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Old 2003-12-25, 10:39   Link #21
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Originally Posted by Seta
It was the Hot Springs episode, I forgot the #. Watch it again and you'll see Sagara has a bulge in his pants when he wakes up.
He did not have an erection. That was just a fold in the sheets. Besides the dream had nothing erotic about it so there was no reason for him to get an erection.
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Old 2003-12-25, 13:24   Link #22
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well i have a couple.

in the hospital episode, when the flying head was
passing by, and chidori asks "what the hell is that!?!" and sagara replies "glad its not a bomb" had me rofl for a while.

and also, all of episode 2(or the second half of 1)
that has to be the funniest episode in the series.

chidori has a kickass voice.
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Old 2003-12-25, 18:31   Link #23
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Originally Posted by eMpTy265
#2: Bonta-kun's first appearance.... "aiya... why you ...".... ROFL
haha that was hilarious

the bench fixing part is funny too

also, in the pool, when tessa were going to attempt a mouth-to-mouth on sagara when suddenly "UUUUUUHHHHHHH" LOL
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Old 2003-12-27, 20:15   Link #24
Join Date: Nov 2003

The caretaker... the gleam in his eyes... his chainsaw ... and the way he caressed it gently as he listened to how his prize koi carp ended up on a dinner plate...

Other favourites:

* The cop who goes after Sagura and Chidori on their (stolen) bicycle, terrifies her partner and trashes the car. And the way she pitches up in subsequent episodes.
* Chidori: "Just die! If you feel any pity for me, please just die!"
* The haunted hospital episode: "Besides, the old lady was just standing there."

Great series.
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Old 2003-12-28, 21:39   Link #25
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Forst season : underware mission
FMP-F every goddamned episode is a FUNNY MOMENT
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Old 2003-12-29, 10:03   Link #26
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I thought the part in the second unaired episode where the gym class was going "cover d cover d cover d cover d......... *collapse" was extremely funny. I have a weird sense of humor.
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Old 2003-12-29, 11:22   Link #27
Punii Punii Darkie
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Location: ergo
Age: 36
I loved the whole of the Hot Springs episode. One favourite moment of mine was when the glasses guy (forgot name) could 'see', which was a direct spoof off Gundam Seed, with panties! I couldn't stop laughing on that one.

Oh yeah, I also liked the haunted hospital episode, the part with the floating head. The fact that Sagara was so ignorant to something so obviously weird is too much. The next part where Chidori scolded the 'ghost' was the icing on the cake
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Old 2003-12-29, 11:26   Link #28
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i like to watch sagara playing by himself..

(in the hotspring episode while other going for panties seed mission, sagara play console game, massage chair, table tennis..... so cute...)

and the way sagara misread a love letter in the very first episode... gwa ha ha!
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Old 2003-12-29, 12:03   Link #29
Gomen asobase desuwa!
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Age: 37
Numerous references to Monty Python's Flying Circus.

(i.e. "how to kill a person with a fruit" sketch = Bonta-kun wielding a banana in the action cut where he tries to attack Tessa while she's in the shower)

pretty obvious if you think about it...FMP author Gatoh-san is known to be a huge Monty Python fan.
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Old 2003-12-29, 12:58   Link #30
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Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
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funniest moment was the "get the notebook back" episode, i absolutely loved that one (especially the crazy police woman) , 2nd spot is the one were everyone crawls into bonta suits and beat the mob up
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Old 2003-12-31, 02:11   Link #31
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Melbourne, Australia
i loved the karate scene where he beats up the 3 fat guys.
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Old 2003-12-31, 04:39   Link #32
Generic Human
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: here
Humm favorite scene . . . oh this is going to be a tough one. . . .

OK in the Pony episode when Chidori has been drafted into helping phyco cop. As they sit in the diner and discuss the plan Sagara sits behind her and holds up flash cards for what he wants Chidori to know.

honerable mention has to go to . . .

Fight for Chidori in the dojo
phyco cop VS Bonta-kun
Janitor avenger meets the coy killers
Sagara master of male modleing
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Old 2003-12-31, 09:21   Link #33
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Age: 40
What's funny is that I read in an interview with Gatoh-san that the Sagara character is loosely based on a real ex-military person that he knew in college. Apparently he had trouble adjusting to civilian life as well.
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Old 2003-12-31, 12:08   Link #34
<--- Lolita Complex
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Location: Australia
Age: 33
Last ep, where everyone gets mad cos sagara wins the draw for the person to take the antidote, then everyone starts fighting....

After taht chidori begs everyone to calm down but she gets hit with a book and goes crazy and starts beating everyoen herself....
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Old 2004-01-03, 22:31   Link #35
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Join Date: May 2003
The team of Bonta-Kuns storming the Ryuujin HQ. That was hilarious. One Bonta-kun running around in the amusement park is funny enough. Imagine now there's more of them.
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Old 2004-01-05, 01:01   Link #36
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Top 3 for me were:
1. Sagara taking the old lady hostage in the episode where he was a model. "if you value this woman's life" lmao
2. Sagara and Tsubaki fixing the bench
3. Sagara misreading the love letter
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Old 2004-01-06, 23:52   Link #37
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Soo many to chose from! But I'd have to say the whole rugby ep, all the Bunta-kun scenes, and when Souske wins the lottery for the antidoe.
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Old 2004-01-07, 08:11   Link #38
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Location: Japan
Originally Posted by Go-lytely
He did not have an erection. That was just a fold in the sheets. Besides the dream had nothing erotic about it so there was no reason for him to get an erection.
We could argue that for Sousuke a battlefield dream is more likely to give him an erection than an erotic dream. But I think it's obvious that it was just a fold in the sheets.

Originally Posted by p3psi
when the old jaintor says something like "oh no, you guys want to take advanatage of my ripe body" and they show him naked with rose petal's covering his thingies and souske and ninja boy are hovering over. hehe
Yeah, that scene, and the Hot Springs episode (ep.8 / part 12), especially the scene with Kazama charging ahead and ending with his face... ahem.

When was Sagara a male model?_? I don't remember seeing that.
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Old 2004-01-07, 09:55   Link #39
The original echhi!!
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there are too many but to name a few

Sagara taking the old lady hostage in the episode where he was a model

The rugby episode were someone says "punt it" so he launches the other teams player in the head

the episode were he gets challenged to a karate match but the blue haird guy and he just shoots him instead

i serouslly hope they do a real sequel to full metal panic 1
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Old 2004-01-07, 12:08   Link #40
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003

I thought one of the funniest moments in Fumoffu was when:

- Sagara dressed up as Bonta-kun and helped out Chidori (in Ep 3)
- The dojo fight scene where Sagara used different weapons. Lol .. that was so hilarious!!! (in Ep 5)

. .and there are a lot more. ^_^ Fumoffu was so much fun to watch!
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