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Old 2006-06-29, 13:40   Link #1
Sui Yein Ng 13
Join Date: Oct 2004
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Lesser known pilot versus thread

We've seen alot of the main protagonists/godly battles but I'm curious to know the lesser knowns or not as skillful character battles of the Gundam series.

Lets start off with:
Emma Sheen in the MK.II vs Christina Mackenzie in the NT-1

I think Emma has the upper hand in skills but Chris has a better MS IMO and we haven't seen what Chris could do with only 2 battles and there were single battles instead of squad vs squad. It looks like it could go either way between these two.
What do you guys think?
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Old 2006-06-29, 14:22   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Age: 33
I think Emma would win this one. Emma must be a reasonably competent pilot, to survive so long in that obsolete Mark 2 against superior Titans MS. Chris, while we haven't seen her in combat many times, seems to freak out and make bad decisions. She would have died against Misha if she didn't have the armor plating. I think Emma could lure her into a trap pretty easily, by hiding in some wreckage or behind an asteroid etc.

If we're going by pure specs, the Alex has better acceleration but a weaker powerplant than the Mark 2 (MAHQ stats). Still, by stats, a Gelgoog Jager would wipe the floor with both
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Old 2006-06-29, 17:33   Link #3
Knight of Twelve's Knight
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Location: Orange County
Emma is the better pilot and MK. II has a movable frame which makes a world of difference.

It is kinda unfair though....since Emma was meant to be a real pilot but Chris on the other had was only a test pilot.
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Old 2006-06-30, 13:06   Link #4
RX-78GP04G Gerbera
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Emma Sheen would definitely win...much lighter MS, much more skilled.

Katz Kobayashi vs. Hathaway Noa would be a better match XD
"I'll show you that a superior mobile suit has its limits when it goes up against a superior pilot!" - Char Aznable, The Red Comet
"Come on! I don't feel like losing!" - Johnny Ridden, The Crimson Lightning
"Hatred is the root of all war! That's common sense, boy!" - Anavel Gato, The Nightmare of Solomon
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