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Lost in my dreams...
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"little fan fic about Gundam seed"

So...due to utter boredom of having nothing better to do from sitting home with a broken leg i was just fooling around in the net when i stumbled upon one site. Mind you, i never read fan fics and the like, because i prefer to watch my animes

Anyways i read trough the first two chapters and surprisingly found myself wanting for more

This fan fic is about events that happen in GS after Kira is dragged in by Athrun and Cagali after the destruction of GENESIS. It is basicly a storry about character relationships and events that happen to them after they return to Earth. The character are really well done, and are not too out of character, ther is loads of character development ( basicly that is the focus of this fan fic ). The author has done an IMMENSE job on this one - i simply cant believe this is written by some fan instead of a whole production team - the work is amazing and really proffesional, and i could easilly see this animated as i said there is truckloads of character development and relatonship development between the couples ( Athrun x Cagali / Kira x Lacus / Daerka x Mirialia / Yzak x ... ( wont tell )

Anyways im halfway trough the storry ( dont ask me how long it took to read it half way trough, if i would have to make a gues id say about 5h !! ) and im really enjoying it, its absolutely fantastic. If your looking for some MS action this wont be it, sorry

Anyways, just thought i share it with you in case someone is just as bored and has loads of free time like me
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