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Old 2006-07-23, 13:49   Link #1
Rurouni Lust
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Mol - Belgium - Europe
Age: 28
It's been a while...

I kinda lost track of the new anime releases since march. I think I missed alot of anime series... but dont know which ones. Please help me get some good anime ^_^ , any suggestions would help alot (prefered anime after march) .


ps: Is there maybe a site with the names of the latest releases?
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Old 2006-07-23, 15:09   Link #2
I am mowing clowns
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by Rurouni Lust
ps: Is there maybe a site with the names of the latest releases?
Here's one way to find the majority of new/recent releases using AnimeSuki.

1.) Web to the main page -- -- . Mouse over Anime and choose "Series" from the drop down menu.

2.) Choose "Detailed" from the menu in the upper right:

3.) You'll find a page full of torrents sorted by the earliest first. Change that my clicking once on "Vintage":

That will give you a list of releases from Newest to Oldest.

What's missing from that list are:

Recently Licensed Shows. - You can find these listed in the AnimeSuki Licensed Database (all sorted by most recent licensed to oldest).

Media Factory Shows. - Shows that are produced or have an affiliation in some way with Media Factory Inc. (MFI) have not be listed in compliance with a letter received: Removal of Media Factory Inc. Works. The shows are still discussed (no asking for downloads/torrents) in the forum and the most recent can be found in the Fansubs forum. A new tag, (MFI), was added to the front of the thread title for better identification.

And that should cover finding most of the recent releases. Hope it helps. Cheers.

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Old 2006-07-25, 10:15   Link #3
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Spring/summer anime
Saiunkoku monogatari - comedy, romance, historical, politics in oriental style
Good witch of the west - action adventure comedy with fairy tale theme
jyu oh sei - finished already, sci-fi, action
xxxHolic - horror, comedy... if you like story dealing with weird stuff.
glass no kantai - sci-fi action adventure set in space
Ouran High school host club - comedy
The Third - action adventure
Fairy Musketeers - fantasy comedy
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Old 2006-07-26, 02:02   Link #4
Rurouni Lust
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Mol - Belgium - Europe
Age: 28
Wow thx for the tutorial and all "Catgirls" , really appriciate it . Also thanks for the other suggestions
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Old 2006-07-27, 17:21   Link #5
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Germany
Age: 29
As for his summer season id suggest Honey and clover2, zero no tsukaima and NHK. As for the list in catgirls guide, it shows only few of those series that have been fansubbed yet. You can find a full detailed list of this summers anime here and reviews of those series here.
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