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9 out of 10 : Excellent 20 40.82%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 13 26.53%
7 out of 10 : Good 9 18.37%
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Old 2006-05-22, 21:09   Link #21
Bronwen Stx
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Originally Posted by Angelsama
Another brilliant episode from the host club.

I was wondering what style of story could be told within the pool park, but i'm glad it was to do with Mitsukuni & Takashi, really good story - also, you gotta love being able to see more inside of Takashi. ^^

Nexted episode looks amazing as well.. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeach - and who's that with Haruhi on the bed? o.o
It's a surprise.

I couldn't resist so now I'm up to date with the manga.

But what a fantastic episode! I started cracking up from the start because of Haruhi. And I love when the tidal wave activated and when Honey kicked major ass while still acting the major loli. That was some hilarious stuff.

Tamaki was awesome as usual, I'm seriously beginning to think that he's related to Atobe of Prince of Tennis but even worse. The twins, lol, I think it's become an everyday routine to make sure 'daddy' is jealous and Kyoya - lolol.

And that small moment where Haruhi is happy when Mori called her with her name for the first time. So cute!
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Old 2006-05-23, 06:30   Link #22
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Brilliant episode! Loved it when Honey did his judo moves and the 'SWAT' look guards on their knees with admiration! Hahahahah Great stuff!
So looking forward to next episode. Manga was a two part, but from preview, looks like they are squeeze it to a 1 episode, doesnt it?
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Old 2006-05-23, 06:59   Link #23
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A team of professionals sortied to search for a kid lost in an amusement park complete with knives and guns. LOL. Man, I wonder how those guys must feel. They do all this training and this is what they have to do. Loved the Rahxephon reference. Looking forward to episode 8 (I love the second part of that segment).
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Old 2006-05-23, 13:08   Link #24
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Didn't feel great, and I'm not sure why.

The good thing was that we saw quite a bit of Mori, and a bit of Honey. Aside from that...

Maybe I need to rewatch it.
2006- The year of the invasion of the Suzumiya Haruhi avatars and signature logos
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Old 2006-05-24, 11:06   Link #25
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Now, on the count of three, let's all let out a deep sigh of relief.

*Deep sigh of relief*

This episode brought a return of Ouran's usually fantastic animation. That last episode had me sweating, wondering if the studio was going to try to pull a lame stunt and have the first and last six episodes be superbly animated and have everything in the middle be some half thrown together piece of work. I am now no longer worried.

While this episode might have been a little more fillery than some other episodes, I thought it was fantastic. I particularly like
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Old 2006-05-24, 20:15   Link #26
ショ ン (^^)
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very funny episode leave it to the Vice Prez to use his own club memebers as test subjects (anything to save a buck) all i know is i am not messing with honey damn did he put a hurtin on those guards
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Old 2006-05-25, 01:31   Link #27
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This eps rules. I think the next one will only get better. I love this anime.
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Old 2006-06-07, 17:42   Link #28
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i just found it really cute when tamaki gave haruhi the parka to wear when he wanted to see her in a swimming suit so bad. And the way he gave it to her...gosh! i just loved that.
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Old 2011-02-15, 08:31   Link #29
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Originally Posted by misakichii View Post
i just found it really cute when tamaki gave haruhi the parka to wear when he wanted to see her in a swimming suit so bad. And the way he gave it to her...gosh! i just loved that.
i think he don't want anyone to look at her in swimsuit , cuz he think he is haruhi's dad ..

tskk' he didn't realize he has feelings for her. >.<
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Old 2011-04-15, 02:54   Link #30
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The RahXephon reference was sexy, as is the 'real' Quon Kisaragi. Didn't see that coming at all.
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