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Old 2006-08-04, 02:03   Link #1
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If I'm not mistaken, neo-genesis was destroyed by a barrage of missiles. But just how is that possible, didn't it come with phase shift? Or was it not destroyed? Or another plot hole
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Neo-Genesis was built directly into the Messiah base. While I believe it didn't have PS armor, the Messiah base did have a beam shield barrier. The beam barrier was then lowered to fire it the second time. METEOR Freedom and Eternal then blasted it.
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Old 2006-08-04, 02:36   Link #3
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Neo GENESIS was, pretty much, just the GENESIS laser itself. The first one had the advantage of having Phase Shift built around the ENTIRE thing (which it happened to be a part of).

The beam barrier wasn't just lowered, but it was also destroyed by the METEOR-equipped Strike Freedom as well. (then got blasted by missiles)
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