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Old 2004-09-17, 03:24   Link #1
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Ichigo Mashimaro question

Just can't figure this one out, so I'm going to bother you all with it.

In Ichigo Mashimaro* chapter 27 (transated by Akatsuki-manga), the characters happen to say some tongue-twisters. One of these is "shu jutsu chuu", which is noted as "currently operating". When the Tomo-Osaka hybrid character is asked to say it, she says "Thank you, sensei. (for my son) ...That comes after, right?", the parenthetical being one of those "sub-dialogue" things you see floating around.

The note at the bottom says this is a reference to the previous tongue-twister and "do I have to spell it out"? Yes, you do!

The only thing I can think of is that a sign in a hospital saying "currently operating" might be up as a woman gives birth, and afterwards, she might thank the doctor for delvering her child, but that's kinda...oblique and not funny, and I kinda expect it to be something cruder.

I hope it isn't obvious and I'm stupid.

*Itís pretty good, by the way. Read while you wait for the next chapter of Yotsubato! to come out.

EDIT: No one seems to have any ideas. Oh, well. If it's easier, there's also an English girl named Ana Coppola, and she freaks when she's called "Coppola-chan," and went to lengths to conceal it from her schoolmates. There were no translation notes regarding this. Is it a pun or somethin'?

Also, my brother sugested that the Tomo-Osaka hybrid be called "Tomoska." Brilliant.

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Old 2006-08-08, 09:13   Link #2
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Digging up... again...

OK, the recoverer strikes again.
Actually, I bought today (second hand. lol) the first 3 volumes Ichigo Mashimaro and I'm surprised there isn't any thread on that series yet. I mean about the manga. The anime has its own, but... still...

So here I am. Maybe this should be renamed "Ichigo Mashimaro manga thread", or something. I'll post again as I'm reading.

First thing is, to those (like me) who didn't know, the art is very different from the anime. "Sadder", I would say. It looks like the chapters are different from the adaptation as well, which makes me happy because I'll get to know Mitchan and the others even better.

Then, to answer Fronzel's question he might have guessed if he watched the anime : No, as far as I know, there's nothing more about "shujutsuchŻ". It's nothing more than a tongue twister. I'll edit when I get there, if I happen to be mistaken.
In the anime, it becomes "fruits shujutsu chŻ" which is even harder to pronounce.
Then again, in Japanese, "Koppora" is another way to say "stupid" or "idiot". That's why Ana hates her family name.
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