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Old 2004-01-02, 02:58   Link #21
本當に愛してるなら, "鰻食べる?ってきかないで
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by Sakura-chan
Lucky you, Oneesama, you know Japanese!T.T And I don't. And that's just unfair. T___T
actually .... the ones i am reading are chinese... since the Taiwanese version is very updated compared to the English version but i do have monthly eps in Jap Anime Magazines ^^ tats how I go thro the day ^^
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Old 2004-01-02, 14:14   Link #22
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
Age: 42
well i just completed Rurouni Kenshin a few weeks ago and i plan to complete the following manga in the coming months:

Chobits (i've got first 5)
Ayashi no Ceres (i've got up to 8)
Fushigi Yuugi (I've got up to 2)
InuYasha (i got several ones but kinda hard to find)
Ah My Goddess (i've got a few, but i ain't to crazy about the drawing style

At the same time I intend to start reading these manga (if i can find them, not always obvious in crappy belgium)

SaishuuHeiki Kanojo
Battle Vixens (Ikkitousen)
Full Metal Panic (does this manga even exist? i've never heard about it )
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Old 2004-01-02, 15:33   Link #23
Belldandy Fanboy
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Stockholm, Sweden, Where Polar bears roam the streets
Age: 33
Originally Posted by 7thMethuselah
Full Metal Panic (does this manga even exist? i've never heard about it )
Yes, Ive got 2 of them
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Old 2004-01-05, 00:18   Link #24
Inactive Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: SC
Age: 28
Full Metal Panic is pretty good. Although for some reason I like the Anime better. Ah well.

I really can't wait until they release Fruits Basket!!! *dances for joy*
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Old 2004-01-05, 15:26   Link #25
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Where indeed...
Since many of the manga I like aren't licensed, there aren't much manga I would like to buy. I would like to get Cresent Moon (Mikan no Tsuki) though.
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Old 2004-01-06, 15:02   Link #26
Dream Navigator
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Argentina
Age: 34
Send a message via ICQ to Kenji
- Evangelion
- Slam Dunk!
- Saber Marionette J
- Kenshin
- I''s
- Ranma 1/2
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Old 2004-01-06, 17:18   Link #27
I refuse to die dammit!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: UK
Age: 41
I went to try to buy Planetes Vol 2 & 3, Alien Nine Vol 1-3 and Trigun Vol 2 in English last weekend. Unfortunately they were either all sold out or not yet released Thats what happens when I try to opt for English versions! DOH!
(Goes back to his Japanese manga collection)
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Old 2004-01-06, 17:48   Link #28
The dreamer
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: french
for new year i think i'll buy
in french :
fruit basket 9
pingpong 2
naruto 7
some chobits
and when they'll be sold : hellsing, angel heart, touch, berseck... speed up tonkam !!!

in japan :

art book Nihei
bastard 23 (joke
shirow poster booklet "japanesque"
totoro official artbook

and some other ...
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Old 2004-01-06, 20:13   Link #29
Captain Smoker
Join Date: Dec 2003
Age: 32
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Who is releasing Gunslinger Girl and Bleach?
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Old 2004-01-06, 20:24   Link #30
Inactive Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Yeah like he said when will Real Bout Highschool 6 come out. I have been buying every volume 1 by 1 since it first came out and then all of a sudden it just stopped for almost half a year. Whats up
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Old 2004-01-06, 20:35   Link #31
Inactive Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Oh yeah, and my Mangas for the Year to continue or begin:

Ragnorok (Very NICE!!)
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Dragon Hunter
Cursed Sword
King of Hell
Saber Marionette
AI Love You

Then ill begin crying at my empty wallet T_T
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