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Gomen asobase desuwa!
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The Victim for the Fifth Year (Ep. 12)

Kuma: "....So I guess this is this year's curse."
Oishi: "...I guess so. ....They all die in very peculiar ways each year, but this year's way too odd."
Kuma: "Scratching and clawing one's own throat... This is not normal..."
Oishi: "Let's leave the rest up to the old man at the coroner. I'm sure he'll find some kind of substance out of this."

Police officers: "Good evening sir! Evening, Sir!!"
Kuma: "Ah, Oishi-san! Komiyama-san and his team are here sir!"

Komiyama: "Oishi-san, good evening sir! It seems like this year's one got to be the most gruesome one yet."
Oishi: "Yeah. It looks like they got to someone else.... I thought that the person that was gonna die this year was gonna be Houjou Teppei..."
Komiyama: "So, who is the deceased?"
Oishi: "Tomitake Jirou. He's an amateur photographer who comes to Hinamizawa once in a while. ....damn, no one was marking him...."
Komiyama: "...Hmm, I don't know. Perhaps the culprits found out we were marking the Houjou house so they changed their target?"
Oishi: ".....Maybe..... ....fuck, we might've been looking at the wrong direction..."

Komiyama: "And what about Houjou Teppei himself?"
Oishi: "Yeah. His daughter went off to the festival around dusk, and he left for it as well just a little while after. ...His daughter came back home already and....? Hmm...? He hasn't come back yet? Maybe he's out drinking somewhere...?"

Police A: "Oishi-san, are you here?! There's a call for you from Section Chief Takasugi. He's on the radio in car one."

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Background Check Request (Ep. 12)

Okinomiya Police Station Operator Monitor Log
June 20th, 20:08

Operator: "This is Okinomiya SP. I hear you well."
Oishi: "Ah, I need a BG check on a license plate. It's XX, X-XXXX."
Operator: "I repeat, that's XX, X-XXXX. Please hold?"
Oishi: "Sure."

License Plate BG Check

Owner: XXXX (Resides in Shishibone City, Hinamizawa Village X-XXX)
Car type: XXXXXXX
Reported stolen: none
Additional info: none

Operator: "This is Okinomiya SP, to car Oishi. We've got the BG check on the license plate you requested. Oishi, do you respond? Oishi, please respond, over. ...............Hm? .......Are they in a weak signal area? Oishi, please res..."

Operator: "No response."
Operator B: "Oishi-san running a BG check? Whose car is it?"
Operator: "Just a local villager. ...Nothing out of the ordinary."
Operator B: "Well, if it's Oishi calling it in, there has to be something on it. Are you sure about that?"
Operator: "Yes. There's nothing on the additional info section. There no report on it being a Type-S. Nor are there any traffic violations on it either."
Operator B: "Hahaha. The car must've flashed it's high beams onto Oishi's car or something. That person has a tendency to hold a grudge on things like that."

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Note of Grudges? (Ep. 12)

I was yelled for being too stinky.
I was yelled at for the food being too stinky.
He said that it stinks because I'm stinky.
He said that I stink because I don't take a bath.
He said that since I stink so much, I need to take a bath at least three times a day.
I was told that I have to stay in each of those baths for a long long time.

It is possessing this guy too. Because this was the same thing that the dead guy was saying as well. How does this person know what that guy said.

That's easy. It's because the thing that possessed that guy is now possessing this guy too.

I wish that an earthquake occur right now and open a big crack in front of my house. If it did, that guy would definitely look at the crack. And then, all I have to do is just push him into it. I'm not gonna give up until I get that chance.

I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna cry.

Aah, but still someone is saying sorry over and over again....

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Research Note II (Ep. 13)

<About the Oyashiro-sama>

It is not known how the word Oyashiro-sama is spelled. However, this may also be the result of how the translation of its name had changed subtlely over the course of history. Hence, it is quite difficult to find whether or not this name is indeed correct to begin with.

In fact, the the only thing that is common in its history is that the readability of the four words O-YA-SHI-RO.

One theory states that the "社" (see footnote 1) that houses the Oyashiro-sama itself became a subject of worship, and that is why it became to be known as "御社さま" (see footnote 2). However, this theory is rather bland and boring.

While the following information may or may not be related to the above said matter, it is said that the noble Furude family has the bloodline of the Oyashiro-sama flowing within them. And according to the Furude family legend, it is said that if the first child that is born is a female after eight generations, that daughter in the eight generation will be the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama itself.

If one takes this legend into consideration, it seems the correct way to spell Oyashiro-sama is "御八代さま" (see footnote 3). (Of course, this spelling is just my own theory so there is no way of knowing for sure).

If such is the case, then the naming of the Oyashiro-sama is made under the premise of resurrection. Worshiping a deity under the pretense of its resurrection can be seen in many religions, so this is not rare. However, it is also interesting to note that several religions associate the resurrection of their deity with the "apocalypse."

Furude Rika, the cute little girl where all the village elders seem to take care of her with special treatment. ...There are rumors that she is the eighth generation "Oyashiro-sama." While I do not known the precise details of the Furude family tree, I do know that the first child of the past two generations were female.

Furude Rika, the little girl who looks over to protect Hinamizawa. What would happen if Hinamizawa loses her divine protection? What would happen if the tranquility between the humans and the demons were to wither away? Would all hell break loose once again as human-eating demons begin to engulf the village?

Weak and powerless humans cry and scream as the demons feast and remember what it was like to be their former selves.

...I wonder what a spectacle that would be. My heart pounds in excitement just imagining what it would be like.

Footnote 1: "Yashiro" - a place that enshrines a local deity
Footnote 2: Literal translation of this way of spelling "Oyashiro-sama" - The deity is the shrine itself
Footnote 3: Literal translation of this way of spelling "Oyashiro-sama" - The deity of every eight generations

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The Great Hinamizawa Disaster (Epilogue Ep. 13)

Note: This really isn't a part of the TIPS, it is more like an information that scrolls before the credits at the ending of Tatarigoroshi.



Early dawn June 22, 1983

XX Prefecture, Shishibone County, Hinamizawa village – a wide spread disaster has occurred.
From one of the Hinamizawa district’s water sources, Onigafuchi Swamp, has emitted volcanic gases (hydrogen sulphide & carbon dioxide) that shrouded the entire village.

 Over 1,200 victims confirmed.

 Over 20 people reported missing.

Approximately 600,000 people were evacuated from the surrounding communities, making this an unprecedented catastrophe.

Later investigations showed that directly under Onigafuchi Swamp, there was a magma reservoir and hot springs;

Leading to the conclusion the erupted gases causing this disaster originated from here.

In addition, immediately after the disaster’s occurrence, one after another people claimed the disaster as the “Curse” in accordance to Hinamizawa folklore stirring early confusion.

In Hinamizawa, when a curse is set, noxious gas said to erupt and wipe out the village accordance to folklore;

Leading scholars to believe in the past a similar gas eruption happened and has remained as folklore.

One particular fanatical weekly magazine reports, that this is a mere extension to the bizarre deaths which has spanned the past several years in Hinamizawa village, aggregating it as the “Oyashiro-sama Curse Theory.”

Furthermore, the relatives of the Hinamizawa citizens who escaped the disaster complained of failing physical health and were hospitalized one after another following the disaster;

Among a portion of them, past away from an unknown disease, further escalating the chaos.

On top of that, few of the relatives self proclaimed they were possessed by Oyashiro-sama’s Curse and committed suicide in such outrageous ways,

...there was no longer any way to stop the wide-spread shock over the nation.

The delusion of poisonous gas seeping in the dead of night silently, sparked fear across the entire Japanese nation;

Resulting increasing complaints of sleeplessness, troubled breathing, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Amongst them, few proclaimed they were possessed, and committed to odd behaviors.

This is likely due to subjective influence from radical information, however,

...later, this mental distress caused by the Hinamizawa Catastrophe elevated to an epidemic dubbing this condition as the Hinamizawa Syndrome...

Targeted by various rumors and speculations, presently the Hinamizawa district has been restricted and even flight over the area has been prohibited.

As the gases level dropped, and the restriction was lifted, however, in the Fall of the same year once more a gas outbreak was confirmed, and the surrounding area was again restricted.

Local stories tell the rotting village still has the remains of civilization, as if in a coma sleeping continuously...

In the end there was a lone survivor, a male living at Hinamizawa XXXX block, Maebara Keiichi (1X).

At the time of rescue, he had trouble breathing suffering from pulmonary edema due to the gasses, however, from grave rescue efforts his life been saved.

Presently he is hospitalized in the general hospital within the prefecture. 

Several reporters have tried pursing for an interview daily, but all were refused.

......What did he see at Hinamizawa?

From 6/21 to 6/22, what happen in Hinamizawa?

Even to this day, he has continued to keep his silence.

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The Great Hinamizawa Disaster Casualties List (Epilogue Ep. 13)

Note: This really isn't a part of the TIPS, it is more like an information that scrolls along with the credits at the ending of Tatarigoroshi. This list is formatted as closely as shown in the original game.

Tokitake Jirou (real name unknown)
1983.06.19 Committed suicide within the village? Investigation on hiatus.

Takano Miyo
1983.06.19 Strangled to death in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture. Corpse was later burned. Investigation on-going.

Oishi Kuraudo
1983.06.20 Went missing during an investigation. Investigation on-going.

Kumatani Tatsuya
1983.06.20 Went missing during an investigation. Investigation on-going.

Irie Kyousuke
1983.06.21 Committed suicide in the clinic? Investigation on hiatus.

Furude Rika
1983.06.21 Murdered on the shrine compounds? Investigation on hiatus.

The Great Hinamizawa Gas Disaster Casualties List

Ryuuguu Reina
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Sonozaki Mion
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Sonozaki Oryou
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Houjou Satoko
1983.06.22 Missing - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Houjou Teppei
1983.06.22 Missing - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Maebara Ichirou
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Maebara Aiko
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Tomita Daiki
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Okamura Suguru
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Chie Rumiko
1983.06.22 Deceased - Accident during evacuation of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Kimiyoshi Kiichirou
1983.06.22 Deceased - Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Kameda Kouichi
1983.06.22 Deceased - Accident during evacuation of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster

Kasai Tatsuyoshi
1983.08.11 Deceased - Passed away at local hospital

Sonozaki Shion
1983.08.27 Deceased - Committed suicide at local hospital. Investigation closed.

Maebara Keiichi
1983.08.29 Attempted suicide at local hospital.

Currently undergoing intensive medical treatment at the Prefectural Medical Facility and is recovering from severe PTSD from the disaster. Interview requests from all forms of media are prohibited.

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Maebara Keiichi's Interview (Epilogue Ep. 13)

Note: This really isn't a part of the TIPS, it is more like an information that was cut off from the anime at the very end of Tatarigoroshi

Summer of 2003

An elderly couple residing in Osaka Prefecture found a very old cassette tape as they were going through their son's belongings who died eight years ago. Their son (died at age of 47) was declared legally dead after they could not find his body when the fishing boat he was on capsized in 1995. In 2003, the elderly couple began to go through their son's belongings for storage after eight years of distraught. This was when they found the crucial cassette tape.

The deceased worked for a tabloid press from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and it is believed that this tape was recorded when he was a reporter during that time.

The label on the tape reads "November 28, 1983 - Maebara Keiichi." It is believed to be a rare recorded interview with the sole survivor of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster that occurred in June of 1983. As the sole survivor of the Great Disaster, there was high interest at the time in obtaining information from him about what he saw and witnessed on that fateful night of June 21. Alas, there had been no word from his own words what he experienced...until this time.

Hence, it is expected that this tape recording will become a highly valuable source.

Kei: "...It's kinda hard to explain when I know that this conversation is being recorded."
Reporter: "Don't worry, don't worry. Okay, if I do this, you won't have to worry about looking at it recording now, right?"

(The quality of the recording suddenly drops after this. Perhaps he put some kind of covering over the recorder?)

Reporter: "Okay, let's begin. ...Let's start with this one. Keiichi-kun, where were you on the night of the Great Disaster?"
Kei: "...right past the back of the go straight...there's this bridge. Right before entering the mountains. ....I fell off of that and lost consciousness."
Reporter: "Is that the night of the Great Disaster? More specifically, between the changing night hours from the 21st to the 22nd?"
Kei: "...No. It was in the morning of Tuesday the 21st. And I regained consciousness around noon the next, I guess I was out of it for about a day and a half."
Reporter: "What were you doing there? I'm sure everyone would say the same but, that day was a weekday and that bridge was nowhere near your home or your school."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "There are rumors that state that you knew about the Great Disaster beforehand, and you were making your way out of the village when you fell from the bridge."
Kei: "You've gotta be kidding me. Please do not say such things anymore."
Reporter: "I agree that it's nothing but baseless rumor. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad... Okay, next question. The bridge that you fell off of...on the map, that would make right? It's the one on the back of the shrine, past through the forest path?"
Kei: "....I think so. ....I never go there so I can't say for sure though."
Reporter: "Hahahahaha. Well, it's a mystery then why you would go to such a place that you never went on a weekday morning."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "And, this is the river that you had lost consciousness. However, do you know that this spot would be impossible for you?"
Kei: "....'Impossible'.... ....Again, .....'Impossible'....again? Again.... Still...."

(Maebara Keiichi mumbles "Impossible" over and over again for a while)

Kei: "...Why do you say it's....impossible?"
Reporter: "You know that the volcanic gas came from the lake overturn at Onigafuchi Marsh, right? Well, a certain scientist did a small scale simulation using a model, and he found an interesting thing."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "The volcanic gas is much heavier than air, so it has properties similar to water in which it flows to lower and lower ground with regards to the surrounding terrain. The experiment was done to see how and where this gas engulfed the village in which certain amount of time. ....And the results of this experiment showed that the gas....well, it would've gone through right where you said you lost consciousness."
Kei: ".....I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you are trying to get at."
Reporter: "Basically, if you did indeed lost consciousness at this spot, it means you were subject to the deadly volcanic gas for the entire night. Therefore, the possibility of you losing consciousness at this location was ruled out."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "I'll say it more bluntly. ...I think you might be lying. I think that during the Great Disaster, you hid yourself somewhere safe, and once the gas subsided, you went to the village to seek help from the SDF. ....How's that? Did I get it right?"

(The reported makes some jabs jokingly towards Maebara Keiichi for a bit, but all that is replied is a deep sigh)

Kei: ".....Well, even if that were true, ....I wouldn't be surprised."
Reporter: "Not surprised? ...What do you mean by that?"

It is noted that some skeptics doubt whether this recorded tape is really a genuine conversation done with Maebara Keiichi.

Kei: "....You said it yourself, didn't you? That it's 'impossible.' ....Well, in Hinamizawa, the 'impossible' is possible. ...There, a person who shouldn't be there exists. A person that should be dead, is alive. ...It's nothing strange in that place. ....I didn't imagine that I myself would be the proof that a person that should've died is still alive.... Hahahahahaha. A~hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Reporter: "A-HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAhahaha..."

(The reporter and Maebara Keiichi laughs together for a while.)

In order to seek validity, this recording was presented to the relatives of the Maebara family. However the relatives was unable to give a definite answer in validating Maebara Keiichi's voice due to the low quality of the recording compounded by the long time that has passed since the Great Disaster.

Reporter: "Okay Keiichi-kun, let me change the subject. What do you think about the stories that proclaim the Great Disaster being the fifth year's curse of the Hinamizawa Serial Murders?"
Kei: "Oh, that can't be true because the fifth year's curse is myself."
Reporter: "Huh? Ahahahaha! What do you mean by that?"
Kei: "What do you mean..., I'm responding to your question."

There are also doubts about the date November 28 on the label of the tape.

Kei: "....I doubt you'll believe me but....that Great Disaster? Well, I caused it. ...I wished everyone in that village to die, and that's exactly what happened."
Reporter: "Hahahaha... Well now, that's a pretty spectacular story there."
Kei: "Spectacular? ....I guess that's an intersting way of saying it...."

For one, Maebara Keiichi was transferred to a medical facility after he was diagnosed with severe psychological disorder when he attempted to commit suicide in August; two months after the Great Disaster.

Kei: "I killed Takano-san, I also killed the Kantoku and Oishi-san as well. ....I had some kind of divine powers within me at that time. ....How can I say a sound of footsteps?"
Reporter: "Footsteps...? .....Hahahaha, what do you mean by that?"
Kei: "What, you've never heard footsteps in your life before? ....Step Step. Tap Tap. Kukuku."

Since the medical facility shut out the media requests, it is highly unlikely that such a tape could even exist with that was supposedly recorded after August of 1983.

Kei: "It's pretty interesting when you stop and stand still. You should give it a try starting from today. ....And when you hear an extra footstep even if you stopped yourself...well....that's when you should start being careful. ....Fufufufu."
Reporter: "A...Ahahahaha! Oh...Of course...Yes, I'll becareful. Haha, hahaha!"
Kei: "......Did I say something....very funny right now?"

However, this reporter was known for his aggressive reporting style at the time, so one cannot dismiss that he might've entered the facility's compounds illegally for a guerilla-tactic interview.

Kei: "You....have been laughing smudgingly all this time. ...Just like the kantoku. Pretending to feel sorry for me, pretending to listening to what I am saying...when in fact you look at me with those eyes as if I'm kind of psycho or something."
Reporter: "Haha, haha. ....No, of course not. Hahaha..."
Kei: "No, ....I know. Your eyes is exactly the same the kantoku."

Is this really Maebara Keiichi's own voice...? The validity of this recorded tape is yet to be unshrouded from its mystery.

Kei: ".....I can't hear those footsteps since that day. ...Hence, I don't think I have such a horrific power like I did before... ....But, I'll wish for your death this one time. Death for you as a result for this unpleasant talk we've been having. ...Hmm, let's try on how you're supposed to die this time as well. ...Takano-san was burned to death so.....okay, you are water. You drown to your death in water. How's that?"

This reporter did indeed die ten years later in July of 1995 by drowning from a boating accident just as Maebara Keiichi noted he would.

Kei: "...If my power was at its peak, you would die by next morning. ...Now I wonder how many days it will take you to die with water? Fu, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ....You becareful, you hear? You don't want to die from my curse do you? ....HAHAHAHAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-H

(The tape suddenly stops in the midst of Maebara Keiichi's laughter)

And as for Maebara Keiichi....

He suddenly fell under a severe fever and passed away two days later on November 30, 1983.

The night before he died, the nurse station received several eerie calls as reported:

"...And yet another footstep..."
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Phone call with Yukie (Ep. 14)

Yukie: "...I see. It must be tough to get a sudden assignment like this.... Please be careful. Where are you going for the assignment? Are you already there?"
Akasaka: ".............................."

I'm heading out on an assignment, so the questions is "where to?"
...Not just for Yukie, it's a very natural and reasonable question for anyone to ask.

If it's a cold place, then it'd be a good idea to prepare some warm clothings.
Or, if it's a far place, then be careful on the way there.

......It's a perfectly normal question that links to those perfectly normal considerations.
The fact that I can't even answer that perfectly normal question makes me a little sad.

Yukie: "...I'm sorry. You're not allowed to say, right...? Please be careful."

Akasaka: ".........Sorry, Yukie."
Yukie: "...Since when did you become so quick to apologize to people? Back when you first got the job, you were so lively and fulfilled too. ...*giggle*."
Yukie laughs out, as if she saw through something.
At times like these, there are magical powers within Yukie that allows her to see through everything within me.

Yukie: "...It's been a while since I've been admitted into the hospital too. Are you getting lonely yet...?"
Akasaka: "D, don't tease me. I'm not at an age to be missing people all the time anymore...."

Yukie: "...*giggle*, well then, what do we think about that? You're really a pampered child, after all.... Without me around, you must be becoming more and more timid around people, right...? *giggle giggle*"
Akasaka: "......Ahh, geez.... Right now, I can imagine little devil horns coming out of your head, you know... You're always like this- "

Yukie: "...Don't try to shift the topic. Without my attention, you're feeling so so lonely~, I can hear your tail wagging across the phone receiver telling me that, you know? *giggle giggle*......"

This side of Yukie is unimaginable from her usual ladylike demeanors, and she never shows it to anyone but me.
Normally, I would poke her back to hide my embarassment, and forcibly end the conversation in some way, but that doesn't work over the phone.

......Of course, Yukie is smart. She's teasing me knowing that as well.

Yukie: "...*giggle giggle*. I wonder when was it that I realized just how fun it is to make fun of you...."
Akasaka: "Give me a break already.... ...Anyway, I'm glad to hear your energetic voice."
Yukie: "...Really? ...Have you cheered up now?"

I'm phoning Yukie, who's left alone in the hospital, so that she wouldn't feel lonely.

......That's just an excuse made for a shy guy like me. And it looks like Yukie figured that out a long time ago as well.

Akasaka: "...............Yeah."
Yukie: "Call me again sometime, ok...? If I can't come to the phone, then dad will talk to you. ...Well, if dad picks up, knowing you, even across the phone you'd probably be standing at full attention while talking him. *giggle giggle giggle*...."

For a short while, Yukie continued to tease without giving me a chance to hang up.......

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Guest Greeting Speech Script (Ep. 14)

Chairman XX-san, and everyone of the XX assembly, I would like use this opportunity to congratuate you all on the 25th anniversary of of the XX assembly.

The past twenty-five years can be said to have been the entire history of XX prefecture's developments.

The quiet scenary of whole fields of croplands, through the long-wished opening of the Shinkansen station, as well as highway services, has also been reborn into modern cities filled with young vitality.

The economy and the industries are growing by accepting new and improved ideas one by one.

And through the love for their native land that's unique to the residents of XX prefecture, which places great value on our old and wonderful traditions, our towns have grown to become some of the most wonderful cities in Japan that maintains a perfect balance between tradition and culture, and economy and industry.

And, we can say that the history of XX prefecture's developments has also been the history of the XX assembly's development.

We are required to have executing abilities that's literally as sharp as an arrow, in order for us to constantly enforce our public promises and policies once they have been revealed.

I believe that everyone here in the XX assembly, which treats this arrow as it's organization symbol, are all arrows possessing this arrow-like execution ability, and uses it to pierce through all obstacles for the sake of perpetual happiness of the XX prefecture residents.

However, everyone here are not just simply arrows.

While possessing the integrity and candidness of an arrow, all of you have eyes that's always looking into the future, and never stops researching and exploring for new methods that adapts to the changing times.

A released arrow can only fly towards a pre-determined target.

However, everyone here are not just arrows.

Even after released from the bow, all of you continues to search for newer, more effective methods and policies, as well as possessing a flexible stance that allows for immediate changes in the arrow's trajectory. You are magic arrows.

The times are constantly advancing.
Sometimes, it's possible for the times to move on before a policy can be executed.

(Beyond this are parts that were not in the original script. It is believed to be the minister's ad lib)

For example, even regarding to the Hinamizawa Village Electricity Basic Project that has been causing various problems in the recent years within the prefecture, we cannot carry through with the plan simply because we were told to, instead, we must possess the flexibility to always respond to and reflect the constantly changing desires of the next era, the native community, as well as the residents.

The protest movements surrounding the Hinamizawa Dam is also a conscious opinion of the XX prefecture residents. If we don't lend our ears to their pleads simply because the policy has already been determined, then it may very well cast a bad shadow over the democratic government of the postwar Japan.

(Beyond this are the same as the original script)

I will also be thorough with policies that has been determined, for the sake of perpetual happiness for the citizens of Japan, as well as the residents of the XX prefecture.

At the same time, I'm also constantly reminded that I must learn to have the flexibility that everyone here at the XX assembly possesses, who are capable finding new methods while gazing into the future.

It has become a long speech, but with that, I would like to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the XX assembly.
Chairman XX-san, as well as everyone of the XX assembly. Congratulations to you all today.

From the guest greeting speech of the Minister of Construction at the 25th anniversary celebration ceremony of the XX prefecture congress and congress member seminar, XX assembly.
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Gears and Fires and The Taste of Honey (Ep. 14)

Daily lives in the world are run by people's connections with each other.
However, that does not mean everyone is connected to each other.

Everyone knows that even if some nameless person crys or laughs on the other side of the planet, it will not effect them in any way.
However, if it happened within a very limited small community such as a neighborhood, then it's not an impossibility either.

It's possible that a single significant act within a small community can have a large effect on the entire population afterwards.

If the scale of the act increases to an extremely large size, then ......Well, it's possible that some nameless person's heroic speech on the other side of the planet might affect my life in some way.

But that doesn't mean everything is like that.

Like I said in the beginning, fundamentally speaking, the connections between people are not as obvious as the society would have you believe.
Whether the family across the street is having hamburger meat or croquette as their dinner side-dish doesn't affect me in any way.
When I put on my shoes, whether I start with my right foot first or left foot first doesn't affect anyone in any way.

......Most people can probably understand everything up to this point.

However, truly practically realistically speaking, the connections between people is actually something that's much more black and white.
It is not an issue of distance like "it doesn't matter because it's on the other side of the Earth" or "it affects me because it's near me" or anything.

For example, let's say that the actions of a certain person A affect me.
That doesn't mean a certain person B's actions would affect me as well.
Same goes for the reverse. Just because my actions affect A does not mean that they will affect B as well.

Let's put it more bluntly.

If we were to describe people's connections or fates as gears, then there will be people who are engaged with my gear, as well as people who aren't. That's what I mean.

Some people will probably object to this, calling it a fallacy.

For those people, I'll refer them to the gears within a clock.
The gears within a clock are mostly only engaged with one or two other gears beside themselves.

However, if one gear spins, it moves the gear beside it, and through their connections with each other, it will have moved all the gears in the end.

.........It certainly makes sense, and it also has enough power to persuade most people.

Now then, why does it have persuasive power?

...The answer is simple.
Because something as abstract as "connections between people" cannot be explained except as a concept.
Because it is impossible to physically explain just exactly which gear connects with which in what way, and how they link and relate to each other, so we can only shroud it in smoke by using such logics.

Now then, for those people who liked that explanation, let me object to it by referring to the clock again.

To begin with, it is a mistake to think of this world as a single clock.

There's more than one clock.
In this world, there are lots of clocks, each pointing to their own time.
Think about it, to think of this world as having only one clock is an incredibly ignorant thing in itself.

If you think about that way, then while I explain people's connections by using the gear example, it would also explain how there are gears from other clocks that have absolutely no relationship to my gear, right?

The neighbor A and B.
Since A is a gear in the same clock as me, I should probably pay more attention to him.
Since B is a gear in a different clock from me, his existence doesn't really matter to me.

A clear-cut distinction, just like that.

You want to call that a fallacy?

Then, for an easier understanding, let's use a daily life example that's easier for us to relate to than the clock.
You have probably heard of the expression "the fire on the other side of the river", right?

For example, if your neighbor is having a fire, you would obviously help with firefighting effort, right? It'd be troublesome if the fire spreads to your house, after all.

But what if that fire is over at the town across the river from you?

Would you go through the trouble of getting up to go help? You won't, right? No matter what, there's no way it would spread to your house, after all.

What I mean is, even for fires, there are houses that can spread their fires to your own house, and then there are completely irrelevant houses that won't spread their fires to you.
With an example as concrete as this, you can probably understand the gear example about the gears that relate to you and the gears that don't, even if only a little bit, right?

......What I'm saying is that there are lots of things like these in the world, even without the rivers.

It's not an issue of distance like "neighbor" or "the other side of the river" or anything, understand?

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Chick in the Trunk (Ep. 14)

The car stopped. However, that's the only thing that I knew. That's because I was blindfolded and put into the trunk.

Oh, how powerless a person when his vision has been restrained. ...I would've never known about this before I experienced it first hand. I realized that resistance was futile. I began to feel dizzy from the trapped air in the trunk. ...All that was left was for my consciousness to go dim as this torture ran its course.

When the car's engine stopped, my consciousness clinged on to the illusion that I was going to be set free. In reality of course, the situation at hand has not changed. Hence, I immediately awoke from that illusion.

I hear the voice of the man that kidnapped me and another older man that I hear for the first time. I concentrate to listen in on their conversation...

Man: "....Good afternoon. The chick is in the trunk. He's a bit worn out for resisting, but I've never hurt him per your orders."
Older man: "....Oh oh, sorry fer all the 'uble."

[flash of white light]

Fresh and cool air suddenly engulfs me as they open the trunk. All this time, I wanted out. But once the trunk is opened, now I felt sudden unease on what's about to happen next. ..I even wished to have the trunk shut again to shield me from these men.

Someone suddenly placed its hand on my head. Since I was blindfolded, I didn't know whether the hand touching my head was about to pat me or as a precursor to chopping my head off. I tightened my body as I prepared for the worst...

Older man (in distinct local dialect): "Look at him...all scared and shaken. Don't you worry son, You just stay here for a bit until things cool down..."'

The older man said it in a sympathetic way as he patted my head.

Older man: "I'm sorry for all of this... But your grandpa is a very kind person. I'm sure he'll do everything to save you."

Since I lived in a metro area where regular Japanese is spoken, this old man's regional dialect was very distinctive. However, I wasn't able to decipher what he just said. I finally realized that how he said "yer 'andpa" meant "your grandpa" as I repeated that phrase over and over again in my head...

Then, the hand that was patting my head touched my blindfold.

Man: "...I disagree with taking off the blindfold sir... Things will get complicated if he gets to identify us later on."
Older man: "Hm...okay. But at least get off his gag for sakes...Look at him, he can't breathe with that on him."
Man: "...It'll be difficult if he uses his voice to call for help... Please let us handle this..."
Older man: "...What's wrong with you!! ...The main house said not to lay nor hurt this child, ya hear? You keep that in your hearts, okay...!?"
Man: "Yes sir. We won't lay a finger on him. ...If he remains cooperative."

The man's hand began to tap my head. His hand was much different from the older man's - thick and strong.

Stay put and we won't lay a finger. But if you start shit...well, you know what's gonna happen right?'s as if this man was sending such messages directly into me as he tapped my head.

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Satisfactory (Ep. 14)

The sound of the car approaches near, slowly brakes, and shuts off its engine to a complete stop. The relaxing man inside suddenly jumps up, crawls near the window and cautiously peeks through the window...

...It's his partner's car.
But he doesn't leave his guard down.

The footsteps began to approach the door, and he knocks with the pre-arranged code, knock, kno-kno-knock.

Man A: "...I'm back. It's me, open it"
Man B: "Good to see you again. Wait a sec."

The man unlocks it and open the door. Another man holding a two large plastic bags filled with goods from the local supermarket stands in front of the door. "Sevens Mart" is written on the side of the bag filled with bakeries and pints of milk. He dumps them onto the mattress on the floor.

Man A: "I've also bought some Cup Noodles, so can you get me some hot water? ...So how's the kid doing?"
Man B: "Oh, he's been sleeping. It's good for us cuz we don't have to do anything. The only time he starts scruffling is when he needs to take a shit."
Man A: "Don't let him shit in his pants, ya hear? The smell of it may cause us a trouble later on."
Man B: "....yeah yeah."
Man A: "And remember to check the gag every so often. We can't let it go too loose, but we can't put it on too tightly either. All this will lead us to nothing if we end up suffocating him."
Man B: "Yeah, yeah I get it.... Hey, where's that can of butane I asked for? We don't have any more butane for the portable gas range."
Man A: "What!? You didn't say so, you idiot!"
Man B: "I didn't? Aw man, didn't you notice it that we're all out...? Fuck, fuck!!"

The man tries in vain by turn the knob on the portrable range to see if there's any juice left to get it going.

...The other man who brought the supplies sighs in despair.

The other man decides to put his mind aside of this matter and walks over to the back of the room. ...The child that was kidnapped was laying on the floor mattress.

Man A: ".....Hey kid. ....Feelin' okay?"

Of course, the man didn't expect to have the kid hear what he was saying. That's because the kid was earplugged on both of his ears, and secured tightly with duct tape along with the blindfold. His mouth was covered with a simple gag made out of thin towels. ...The kid's jaw was covered with his own drool as he couldn't get his jaw shut from the gag. Furthermore, his hand were tied on his back tightly with a leaher belt.

Man A: "Good, everything going satisfactory. Don't you worry, we won't take your life or anything. ...If your grandpa refused to budge, we would've had to cut off on of your ears, but it seems we don't have to do that anymore... If it's on the orders of the main household, we have to do it... ...I can't even imagine what kind of cruel things they might've ordered. ...Since the main house is saying not to lay a single scratch to you, then it must mean all's going to satisfaction..."

Man B: "The minister backs down from the dam project. The Hinamizawa Dam Project will be put on indefinite hiatus. ...I wonder when we'll be able to let this kid go. ...I wanna have a nice relaxing smoke already."

Man A: "The main house is looking for the right timing. I don't know when, but it seems it's gonna be soon..."

Man B: "You hear that kid? Seems like you're gonna be released soon. Hehehe..."

No one knows whether the mens' voices have reached the child's ears. ...The only way the child was able to protect his mind from this cruel reality was to force himself to go to sleep...

Man A: "In either case, what about the gas, man!! I can't eat ramen without it!! If you knew that we're all out of gas, why didn't you say so!!"

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In Love With The Rain Clouds (Ep. 14)

The weather forecast predicted that there won't be any rain at all this week.

It's not that I dislike sunny days.
However, if the dull sunny weather continues on for days after days, then anyone would begin to long for the rain clouds.
If the same monotonous sunny sky continues for a whole week, a whole month, a whole year, then anyone would begin to long for the rain clouds.

The weather experts would line up various past data and analyze them carefully before announcing their predictions, so the forecasts don't usually miss their marks. I know that.

......But, that's exactly why I look up at the sunny sky, waiting for that one day where the weather forecast just might miss it's mark.

Does that make me a rebel?

Even as I wait and wait, sometimes the boredom of a fine sunny sky with no rain clouds feels suffocating to me.
If people could actually suffocate to death by something like this. ...Then the population on Earth probably wouldn't have grown this large.

Which means, ...I must be the only person who can suffocate by something like this.

That's why.
......I become overjoyed at the sudden evening showers in summer evenings that couldn't be predicted even in the weather forecasts.

How can I explain it, so that you can understand my feelings as well?

For example, let's say tonight's dinner is going to be curry rice.
But when I got called to the dinner table, it was actually a dish of fried eggplant and green pepper.

It was just something that mom decided to change on a whim.
But I'm really glad for that whim. It's true that I don't really like eggplants or green pepper, but still, I'm glad.

I'm glad to see the collapse of the preestablished arrangement that said "tonight's dinner is going to be curry rice".
If we were to repeat this night for a hundred times, decidedly, there's going to be that curry rice that I'll have to eat a hundred times.

...And that curry rice has become fried eggplant and green pepper tonight. There's no reason why I won't enjoy this random happening.

I don't like preestablished arrangements.
I hate predetermined schedules.
I don't have love for boredom.

No matter how minor it may be, I always end up hoping for the occurance of something that's different from all the other days.

It's been decided that it's going to be sunny for a whole week, starting today.
That's what the weather forecast determined, and the god of weather is probably thinking the same too.

But, nobody can say with confidence that, some random chance, ...rain clouds won't come even for just one of those days.

......The fact that there are always elements left in this world which nobody can be certain about, saves living things like me from suffocating.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a pretty hot and sunny day too.
But, only I know that a preestablished arrangement like that can be changed every once in a while... by a very slight chance that's probably barely 1%.

Placing hope in that 1% of something, I would hang the teruteru bouzu (weather doll) upside down on the edge of the house eaves on sunny days.
In the end, I'm living my life through hoping for such unexpectedness in all things in the world.

Why am I hoping for them? ...The thought popped into my head.

Why am I waiting for the rain clouds?

...That's simple. Because I'm tired of sunny skies.

Then, why is it that I'm waiting for the rain clouds?

...That's simple. Because the tomorrow that's been determined to be sunny is boring.

So, why is it that I'm waiting for the rain clouds?

In the end, it doesn't matter whether it'll be sunny or rainy tomorrow.

In the end, even if it rained, it would only be able to temporarily moisten the boredom that has made my heart barren.

That's why, rather than watching television dramas where the plot has already been determined,
...I prefer looking up in the sky instead.

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Barley tea, black tea, and stone grinder (Ep. 14)

Dr. Irie: "Your blood pressure is getting much better. I'm amazed at your vitality, especially a person at such an age as yours. Oryou-san, I wouldn't be surprised if you lived past hundred or even two."

The young doctor smiled as he removed the sphygmomanometer from the elderly ladies' arms.

Oryou: "Dr. Irie is such a good doctor... Old people like us who live past beyond their age need to go away so as not to bother the younger generation... Hohohoho..."

The elderly woman puts on a smile and laughs smoothly.

Then he turns her head towards the fusuma and bellows, "Is Shinko-san or Taeko-san here? Go bring Dr. Irie some cold barley tea!"

The halls echoes with light footsteps. When the fusuma opened there was a young girl there. ...It seems that she was the grandchild of the elderly woman.

Mion: "Shinko-san has already left for the day. ...Do you need anything?"
Oryou: "Mion, could you get some cold barley tea for Dr. Irie?"
Mion: "Okay. How about some for you, grandma? Some black tea? Want me to put lotsa cream and sugar?"
Oryou: "Just bring me the sugar pot and the cream; I'll put them in myself."
Mion: "Okie-dokie."

The girl named Mion turned back to the hallway after listening to her grandma's request.

Oryou: "Remember to bring the doctor's barley tea in the glassware for the guest!! Oh and bring the zabuton cushion too! Don't forget to wipe off the condensation on the glass too, ya hear!?"
Mion: "Yeah, yeah, I know. Sheesh."

Mion's frank voice is heard across the hall. That's just her attitude, nothing new. The elderly woman chuckled.

Oryou: "Sigh, when will she learn. Oh well, I guess that how they are nowadays."
Dr. Irie: "Oryou-san, Oryou-san. There there, keep your calm. Mion-chan is doing her best as a teenager."
Oryou: "That mother of her's too was just like her!"
Dr. Irie: "Ahahahaha. Then does that mean her mother's own mother would be the same too then?"

The elderly woman guffawed with that remark. She seems to be enjoying this conversation.

Oryou: "Dr. Irie, I'm sorry. Can you open the shoji? I want to let the cool wind in."

The soothing sounds of cicadas was seeping in through the gaps of the shoji. Dr. Irie stood up to open the shoji. The cool wind began to let the humidity of the room out.

Dr. Irie: "It's been getting very hot lately...but it seems it's still cool during dawn and dusk hours. Last night was even a bit cold for me."
Oryou: "Mm-hmm. There's another good thing about Hinamizawa - it's dawn and dusk hours."

Dr. Irie smiled back, and sat himself on the cusion next to the elderly woman once again. The two calmly just sat there listening to the cries of the cicadas...

Oryou: "...Although I may not live to a hundred, it's not my time to die just yet. ...My coffin will not close until this dam thing gets taken care of."
Dr. Irie: "...It's very hard to overturn something that was decided by the government..."
Oryou: "In any age, what the government decides to do is just like turning a stone grinder. And a very heavy one at that too."
Dr. Irie: "...A stone grinder?"
Oryou: "You don't know what a stone grinder is?"

"Oh no, of course I know what it is," reassured Dr. Irie. He knows that Oryou dislikes it when her conversation gets impeded like this.

Oryou: "The government's stone grinder can grind's quite impressive, really. But, it's so heavy that it needs lots of people to get it moving. And when it does, it moves very slowly. That's the kind of stone grinder they have."

Irie kept his mouth shut as he listened to what she was saying.

Just then, Mion brought over the tray with the teas. She realized that Oryou was speaking in a good mood, so she silently crouched and handed over the barley and black teas.

Oryou: "...and since it's so heavy, it's hard to stop it's momentum. ...The first shove to get it going is very heavy. Everyone doesn't want to do that first shove once again, so they don't rest and continue to keep it rolling."
Mion: "That's like friction. Grandma, you say it with great real-world logic!"
Oryou: "So, if that stone grinder stops for some reason, that means they would need a lot of support once again to get it moving again."
Dr. Irie: "....Yes. It'll take tremendous energy to restart a project that was once put on hiatus."
Oryou: "It's the kind of stone grinder that's very difficult to stop though. ...But if it does, it'll never turn again."
Dr. Irie: "If only there was a good way to stop that stone grinder..."

When Irie whispered that, the elderly woman and Mion paused suddenly in silence...

Irie realized immediately that he has made the wrong remark, and desperately tried to find a comment to recuperate himself. But he was dumbfounded in silence when he realized the cold smiles on the two's facial expressions.

Dr. Irie: "................."
The two: ".........."

The air around him seemed to drop several degrees. Irie couldn't think straightfoward. He became afraid that their cold smiles was aimed at his remark hwe has just uttered.

Dr. Irie: "................"
The two: "......................."
Dr. Irie: ".............haha, hahahahaha,"

The silence didn't last that long. Irie caved in from the silent pressure, and chose to laugh his way out to loosen the atmosphere. The laughter passed on to the elderly woman and Mion, and the room began to fill with the three's laughter.

...The cicadas were the only ones that were not laughing, as they incessantly continues to cry their usual sounds...

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Obstructed Investigation (Ep. 14)

Kataoka: "...Yeah. I met him at the restaurant in Ginza yesterday. Yeah, that issue was discussed there."

Elite Investigator A: "They're overstepping their authority. They are getting too involved in our Public Safety Commission. This might set a bad precedent for us to seeking opportunities."

Kataoka: "Minister Inukai is highly unimpressed with the how the PSC is moving along. I'm sure that the issue will be brought up by the vice-minister on Monday's Metropolitan Assembly. ....Dang man."

EI A: "We'll have to set a rebuttal by having a our Chief discuss this matter with the vice-minister. That's the responsibility of the person who gets paid more."

Kataoka: "If that's so, then the Chief will ask us to provide us with evidence on the Minister's threat."

EI A: "Yeah, that man sometimes loses track on which side he's supposed to be on. You're supposed to be on our side!"

Kataoka: "I'm sure that's just the pressure coming from the Minister as well. We have to hope the investigation goes along while I sweat and toil inside the vice-minister's room. ...That is if I don't sweat everything I have and turn into pulp, of course. ...So, how's the investigation going along?"

EI A: "All the areas that we've suspected turned up nothing, so basically we have no idea."

Kataoka: "I head that if we look at the recent statements made by the Minister, we see increasing references to the Hinamizawa Dam Project. What about that?"

EI A: "....hmmmm.... It's not like it stands out or's just this weird sense tied with it. But then, since that speech was done at the XX Prefectural Meeting, it can be said that he brought that up as a local pork-barrel issue."

Kataoka: "This was the one that is being protested highly by the local group, right? The Onigafuchi Defense League. Wasn't Akasaka-kun investigating on them?"

EI A: "In my opinion, I don't think they are capable to carryout such a case like this. However, since all the leads that we followed so far turned up emptyhanded, we can't scratch this one off as a possibility. I've received a small report from Akasaka-kun stating that it has been inconclusive at this time."

Kataoka: "...Then there might be some value in putting our investigation there isn't it? We have nothing as of now, and if that group is the only one that's suspicious, we've gotta do what we've gotta do."

EI A: "Well, that's not the only group that we need to investigate. Ahahaha! If we're to start suspecting groups on the level of Onigafuchi, then there's just too many of them. We don't have the time or the manpower no matter how much overtime we get paid."

Kataoka: "Get in touch with Akasaka-kun to see if he can go a bit more in-depth. ...I'm starting to get suspicious myself on that Defense League."

EI A: "He said he was able to get into close contact with the villagers. He seems to have also made connections with the local police department."

Kataoka: "Keep the contact with Akasaka-kun confidential. And if you think there might be something suspicious going on from the reports he gives, don't hesitate to call in more backup."

EI A: "You got it."

EI B: ", excuse me Manager Kataoka~! It's a call from the Chief. Would you like me to transfer it over there?"

Kataoka: "No, no that's fine! I'll go over there. ....Hello! This is Kataoka speaking..."

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Box Selection Game (Ep. 14)

Do you think there is such a thing as choices in life?
There are a lot of people who lament.
They say "if clear choices were set up at various turnpoints in my life, then I would've been able to gauge them carefully, and guide myself to a better future."

...Whenever I hear lamentations like that, I would think "what a pointless worry".
Even if we were given choices to select from, it won't have any meanings anyway, nor does that help us guide ourselves to a better future.

......You don't understand?
Well then, as an example, let's put two odd-looking boxes in front of you.

And then, let's say you are now given two choices.
That is, do you open the red box? Or do you open the blue box?

You would probably be indecisive, right?

"If I have to open one, be it red or blue, I would want to open the one that's better for me", it's a very natural desire to wish for that.
And then, after considering various factors such as the boxes' shape and feel, and after much contemplation, you would finally pick one of the boxes.

.........Which box would you pick?

Red and blue.
...If we were to follow the rules of the traffic signals, then red means danger.
But that doesn't mean blue would guarantee safety either.
Who knows, it might actually be a trap to make you feel cautious about the red box, so that you would open the blue box.

...Is it possible that the contents within the boxes are not gains, but actually something that causes a loss instead...?

Now then... you're becoming more and more indecisive now.
Torn between the choice of red and blue, must be beginning to hope for a choice to leave this place without opening any boxes at all.

But nope. You must open one of the boxes.
Ah, I almost forgot to mention this, but once you pick a box, the other box will disappear.
So you'll have no way of knowing what was in the box that you didn't pick. Just to let you know that we have this rule, okay?

Now then. Want to take your pick?
The red box? Or the blue box?

...Don't worry, there's nothing bad in either of them. ...Come on.

Spoiler for Open the red box:

Spoiler for Open the blue box:

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Even the eyes of the demon... (Ep. 14)

Guest A: "Yes, that's correct. The passing away ceremony will be held tomorrow at 6 PM, and the farewell ceremony will be followed the following afternoon from 1 to 2 PM. The location will be at the Okinomiya Ceremony Hall..."
Oryou: "...I see... If it's the funeral for Advisor Ikezawa's grandchild, we should attend. Mion, can you go there in my place?"
Mion: "Sure, no problem. Shall I wear formally? How much for the obituary gift?"
Oryou: "Your school uniform should suffice. Remember to button up the shirt though. The obituary, how about 50,000, no make that 100,000 (yen). He's done so much for us."

Mion whistled at the generous amount for the obituary gift.

Oryou: "Ikezawa-san was a kind a gentle person since he was the administrative manager of Okinomiya. Most government officials only shows up up to the front porch. But whenever I offer him some tea, he politely comes up into our home and listens carefully to what I say. He's a perfect example of how they should be."

The two guests nods quietly as Oryou began to speak about the past. It's very amusing to see the two appeasing Oryou and not to make her upset. Mion chuckles slightly as she see this.

Oryou: "So how old was Ikezawa-san's grandchild when he passed away?"
Guest A: "...uh...he was eleven..."

Oryou shuts her eye and shakes her head as she despairs the loss of a child taken away so early.

Oryou: "He said that he only had one terrible... There is nothing more saddening to see a child pass away earlier than their own parents..."

Mion: "Ahahahaha. Grandma, you are quite sensitive towards others aren't you. If Shion or I pass away, will you be saddened at our loss too?"

Oryou: "Shut your mouth, you. Don't you ever say such things again!"

Mion knew that that's what she was going to say, so she laughed amusingly. The two guests were wondering if it was appropiate for them to laugh as well, so opted to hold a tight smile instead.

Guest B: "I thank you for listening to our request... We'll come and pick you up at 5 tomorrow. Thank you so much. We'll see you again..."

The guests bowed their heads many times as they left the porch. Mion waved her hand in response as she saw them leave.

Mion: "...They've left. ...Government officials have a tough job in appeasing you grandma. They could've just phoned us if it was an obituary. Kukuku..."

Sonozaki Oryou is practically the head of Hinamizawa and her family clan. In number of votes, that comes to about a thousand votes. It is no wonder why the mayor would want to appease towards Oryou.

But in contrast to Mion, Oryou looked up into the air with a sad expression as she sat in the veranda.

Mion: "What's wrong? Getting senile already? Ahahahaha!"
Oryou: "I was just thinking...that any person's grandchild would feel saddened...."

said Oryou as she took made a deep sigh. Mion was taken back in surprise as Oryou usually scolds Mion for such a quip...

Oryou: "Mion...hey...that Minister's grandchild. How long has it been since he's been taken away?"
Mion: "Hm....about four days...perhaps?"

Oryou made a deep sigh again.

Oryou: "Even if it is our enemy's grandchild...that's too harsh..."
Mion: ".......really?"
Oryou: "It's been enough already.'s time to end it."
Mion: "......................................"

Mion realized that this was not a time to joke as her facial expression turned more cold and serious. She looks at Oryou's eyes to find out what she meant. Oryou stared back at Mion to silently tell her what she has on mind.

Oryou: "......I want some tea, can you go get me some? Oh, I also want those chocolates as well."

Mion nodded silently and turned around.

Mion: "Shinko-san, are you here~? Please get some black tea for grandma~!"

The housekeeper's response can be faintly heard in the background.

When Mion noticed that her voice reached the housekeeper, she picked up the phone and began to dial.

Mion: "......Ah, hello. It's Mion. ...Yeah. ...Is my father there?"

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He's a very gentle person (Ep. 15)

Phone call hours are predetermined for hospitalized patients.
...That's why, there will no longer be any phone calls from that person for today.

Since she teased him for being a lonely person yesterday, it's possible that after fighting with himself about whether he should call or not, he decided to refrain from calling.
Compared to him being too busy to call, this scenario is far more believable.

...That's just the kind of person he is. Yukie whispered, and laughed.

Announcements signaling the end of visitor hours and musics begin to flow.
Greetings with family members of the other patient in the room whom she knows by face. A small child must be anticipating his mother's return home, his smile is brilliant.

The mother of that child, in the bed beside me, bears the child that will be becoming the little brother, or perhaps the little sister of that child.
Faced with the anticipation and uncertainty towards a new sibling, that child's mind must be bursting with imaginations right now.

The joy of a growing family
.........While being filled with such warm feelings, I gently petted my own stomach, which has become quite big.

I have talked with that person about how many children we should have.
We talked about how it'll be lively for sure if we were to have 3 of them.

...But, in the unescapable reality, I'm not certain if I can withstand so many births.

Yukie: "But, there are no moms who would dislike giving birth simply because of anxiety for those kind of things after all...."
While talking to herself and laughing, Yukie gently brushed her stomach.

Police Headquarters, Public Safety Department.

The destination point of that person's heart for justice.
......That person is really a very gentle, and fragile person.

Although he won't tell me much about it, ...I don't think that person's current job suits him very much.
But, long as that person continues to say that he'll do his best, then I plan to support him warmly as well.

Yukie: "Your daddy, a very hard-working person, you know? tickle tickle tickle tickle......☆"
While talking to her own stomach, Yukie looked very happy.

...And then, for some reason, Yukie remembered something, and looked out the window.

It's evening.

......Back then. Yukie remembers how, back when she was still little, the countryside where her grandmother lived would be filled by higurashi's chorus at a time like this.

This is the middle of Tokyo.
Unlike the countrysides, you can't hear the higurashi's chorus here.

......And yet, for some reason, that moment, Yukie felt a desire to hear... higurashi's cries.

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Mom's Diary (Ep. 15)

There's something I don't like about that child.
Now that I'm writing it down in words like this, I'm finally becoming conscious to it for the first time.

Without having to be told by child-raising books, I know children are not their parents' dolls.
Parents who stop loving their children simply because they don't reach their expectations anymore don't have the right to be parents.

That's not what I'm talking about here.
How do I say this.... ...It's actually harder to describe it in words.

I don't demand anything from my children except the average.

I believe that, as long as they're not poor, there's no need for them to be outstanding either. As long as they have the proper senses befitting of their age, then that's good enough.

But that child has changed ever since kindergarten.

While the other children in her class were in high spirits, unable to hide their excitement for the field trip tomorrow, that child made a bored expression, and stood alone from the group.

Same for the time when they broke the game equipments used for the athletic meeting. All the other children were apologizing wholeheartly, yet, only that child made a bored expression, and stood alone from the group.

Even when the teacher reads fun picture books, only that child won't laugh.
Even when delicious lunch boxes are taken out, only that child won't express any joy.

...If that's all, then it's still not beyond my understanding.

But what I don't get is, ...sometimes, even when something that's exactly the same as the things I wrote above happens again, this time around, she would show the kind of joy befitting of her age.

As her parent, I have no idea what her standard is.

Why does she show no interest for that field trip, but is glad for this field trip?
Why does she show no interest for that picture book, but is glad for this picture book?
Why does she show no interest for that lunch box, but is glad for this lunch box...?

The former and latter appear exactly the same in my eyes.
...Sometimes, the former even appears to be the better of the two.

I don't understand that child's sense.

Even during parent interviews, her teacher would reveal the exact same thoughts as mine.
And I too, would respond by saying I don't understand my own child, and hanged our heads down together.

My husband is more optimistic, saying that since a child's sense is different from that of an adult's, it's okay if you can't understand them all. ......I sigh at his lack of crisis sense.

One day, when I was in a good mood.

Wanting to please that child, I made her all the dishes that she liked.

...Yet, that child only laughed dryly with a vague look on her face.
That behavior got me angry impulsively, and I hit that child's head.

One day, when the weather was nice.

The washed laundry that were just hanged up to dry was blown by a strong wind, and toppled over with the entire hanger rack, making a big mess.

...Yet, that child looked at me picking up all the laundry clothes in a panic, and laughed out loud.
That behavior got me angry impulsively, and I hit that child's head.

I think things like those happened many times before.

And before I know it, that child stopped looking at me except with a bored expression all the time.

......I have repented for being a bad mother.
I thought that I should try to regain the trust of my child bit by bit through small communications.

I meet the child at the house's open side corridor, working on something, and I called out to her.

Rika's mom: "We've been having all these pleasant sunny days for the past few days now, it sure feels nice, doesn't it?"
Rika: "....................."
That child, ...turned and looked up at me with that bored expression that I hate the most, and without any replies, returned to the work at her hand.

......If this was me up until now, I would've hit her head just for that action. ...I endure it.

Rika's mom: "What are you making? A doll?"
Rika: "......... Teru teru bouzu" (note: a doll-shaped charm for good weathers)
That child was making a teru teru bouzu using the newpaper flyers skillfully.

There are no forecast for rains.
But, in her own way, that child must be making the teru teru bouzu to wish for this refreshing sunny weather to continue, no doubt about it.

Being able to understand my child's thoughts for once in a long time, I wasn't able to hide my joy.

I brought the yarn ball, and hanged my child's adorable teru teru bouzu up on the house eaves.

Rika's mom: "Ahahaha.... That's no good, Rika. The head is too heavy, see. It's an upside down teru teru bouzu now. This won't make the weather sunny, but rainy instead, you know?"
As I tried to take down the teru teru bouzu, that child pulled on my skirt hem, as if wanting to stop me.

Rika: ".........I made it to become upside down like that, so it's okay."
Rika's mom: "...............But Rika, if a teru teru bouzu is upside down, it doesn't make a charm for sunny weather, you know?"
Rika: "I'm making a charm for rainy weather, so it's okay."
...I suppress the emotions rising up within me with all my might, and try to understand that child the best I can.

Rika's mom: "...Ah, ......I see. You want it to rain because the morning glories in the yard are getting depressed from all the sun, right?"
That child, ......turned to me with that expression that I hate the most.

Rika: "I'm tired of... sunny days."

......I don't get it, I don't get it. ...I don't get that child.......

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Mom's Diary II (Ep. 15)

Everytime there is a family meeting, that child tries to go into Oryou-san's futon.

...Oryou-san loves that child as if it were her darling angel. She doesn't mind any insolence done by that child. It's safe to say that she cuddles that child like a pet kitten.

I scold that child as a duty of being her mother. I scold formally until Oryou-san says 'it's okay' at least three times. That child however, would never listen to me. ...That child behaves accordingly as she knows that Oryou-san's influence is greater than mine.

That's another reason why I don't like that child; it's her precocious attitude.

The problem not only lies with Oryou-san loving her as an angel, it's practically all the elderly residents here as well.

I was shocked one day. I saw that child at a candy shop as I was walking home with the groceries the other day. That child hurriedly opened up a fistful of candy and started putting them into her mouth. She had no intention of paying for it, nor did she care if anyone was looking or not. It was more atrocious than shoplifting; she ate them as if someone gave them to her.

But when I started to scold that child for what she had just done, the elderly candy shop owner came out to protect her. Unbelievably, he came out to defend that child by stating that he allowed her to eat any candy she likes whenever she feels like so. I tried in vain to at least pay for what she just ate, but the owner stringently refused. As I protested at the child's actions, more and more of the elderly began to crowd for her defense. I began to feel that I was the one that had done some wrongdoing.

The elderly villagers clasps their hands towards her as they mumble their thanks time and time again. ...Since I was born as a member of the Furude family as well, I do know how special that child is treated by the residents.

Back when I was little, my grandmother used to tell me many things like, "...when you grow up and have a child, and if that child is a girl, ...then that child is a reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama."

The elderly blindly believes that she is indeed the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama. And not only do they give their devoted love towards her, they put bizzare ideas into her head such as "being the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama," "having shamanic powers with the god," etc. etc. Perhaps these might be the reason why that child believes that she is special than anyone else.

I desperately try to stop the elderly in putting things into her head for her own maturity. Unfortunately, there is no use to impede against their superstitions that had been implanted for generations. I constantly tell that child not to listen to the tall-tales of the elderly, but in contrast, it is me that the child does not listen to.

If it was between the elderly who reveres her versus her own mother that constantly lectures her, anyone would the answer to which one the child would prefer to lend her ear to.

...It's all the elderly villagers' fault for making that child act with peculiar behavior. They've probably crammed uncanny beliefs into her head since she was little. If it weren't for those, she would've grown up to become my very cute child!
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