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Old 2006-08-14, 01:55   Link #1
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Looking for good subbed Shounen Anime.

As title says... I need help with finding Shounen Anime. <Please>

I like sports, romance/slice of life, action/fantasy

No echi, shounen-ai, mechanic/robot/computeristic stuff

Also looking for anime with specific moves like naruto's ninja skills, Hunter x Hunter fighting style, Prince of tennis "moves", Yakitate Japan "Japans"

Some anime i have watched + enjoyed include:

(!)Hunter x Hunter - Great series good character development, cool fighting moves.
(!)Naruto - Up till fillers, same as hunter x hunter
(!)Whistle! - Good character development, sports theme
(!)Suzuka - Sports/romance themed good character development
(!)Hungry Heart - Wild Striker - Same as Whistle.
Fate/stay night - Good action/fantasy
Erementar Gerad - Romance and good character development
Shakugan no shana - sort of same as E.G.
(!)Prince of Tennis - Good sports anime, interesting moves.
(!)Yakitate Japan - Cool types of bread
Hikaru no go
Tsukiyomi ~Moon Phase~
Hanbun no tsuki <not sure how u spell>
Hana Yori Dango <Taiwanese version Meteor Garden>
Kare Kano
(!)Full Metal Alchemist
Ginban Kaleidoscope <spelling unsure>

(!) = Especially liked.

Anime that dont fit IMO/watched a few episodes and didnt like:

Bleach - Wierd storyline didnt like the first episode lol
One Piece- didnt like the character design pissed me off
Digimon - childish/repetitive
Pokemon - childish/repetitive
Monster - forgot why i didnt like it watched it long time ago
Dragon Ball Z/GT - repetitive
Ranma 1/2 - didnt like the drawing
Gundams - machines... yuck.
Scrapped Princess - the girl was too whiny
Mahoraba - forgot why i didnt like it ... prolli didnt like the drawing =\
Chobits - Wierd Computer girl lol
Ayashi no Ceres - too shoujo like
Mai Hime / Otome
Ichigo 100% - echi/ 10 girls after 1 guy
<All those anime with like 10 girls after 1 guy... loses the realism for romance>

Sorry if these themes are too broad.

Your help is appreciated. <Thanks Alot>
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Old 2006-08-14, 02:02   Link #2
Join Date: Apr 2006
Yeah.,.... that is kinda broad...

Cant think of much at the top of my head, but...

Coyote Ragtime Show is an action anime
Blood+ is.... kinda action and kinda drama
Eyesheil 21 is a sports anime
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Old 2006-08-14, 02:52   Link #3
Join Date: May 2004
Age: 34
Since you like sports then you should try my four favorites:

Hajime no Ippo
Slam Dunk

Besides those, there's Blue Legend Shoot, Initial D, and Akagi (about mahjong, ugly characters though)

Also, I recommend you give Bleach and One Piece another chance, shounen wise they are better than most out there. Bleach's greatness doesn't really start until episode 18 or so, so one episode is not going to show you much, especially when most people out there hated the first episode. One Piece, it really takes a bit longer to show it's awesomeness, so if you're not willing to spend some time with it, then what can I say, it's your miss. The character design might seem wierd at first, but after you've seen a lot of episodes, you'll begin to notice that it's great.

Also, Monster is Seinen rather than Shounen, it's probably the best series out there plot-wise. So if you're up to watch a series with an awesome mature storyline, and awesome characters, then you should give it another try.

If you liked Fate/stay night, you should give Tsukihime a try since it's made by the same company, sadly it's a short anime.

Märchen Awakens Romance is another shounen you should give a try.

And my final suggestion is, stop judging animes based on solely one episode, you're going to miss out on a lot of great ones that way.
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Old 2006-08-14, 02:59   Link #4
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I guess I'm a sucker, I help people over and over and they ask for the same stuff every thread, yet no ones thinks about looking in another persons threads for the answers...

subbed and good

Black Cat

Air Gear

Noein (seems to be shonen so far to me)


(Has more Street-fighting techniques than I've seen in a while)

Peacemaker Kurogane (slice of life with some action)

Beck (slice of life)

I don't know how you've watched all those titles and not Yu Yu hakusho which is arguable the best fighting shonen of all time (Created by HunterxHunter creator)...Atleast to me it is...You need to watch this one first...It also has somewhat of a clone-series called Flame of Recca, watch it after though..
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Old 2006-08-14, 06:04   Link #5
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H2 and Touch - its a classic sport anime with romance but old.
Buzzer Beater- basketball anime, same creator with slam dunk but with a sci-fi theme
Yawara - judo anime and its old also...
Major - baseball anime. as of now, it has 2 season and its 3rd season will start sometimes this year
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Old 2006-08-14, 07:34   Link #6
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Getbackers - good fun action with specific moves

Scryed - this was good up till ep 24, u can skip the last 2 episodes, has a good storyline

Chrno Crusade - nuns with guns + demons, fast paced and action packed

Rozen Maiden - dolls in action, excellent animation

Samurai Champloo - a different take on samurais, funny and creative

Vandread - all i can say about this is it was pure fun
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Old 2006-08-14, 09:34   Link #7
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Age: 28
I will also recommend major for sports and go watch Beck, its now one of my favorite animes because of the great characters and interesting storyline. And I will also recommned that you relook at bleach, the series doesn't really get going for a few episodes so you should give it another chance.
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Old 2006-08-14, 09:45   Link #8
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I recommend (second) Touch and Hiatari Ryoukou, and basically any anime made from an Adachi work. They're great shounen titles. I'd recommend Maison Ikkoku too, if you can procure it, although I don't think that's shounen per se.
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Old 2006-08-14, 18:20   Link #9
Card-carrying Hunter
Join Date: Dec 2005
I'd like to reccomend:

Eyeshield 21: Although this is the only sports anime that I've tried, it has grown on me. It doesn't have "moves" like Prince of Tennis apparantly does, but it has lots of great characters, each with their own charm.
Spoiler for my favorite character in the series:

The next ones are licensed, but you should still try them.

Rurouni Kenshin: This is a great series. If you like sword-fighting anime, that's a big plus. However, if I were you, I'd invest in the manga instead, since the anime doesn't have the Jinchu arc in it. Either way, though, you should at least try this series.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: I cannot reccomend the series enough. One of my all time favorites. Fast paced, lots of fighting. Although, judging by your dismissal of Bleach and One Piece (both which I love), you seem to let first impressions get to you too easily. It's boring at first, until

Then it's smooth sailing. If it help, it was done by the same guy who did Hunter x Hunter.
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Old 2006-08-15, 13:54   Link #10
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Thanks for the suggestions guyz im gonna try out "Yu Yu hakusho" first tho.

p.s. Does anyone know if Blue Legend Shoot aka [Aoki Densutsu Shoot!] is even subbed?
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Old 2006-08-15, 14:51   Link #11
Join Date: May 2004
Age: 34
I wouldn't have recommended it if it wasn't... Saizen is doing it.
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Old 2006-08-15, 15:31   Link #12
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Join Date: Aug 2006
ahh k. thanks. too bad its not finished subbing yet
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