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Old 2006-07-13, 18:19   Link #1
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Need some pointers - again

I'm back...

I'm still having trouble with hands/arms (especially) and was wondering if I could get some help/redlines. Would be appreciated....

Sorry for the rough sketch...I tend to leave it messy till I do a final lineart. I fix small mistakes then too (like the eyes)

I'm thinking maybe his sword should be pointing towards the "viewer" more? I can't get it to look right??? What about the horse in the background? Is she too small??
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Old 2006-07-19, 10:05   Link #2
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the horse is def too small unless its supposed to be a pony. as far as the arms...heres how i keep things in perspective. each section of the arm(armpit to elbow, and elbow to wrist) should be the approx size of the head(chin to top of head) when the arms are extended down... the elbow should be basically level with the belly button and the wrist should be about even with the crotch. as far as the hands... from bottom of the palm to the tip of the middle finger should be the approx size of the face(chin to hairline) of course every artist draws things differently(some artists like to make the hands and feet a bit too big in my opinion) but using these guidelines may help keep things proportionate. i hope this helped
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