and livedoor.

Produced by popular Japanese television personality Terry Ito (Terry Itou), the one hour television show, Gyoukai Maruhi Kenshuu Video 7 Tsundere Seiyuu Tanaka Rie (Industry Secret Training Video #7: Tsundere Seiyuu Tanaka Rie), is currently airing this month, July 2006, on CS Fuji TV (SKY PerfecTV!).

Gyoukai Maruhi Kenshuu Video 7 Tsundere Seiyuu Tanaka Rie Screenshots: 1 2

Some Japanese fans use the term "kuudere" for Futami Eriko (aka Eririn), played by Tanaka Rie, in Kimi Kiss - a love simulation game, and a gal game, released by Enterbrain in Japan on May 25, 2006.

kuuru (cool) + dere = kuudere

In Kimi Kiss character popularity polls, such as this recently concluded 2ch related one and the one recently held on this Kimi Kiss Fan Page, Futami Eriko is the runaway number one winner and, by far, the most popular.

Sparked and fueled by the voice and the acting performance of Tanaka Rie, Japanese fans use "kuudere" to help describe and explain Futami Eriko "Eririn" of Kimi Kiss and her (unexpected) great popularity.

UPDATE: Added direct link to the Kimi Kiss Heroine Popularity Poll at the Kimi Kiss Fan Page, in which first place finisher Futami Eriko "Eririn", played by Tanaka Rie, has scored an overwhelming victory at number one. (07/08/06)

UPDATE 2 (07/14/06)

Kimi Kiss Character Popularity Poll Final Results

- ALL Ranking (Total Number of Votes Cast: 1394 Votes | Choice Total: 9 | Average Number of Votes: 154.89 Votes)

Order*| Choice*| Graph | Number of Votes | Deviation Value

1st Place |*Futami Eriko*| 23.3% | 325 Votes | 68.5

2nd Place*| Sakino Asuka*| 17.9% | 250 Votes | 60.4

3rd Place*| Hoshino Yuumi*| 15.6% | 218 Votes | 56.9

4th Place |*Mizusawa Mao*| 13.3% | 186 Votes | 53.4

5th Place*| Shijyo Mitsuki*| 9.7% | 135 Votes | 47.8

6th Place |*Satonaka Narumi | 7.7% | 107 Votes | 44.8

7th Place |*Nana | 6.7% | 94 Votes | 43.4

8th Place | Kawada*Tomoko | 2.9% | 41 Votes | 37.6

9th Place |*Hiiragi Akira | 2.7% | 38 Votes | 37.3

Kimi Kiss Fan Page Popularity Poll Final Results

Order | Choice | Number of Votes | Graph

1st Place | Futami Eriko | 731 Votes | (31.2%)

2nd Place | Mizusawa Mao | 464 Votes | (19.8%)

3rd Place | Hoshino Yuumi | 338 Votes | (14.4%)

4th Place | Shijyo Mitsuki | 323 Votes | (13.8%)

5th Place | Sakino Asuka | 233 Votes | (9.9%)

6th Place | Nana | 126 Votes | (5.3%)

7th Place | Satonaka Narumi | 125 Votes | (5.3%)

Hoshino Yuumi, the supposed female lead character of Kimi Kiss, only finished in third place on both Kimi Kiss character popularity polls.

According to this Dengeki Online, July 12, 2006 news article, three Kimi Kiss drama CDs are scheduled to go on sale this year.

Kimi Kiss Drama CD Vol. 1
Catalog Number: SSCX-10310
Release Date: August 23, 2006
Main Character: Hoshino Yuumi

Kimi Kiss Drama CD Vol. 2
Release Date: October 25, 2006
Catalog Number:
Main Characters: Nana, Satonaka Narumi

Kimi Kiss Drama CD Vol. 3
Release Date: December 20, 2006
Catalog Number:
Main Character: Futami Eriko

Apparently, Aihara Kouichi, the male protagonist in Kimi Kiss, will be played by a different voice actor on each different drama CD. Aihara Kouichi has no speaking voice in the game.

Futami Eriko's voice actor, Tanaka Rie, reveals on her diary (July 13, 2006) that an alarm clock, the "Original Voice Clock Kimi Kiss Futami Eriko," is slated for release in the fall of this year.
08/21/06 UPDATE 3: Gal Game Magazine Poll Reaffirms Futami Eriko as the Most Popular Character in Kimi Kiss

In the latest issue of TECH GIAN magazine, Futami Eriko wins its official Kimi Kiss character popularity poll, finishing in 1st place. Mizusawa Mao finishes in 2nd place.

See here or here for a scan of the magazine with the first and second place finishers.

Last edited by Siegel Clyne; 2006-08-22 at 02:40. Reason: Added link to Kimi Kiss poll in which Futami Eriko, played by Tanaka Rie, totally dominates as number one winner. Added Kimi Kiss drama CD information. Added TECH GIAN Kimi Kiss poll results.
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Old 2006-09-08, 23:12   Link #4
Siegel Clyne
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Kimi Kiss Official Website Character Popularity Poll (2006/08/01 ~ 2006/08/31)


1. Futami Eriko (CV: Tanaka Rie {Tomoe Marguerite, Fiar Grosse}) 6,196 Points

2. Mizusawa Mao (CV: Ikezawa Haruna) 3,661 Points

3. Hoshino Yuumi (CV: Koshimizu Ami {Nina Wang}) 3,129 Points

4. Sakino Asuka (CV: Hirohashi Ryou) 2,711 Points

5. Shijyo Mitsuki [Shijou Mitsuki] (CV: Noto Mamiko {Yukino Chrysant}) 2,263 Points

6. Nana (CV: Nogawa Sakura {Shiho Huit}) 1,413 Points

7. Kawada Tomoko (CV: Kawasumi Ayako) 1,077 Points

8. Kuryu Megumi [Kuryuu Megumi] (CV: Nakahara Mai {Tokiha Mai}) 1,066 Points

9. Satonaka Narumi (CV: Mizuhashi Kaori) 970 Points
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