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ゲート (Gate:Original Fiction)

This is a story that I have been working on for a year now (summer of 2006). I finished vol 1, and is working on vol 2 at the moment as well as my drawing skill so in the (far) future I'll be able to make this into a manga.

(muse) Neko-chan: You're talking too much again

Fine. Without further delay...actually one thing. The prologue is the only time the story is written like this. The other chapter is normal third person pov writing. Okay, now, I present to you:

Chapter 0: Lucis Angeli

It was weird, this place. Dark for one things. Well it should be anyway, after all, it is underground. Monitors blared as three of the best mind in the city typed away in their own little haven. They ran this place. What place? A city. A metropolis. A place where no one has control over. Each part of the city controlled by whichever crazy ass nutjob boss/king/doctor/etc that was insane enough to even have the effort to climb up the status scale.

I watched my partner as she walked down the alley. Long hair, black, reaching her waist, covered most of her back. Her outfit was casual, so no one would remember her after today. It was supposed to be a simple mission. A simple assasination job from the boss. One of those that we did almost daily now.

The back door blew open as men jumped out, machineguns blazing. Thugs every single one of them, not even worth a bother. I lifted my pistol and shot killing one of them, while the other shot grazed an eye.

A pair of beautiful white wings stretched out of nowhere and folded to protect her front. The bullets bounced harmlessly as the magic flared. By the time the light lifted, no thugs were to be seen. She's an angel alright. One who protects this world. Lucis Angeli, Angels of the Light, white wings, she goes by many name.
Then there's me, a second rate angel. No one knows me. I go by no name but one. Furgalis. Old enough to have gotten myself a job, and young enough to blush everytime a girl looked at me. My wings are not pure like her. They are black, my wings, with blue running down at the edges of each feather. Only thing I can do is shoot, and shoot good.

She beckoned and I came over. My pistol was cocked and ready. It's a beauty, let me tell you. Twenty bullets per magazine. A caliber that would make a desert eagle melt in shame. The electromagnetic system can turn this little thing into a pocket-sized canon. It is with this pistol I have killed many men and women. There were no more guards available to stop us.

Then, he dropped in. Obscuri Angeli, Angel of the Darkness, he also goes by many name. The Mercenary Shadowsong. He jumped and sliced at her with a knife, but she managed to dodged it. She danced in and sliced up with her katana, drawing first blood. His hair, pure white, gave an illusion of a dream. His blank eyes are eyes of the non-living. His wings, black,

He swung his knife from below, and was smoothly blocked by her. She tried to sweep him up with her leg, however, he jumped and somersaulted to land on a crate. His wings flared and shadows covered the alley. I stood there stunned. A bright light emerge from here, aimed straight where he was. Missed. No one there. Behind her, grabbing one of her wings, he sliced.

Her blood sprayed all over the wall, as well as all over his face. His face unmoved. I drew my own sword and charged, hoping to distract him. Oh god, please save her soul, let her live through tonight. Let I be the sacrifice for her. May my memories stay with her.

He easily blocked my blow, but it was enough. She moved, fast as lightning, behind him, and one of his wings was now on the ground, covering her own wing. I felt something cold went through my chest. I screamed with pain as he twisted the knife. He flapped the wing he had left, and dissapeared in the darkness.

Everything is so light now. Maybe it won't be so bad. Eight hundred years of living, going past through world wars, as well as the millenias flying back and forward. I have loved, I have hated. It's not so bad. It was a good life.

I can feel tears dropping down on my check. She is crying. Her beautiful face scrunched up to show her real self. The self that knows that she is a sixteen year old girl. It was so vulnerable. My hands reached up to touch her cheeks.
“Grow up strong and kind, my little angeli.”

Up in the roof top I saw a silhoutte, and water dripped from it. No, this is not water.
“Run,” I said, though I could not hear my own voice. Grow up strong and kind, my angeli, Grow up…

Author's Note

Any questions?
I'll post more if people are interested.
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I'm interested.
That's a cool introduction, isn't it? Maybe not the most original I've read so far, but still, I like it very much. Short is good.

Plus I enjoyed the style.

So keep it coming.
and my literary blog, in french :
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Chapter 1 - Hika

The bright light was the first thing the girl saw. Who was she? She herself did not know. What's her name? Only the gods can answer that. She moved her body, but was paralyzed by the pain in her shoulder blade. Her hair was long and perfectly black. Her matching eye dart around for an answer, while her other eye is covered with something. Her body was in pain. She could see blood coming from her.

All around her, ruins were laid out. Of metallic nature, these ruins was recognized by the girl. Except that she recognized them when they were all whole. She remembered giant structures towering into the ceiling. Now the ceiling is gone, collapsed. Now, a mass of blue and white is the ceiling, with a bright orb as its only lighting. It sure is bright though.

“So, you're still alive,” a cold voice came from above her. A boy, no older than fourteen, jumped down from the high part of the ruins. The way he moved wasn't like a child's though. His movement was sure and fluid. His eyes are not child's eyes either. It was as if a great many of years was reflected in those eyes, maybe even centuries. His hair was long and braided. “Still wanting to kill me, then?” the same voice again, coming from this boy, a dead cold voice.

“Who... are you?” The girl said, getting the feel of talking again. “Who am I?”

The boy stared at her for a bit, his face still desolate of any emotions. To her innocent look, the only thing he gave was a look back, and yet again, he gave no emotions away. He walked silently towards her, their eyes still in contact with each other. Suddenly, without even blinking he drew a blade and stabbed down, until the blade penetrated the concrete below her.

A strand of her hair fell to the ground. The blade was no more than a centimeter away from her face. She automatically grabbed it by the handle and spun around, pulling the sword out of the ground as well as giving it momentum to strike. As the sword passed through the target and created a shockwave that sent debris everywhere. However, the boy was missing from his previous position, instead he was sitting quite a distance away. The girl blinked. What did she just do? Suddenly, the pain on her shoulder blade flared and forced her to the ground.

“At least your movement and instincts are still good,” he said. “Take the sword, it is yours.”

He stabbed another sword in the ground. He threw an object her way. She caught it in mid-air. It was a necklace with a black fang attached to it. Memory of sadness came before her, forcing her to control her tears from getting out. And yet with that sad memory, something else, a nice warm feeling surrounded her back, killing off the pain.

“This sword will stay with its master here,” he continued, “however you might want that. Also do not open your right eye.” That was the lasting he said before he walked away.

She looked at the necklace, and then back at the boy. Gathering her breath, she yelled out, “Come back here!”

He merely looked over her shoulder. “I have no more business with you now,” he said. Again that cold voice. Again that blank, emotionless look. Something in his eyes gave her a shiver. It wasn't like he was even commanding her, but just saying a statement.

The girl looked at him, using her sword as a crutch. “Don't leave me here,” she cried out desperately. She did not know anything, let alone how to survive on her own. He knew that was true. She knew it was true. Tears started appearing in her eye, when he simply turned around and started walking again.

She cried silently, until the cold emotionless voice came to her again. “What are you doing?” it said, “Get up. Let's go.”

As they walked towards the edge of the ruins, she asked him, “What is your name?”

“I will go by name Jinx,” he said, staring ahead, “and you will go by Hika until your true name is revealed to you.”

“Hika?” she looked at him quizzically, “what a strange name.”

“I apologize for my lack of creativity.”
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