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Zechs questions

Okay i know what Zechs was trying to accomplish, or at least i think i do, but there are a few things i was wondering about.

1. When he was leading the white fang, He seemed bitter at Trieze. Now if he was, was it becuase of Treize asked for his death? Was it becuase he was decieved by Trieze? I recall him mentiong to nion at one time that he believed that oz was going to change the future (parapharasing of course), but chaos was the porduct of Treize's scheming. Lady Une even mentioned something along those lines when she was arguing with Trieze about the Mobile dolls.

2. If he was trying to show mankind how pointless fighting was, then why was the attempted dropping of libra on earth continued? why did he persist in fighting after the world Nation surrendered? I may have missed something so point it out to me if possible.
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I am crazy about Wing, so I'll answer your question

1. Zechs's primary dream was the restoration of the Peacecraft family. Treize was forced to go against him, as he helped the Gundam pilots. Their friendship broke down there, and Zechs went as a peace emissary to space. Because he received the Epyon from Heero, he was made into a god for the White Fang. Treize had also just rallied the people of Earth to fight against outer space. The two rivalries grew during that time. Also, it is important to note that Treize's goal was actually peace, but without the chaos and destruction the White Fang intended. Zechs had been unable to determine his prime goal, and the White Fang helped realize it.

2. By dropping Libra on Earth, Zechs wanted to show the world the devastation caused by war, so that war would never occur again in the future. However, the possibilities for war would've increased, as competition for survival would've caused the human race to kill off itself. The Gundam pilots probably realized this fact.

Also, he was still in the Epyon when Earth surrrendered, and was awaiting a duel with Heero. He most likely had a score to settle with him as a continuation of their previous duel in the arctic.
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