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Old 2006-07-27, 00:31   Link #101
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Join Date: Jul 2006
episode 00/1
in the movie
The narrator (aka Kyon)
"With a forced look of wonder on his face, Itsuki watched Mikuru leave."
*camera movies up*
"And what's with this pan up?"
*next scene*
"And once again, a number of scenes are omitted."

epidoe 4/7
during the game
kyon thinking to himself
"How dare you throw a real pitch at Asahina-san!? If you hit her, there will be immediate brawling! A brawling bash!"
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Old 2006-07-28, 22:58   Link #102
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Episode 12:

Kyon: "I agree, but coming from you it really pisses me off."
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Old 2006-08-06, 23:45   Link #103
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kyon - what is this confidence made from? two milligrams will do. just share some with me.
suzumiya - really? want me to inject a bit into you?

suzumiya - advocates of defeat will be penalized with ten laps around the grounds! In the nude! Ten laps while screaming at the top of your lungs... "green martians are chasing me!"

loved this ep >]
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Old 2006-08-07, 11:04   Link #104
Dansa med oss
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Originally Posted by wala0101
suzumiya - advocates of defeat will be penalized with ten laps around the grounds! In the nude! Ten laps while screaming at the top of your lungs... "green martians are chasing me!"
Knowing Harulhi... green Martians would be chasing them
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Old 2006-08-10, 13:41   Link #105
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Here's a couple of quotes from "The Day of Sagittarius" in volume 5 of the novels:
Kyon: Why are you analyzing all this like a psychiatrist for? The hole in my heart isn't easily filled by your instantly made-up theories, you know. In fact, it ought to be you who should be examining your actions. As Haruhi's yes-man, you're the least qualified to analyze me.

Itsuki: "A yes-man I may be, but I'm staying here out of my own will. Have you forgotten? Though Nagato-san, Asahina-san and I represent different factions and ideals, we're all gathered here for more or less the same reasons. I don't think you need reminding, my primary mission is actually to observe Suzumiya-san."
I got a chuckle out of that concerning Itsuki's rep as "Haruhi's yes-man."

Last edited by CrowKenobi; 2006-08-10 at 13:46. Reason: Wrong volume number
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Old 2006-08-10, 22:34   Link #106
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Here's a quick quote from the beginning of the series that got a laugh out of me.

episode 00/1
Yuki (covering up for the talking cat): That was ventriloquism.
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Old 2006-09-22, 12:05   Link #107
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This one was from the novel, when they were filming the movie:

About half a year ago, the world was nearly destroyed thanks to Haruhi. It was thanks to my hard work and mental exhaustion that mankind was able to survive. I felt it wouldn't be too much if all the heads of state around the world were to give me a thank you letter. So far I have yet to be visited by any foreign diplomatic envoy. Sigh, on the other hand, even if they had come they would have only increased my woes, so I didn't expect them to come. The only reward I received was being embraced by a teary-eyed Asahina-san, yet when I think about it, thatís more than enough for me. So I didn't feel any gladness at being thanked by Koizumi.
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Old 2006-09-26, 20:25   Link #108
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Taken from Ep 7/8
*Upon entering the clubroom*
Kyon : "Oh. It's just you and Nagato."
Haruhi : "You have a complaint about it?"
Kyon : "If I were to list out my complaints concerning you, I would end up completely covering both sides of an A4 sheet of paper."
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Old 2006-09-26, 21:58   Link #109
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Eps. 10
Asakura (in her sweetest sounding voice): 'Ja, shin de.'


Especially loved Kyon's reaction, when he cried out in pain even though he didn't get stabbed.

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2006-09-27, 08:27   Link #110
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Age: 29
"Hey, hey! You can't rent Yuki without my permission! Understood? She's the SOS Brigade's indispensible silent character! I saw her first!"

"Don't use a serious tone. Don't breathe on me. Your face is really close. Freaking me out."

I liked those.
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Old 2006-09-27, 08:48   Link #111
&gt; Haruhiist &lt;
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Send a message via MSN to Noppapana
Haruhi : Saying that people go to the beach for the sole purpose of swimming is no exaggeration.
ep 6

Putting in words so nicely for somethin simple ... typical Haruhi
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Old 2006-09-27, 09:12   Link #112
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I think the "Blue bird of Happiness" line from Kyon to Haruhi is their cleverest reference by far, so it's one of my favorites.
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Old 2006-11-02, 10:09   Link #113
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I liked this one, from Day of Sagittarius.

Haruhi: SEND OUT THE ******(GUNDAM)!
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Old 2006-11-03, 10:51   Link #114
Devoted Haruhiist
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Asakura Ryoko from episode 10:


This is more for the voice acting tho ^^
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Old 2007-01-05, 18:25   Link #115
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-ive figured it out!
-figured what out?
-the culprit!
-what culprit? nothings happened yet! we just got here!
-my guts tell me that the culprit is the master of the manor, Keiichi-san! His first victim will be Mikuru-chan!
-we're guests here. stop thinking about that dangerous stuff! act more like a high schooler, yeah?

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Old 2007-01-07, 15:22   Link #116
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here are 3 quotes from the novel:
-What on earth was my subconsciousness thinking!?
-However, as always, this girl was thinking up all sorts of nonsensical stuff. I can't help but wonder if there's a white hole inside her head, since her common sense seems to come from a different universe altogether.
-What're you doing here then?
What else would I be here for? To illegally enter the premises, of course.
Don't openly declare your criminal intentions like that, there's a limit to being shameless!
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Old 2007-03-20, 14:52   Link #117
Witch of Betrayal
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*is bored, and so waves around his rod of lesser topic necromancy.*

"What is she doing? Is she trying to reduce the magic points of the opposing pitcher?"
"Mikuru-chan! Get over here and buckle down for some pain!"

"Can you say that again, except like a childhood friend pretending to be angry to hide her embarassment"
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Old 2007-03-20, 22:04   Link #118
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ep 10
datte watashi wa, hontou ni anata ni shinde hoshiin damono.
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Old 2007-03-22, 21:40   Link #119
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snow mountain syndrome
Haruhi to Kyon: I dreamed that you had sneaked into my room and you didn't talk like you would have... and you did things that you wouldn't do... I found it odd... in the end, I punched you hard and you ran off!
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Old 2007-03-22, 22:24   Link #120
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Location: Montreal
Originally Posted by maymay View Post
snow mountain syndrome
Haruhi to Kyon: I dreamed that you had sneaked into my room and you didn't talk like you would have... and you did things that you wouldn't do... I found it odd... in the end, I punched you hard and you ran off!
lol. could it be worse than wat the asahina in kyon's room wouldve done?
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