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Old 2006-06-26, 17:54   Link #1
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What if's

Post your fantasies here...

here's mine...

Deathscyche is introduced in the Cosmic Era. (CE 273). the universe 200 years after

the timeline where Strike Freedom, Destiny, Impulse, and the Justice resides?
and then it will be modified and equipped with a ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear

reactor, a Neutron Jammer Canceler, Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armor, Super DRAGOON, as well

as its trusty scyche, and will have a super stealth mode in which it can slaughter even the

most advaced of the gundams silently.

its color is sleek black with silver details, its eyes are silver which becomes red when on

stealth mode. also its scyche is made of a supper light weight, yet unbreakable metal

alloywith a code name metal-x6 which is a technology stolen from the ORB nation by the ZAFT.

it will be renamed as Shadow Deathscyche

The story:

about 200 years after the end of the war between ZAFT and Earth. An Earth Mecha manufacturer

secretly teamed up with several Zaft pilots and engineers to develop an Assasin type of

Gundam. codenamed "shadow" it stole a technology from the ORD union. A traitor with the name

of Dofhe Suez a coordinator from ORB sold the technology, which is called metal-x6; an

Unbreakeable metal substance which is 10 times as hard as a Diamond. the substance also has

a color changing property, which can turn from silver to black by modifying it's electrical

charges. Dofhe is the assistant metal-x6's inventor, He betrayed his comrade for power and


3 years after the initial development of code name "Shadow" (it is about 92% complete), a

young 15 year old pilot named remna yamato, (female coordinator and a descendant of kira

yamato and lacus clyne) is a well known ace Zaft pilot. very popular for her beauty and for

being a descendant of the famous heroes. remna was to pilot the shadow and was set for

initial testing. the plant is located on earth, 12 miles near an ORB union base. while on

stealth mode on its initial run, remna, being stubborn and confident to her abilities tried

to push the mecha to its limits. she went near a mountain where a relatively large amount of

a mineral called sekril was present. Unknown to the Earth and Zaft that the Metal-x6 reacts

violently to the said mineral. later she found herself and her mecha (under power burst, is

set to self destruct). She immediately ejected at the last moment. Being unconscious, the

Zaft forces were unable to contact her.

Meanwhile, a Natural young pilot named Kitchi azure was on his routine check up of his

Gundam, he was nearby and heard the crash. He immediately flew to check the occurence and he

found the almost lifeless body on a Zaft uniform. He immediately took of the..

to be continued.. hehe.
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