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Old 2006-06-06, 02:34   Link #1
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Unhappy A Different Sort of Romance

I realize there's another romance thread on the floor, but the poster's taste is somewhat different from mine, so, at risk of being selfish, I decided to put out my own.

Ok, so, I've been getting really depressed with romance in real life lately, and I need an anime that will keep the voices telling me to kill myself quiet until things start looking up. Most importantly I want something that I can take seriously (unlike Trigun)—well, as seriously as any anime can be taken, anyway—but I also don't want it to be melodramatic, (like evangelion). I'm not saying it can't be comedic at all, though... My favourite anime is FLCL, and I take it really seriously and I think that it captures emotion better than most live-action media—that's up for debate, I guess... Also, I just finished the webcomic megatokyo, and if there's any anime that might have inspired fred gallagher, I'd definitely be interested in that.

Most of all, I know what I'm not looking for: Inuyasha, Trigun, FMA (I liked this one enough to watch the whole series, but I did have a lot of complaints), Ruroni kenshin. I can't articulate what exaclty about these animes puts me off so much, but they just seem to me at times like a giant joke. Also, I liked bebop a lot, but right now I need something in which romance plays a more central role. And despite being depressed, I can handle a sad ending as long as the entire seiries isn't a downer, and as long as it is believeable. ah, also, eureka seven—I kinda liked it, but the couple was definitely too pre-determined, and the buildup was too frusteratingly long. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want to know what's going to happen, and if that means that there's a possibility that it'll all end badly, that's fine.

one last thing that might help; my favourite scene in FLCL is in the third episode when ninamori reveals that she rigged the vote that cast the school play so that she could get closer to naota. Every time I see it——*sigh*‚——I donno. Well, thanks for the help in advance...

- Sloth
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Old 2006-06-06, 02:44   Link #2
Absolute Haruhist!
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FLCL is one of those crazy animes.

This means you should watch Haruhi, definitely a different sort of romance in there, actually everything is different, this anime is unique.
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Old 2006-06-06, 02:48   Link #3
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Hachimitsu to Clover - I may be wrong, but this sounds just like what you're looking for
Kare Kano - a very refreshing anime. you may like it
Gunparade March - the token mecha suggestion... the girl is rather cute
Rurouni Kenshin - Tsuiokuhen - almost nothing like the TV series... it's been on anidb top ten for like forever
Shingetsutan Tsukihime - before that crazy fanboy can suggest it
Nana - shoujo for an older audience

Romance plays a significant part in all of those anime, btw

~There isn't any romance in Haruhi At least so far
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Old 2006-06-06, 04:44   Link #4
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If you want the anime that inspired Fred Gallagher, you should check out Kanon and Air. They're both semi-romantic, semi-tragic stories from the same dating-sim studio, which Piro worships obsessively.
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Old 2006-06-06, 05:23   Link #5
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Originally Posted by jedinat
Shingetsutan Tsukihime - before that crazy fanboy can suggest it
DARN YOU! I MUST ALWAYS BE THE ONE TO RECOMMEND TSUKIHIME! (lol, just kidding - I am not a fanboy, I'm a fanatic of this series. Technically, a fanboy revels over the girl/s in the series. With this series, I don't. I revel in all of it.)

I don't care with his other recommendations, but you should really watch it. Mileage will vary, of course.


Anyway, being that crazy fanboy/fanatic, I seriously hope you could give that quoted suggestion a try. It's been two years since I've watched it, and it still remains my favorite of all time. It's a definite downer - I'll assure you that, but it's the only romance that tore my heart - yes, melodramatic Kimi ga Nozomu Eien didn't do much to it, really. What's better is that this isn't melodramatic - it's just a searing pain to see noble beings love at the wrong place and at the wrong time and with the wrong race.


Is Suzuka a different kind of romance? What do you think? I think it's pretty much a more unique take on a common romance theme ... but it isn't really different, is it?
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Old 2006-06-06, 07:22   Link #6
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Suzuka is not particularly unique or different (though I do think it's a well executed version of it's genre).

I would second recommendations of Kare Kano, Honey and Clover and Nana.
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Old 2006-06-06, 07:43   Link #7
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I think Suzuka's pretty well executed too. But I wouldn't second Kare Kano. For one, it's Inuyasha-like in its ending - meaning there's none. There's no closure. Nada.

I'll third Honey and Clover.
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Old 2006-06-07, 17:38   Link #8
Aeris DJ
Join Date: May 2006
How about Serial Experiments Lain? Not only you won't know how it will end, you'll be puzzled for a while trying to figure out what's going on.
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Old 2006-06-07, 22:25   Link #9
Join Date: Dec 2005
Honey and Clover would be my strongest recommendation for ya. It has always lifted my spirits because I could relate to the characters and their relationships easily. Theres a wide variety of characters with different romantic outlooks so theres a little bit of everything to cater towards most people. A second season is also coming soon, so thats always a good thing

I also recommend Kare Kano, despite the fact that the coupling is pretty much predetermined from the start. It's quite unique, and I recommend the manga if you want some closure (the anime ends rather abruptly).

Air is also rather unique, although the coupling is pretty obvious here too.

Well those are my recommendations, enjoy
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Old 2006-06-08, 01:08   Link #10
Rollin' Like A Boss
Join Date: Apr 2006
If you like FLCL try Gunbuster 2. They seem to be a lot of the same style.

You could try Canvas has quite the ending lol
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Old 2006-06-08, 02:10   Link #11
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Chi-town
I second second second on Honey and Clover. My personal best anime show for awhile (nothing really heals my wounded heart other than watching Honey and Clover)
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Old 2006-06-08, 02:15   Link #12
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I hope you could try Tsukihime, tritoch. It reopens wounds very well. When I'm in a high, I simply watch Tsukihime and think: 'my God, if only I could love like this.'
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Old 2006-06-08, 02:20   Link #13
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Chi-town
Saw it already physics223. Not a huge fan. Heck, I didn't even like Kimi ga that much. Some of the dialogue was utter crap and some of their reasonings are skin deep. Only thing that kept me watching it was: "step on catcrap" hehehehehe replace "crap" with "s" word.
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Old 2006-06-08, 02:21   Link #14
In the Tatami Galaxy ↓
Join Date: Feb 2006
Ouch. That hurts.

(Nah, I'm just being jocular.)

Do you like Cowboy Bebop's romance? I think it's among the better ones, really.
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Old 2006-06-08, 03:06   Link #15
Juan Valdez
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Location: Tha Town
Originally Posted by tritoch
My personal best anime show for awhile (nothing really heals my wounded heart other than watching Honey and Clover)
I agree. It's an excellent series with a lot of charm. Can't recommend it enough.

But if you're looking for something to totally healing nothing can top Aishiteruze Baby. I watched it on a whim even though initially it didn't seem like my kind of show, but in the end, I was glad I picked this series up. Perhaps a bit too schmaltzy at times, this series is entirely uplifting and saccharine sweet. The kind of show that just makes you smile. I describe it as the opposite of KGNE. It sounds just like what the OP was looking for.

I also strongly suggest Whisper of the Heart for those in need of an uplift. Every time I watch that movie I feel better coming out than I did going in. Guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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Old 2006-06-08, 03:16   Link #16
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Location: Chi-town
Kokoro-chi = double win for her personality+body
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Old 2006-06-08, 03:31   Link #17
Join Date: Jun 2004
Different...from my perspective,i will say ouran high school host club.

I don't really watch romance anime.

You maybe asking why,ummm,i kinda of like this kind of romance,it makes me feel like i hope i'm the Haruhi in the anime
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