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Old 2006-07-22, 07:28   Link #21
Mr. Folgers! Wassup, suh?
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About the only thing the original F-91 movie was good for was cool action sequences. The story was pretty thin and they crammed way too much plot into a 2 hour movie (probably because of reducing 50 episodes of story into 2 hours). It's definitely bottom of the barrel for me. If it was made into a 50 episode series I can say I probably wouldn't watch it just based on how stupid the film was. But I do prefer it over Victory. Nothing like an episode of Victory to neutralize you from watching Gundam for a few weeks. It's so bad I doubt I'll ever finish it. Makes Destiny look like Evangelion.

The Gundam was neat though.
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Old 2006-07-22, 07:43   Link #22
~Night of Gales~
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If they really cared so much about remakes,

Rather than bothering to reanimate a minor part of the Gundam franchise like the F-91, there'd be higher chances that MSG gets reanimated with it's ORIGINAL intended length where Amuro didn't kill Lalah, or even CCA remade into an OVA, where Chan is decanonised and Amuro and Belthorchika actually hit it off.

So, I'd say 0.01%.
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Old 2006-07-23, 23:28   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Syn13
I always wondered what made Crossbone so successful? wasn't. It simply has a cult online following, which tends to inflate how popular something appears to be.
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Old 2006-07-24, 05:57   Link #24
Lost in your Eyes~~~
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Well Crossbone had Tomino doing it and Hajime Katoki providing mecha, enough reason for most people and its quite a large cult online following. Also Crossbone Gundam is popular enough that its the most regular non-animated series to appear in the G-Gen games it appears almost as if not more frequently than some of the animated series.

I mean isn't a pirate gundam enough for most people ._.
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Old 2006-07-24, 20:26   Link #25
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I still don't understand all the hate for F91... sure there was a lot of stuff crammed into it and a couple of plot holes. F91 has its problems I wont deny that. But I thought the basic elements were quite well thought out. You have a conspiracy that runs so deep as to include the very construction of the colony. An aristocratic(sp?) organization that believes the majority of humans don't have the ability to govern themselves. A royal family with some serious issues. And last but not least some rather unorthodox mecha and weapon designs. F91 kept me laughing though ^^ so many starwars rips. Especially the music lol
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Old 2006-07-29, 23:26   Link #26
Some say I'm the Reverse
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Originally Posted by artquest7@
An aristocratic(sp?) organization that believes the majority of humans don't have the ability to govern themselves.
- You know, they might be on to something there...

There might be some part of F91 which might be worth animating, and that would be the period of time between the movie and the Crossbone Gundam manga. Ultimately, the mistake of the Crossbone Vanguard Organization was in the thinking that they themselves were immune from the kind of things they were purporting to avoid.

I mean, think about the moral dilemma: The Crossbone Vanguard were purporting that a higher class of humanity should be the ones ruling and making the best decisions for all humanity, but the Ronah family itself is heavily beset by the same kind of pettiness and infighting that all organizations and families in power face. IMHO, it would have been nice to emphasize this--that hypocritical edge--if they are ever to make a new Formula/UC series, because it can back-reference older Gundam series without directly linking characters to them.

Most important, it can point out that a lot of years down the line, humanity really hasn't changed much. People use new generation mobile suits and preach about the way human beings should go in the universe, but all in all the human race is stagnant and unable to evolve further. It has all of these ideas and idealistic concepts and organizations use them to move into power, but nothing's really changed.

Basically, the case in point I'm making is that the Crossbones try to save the human race from it's evils by proclaiming themselves a cut above the rest--i.e. that the rules and laws that govern human beings do not apply to them. The mistake is that they're not higher beings, they're just as bad as the rest of us.

Woulds really like to see that aspect worked upon more, as opposed to adolescent mecha pilot angst.
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