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Old 2006-08-16, 01:46   Link #1
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Really good stuff, I am not even into anime, i was just flippin through the channels
and ran into shuffle. after waching the first few episodes i was hooked.
this is pretty much my first real experiance with any anime drama.
I loved how each character has it's own personality, storyline wasnt bad,
blows alot of our american toons out of the water, as in connection with
personalities and story goes.
there was a few parts that got a little R rated. but whatever, they are just toons, and being 25 it didn't bother me, could do without it.
so, anyways.. any suggestions of any other anime with some depth to it?

they still producing new shuffle episodes?

my favs are, primula and asa, ima vote.
am i a little late?
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Old 2006-08-16, 10:51   Link #2
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The last episode of Shuffle! came out back in early January. Navel, the company that produced Shuffle!, has also released the anime Soul Link (based on another one of their games). However, I was considerably less than impressed by that series and cannot in good conscience recommend it. Your opinion may differ.

One series from the "harem" romance/comedy/drama genre that I will recommend is Da Capo. This came out late in 2003, and there are 26 episodes.
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Old 2006-08-16, 11:26   Link #3
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Welcome! If you´ve only watched Shuffle then there are tons of anime series waiting for you. There are many people of you age who like anime, me for example. And it isn´t strange, since anime doesn´t have very much to do with western (I mean occidental) toons. Many anime series have some contents that can be interesting for a mature audience. Also, typical taboo topics in western culture (not only in toons, but EVEN in movies) like homosexuality or incest are discussed in some animes. Some recommendations:

- Watch anime in original version with subtitles. Original voices are usually much better. It could seem a bit annoying at first, but you´ll get used to it.

- Since there are lots of series out there and you won´t like many of them, get some information before watching anyone. Forums like this one or databases like are good places to get that information.

- Find out your own preferences. There many genres in anime (you can find the description of each genre in places like wikipedia or animenfo).

- Open your mind, don´t discard anything new.

For example, Shuffle! can be described as a "harem anime". It is a genre in which the main character is male, and he is sorrounded by a group of girls that are in love with him. Harem animes usually have quite plain characters (archetypes) and a simple story. But I think Shuffle is above the average harem anime, since both the characters and the story have some depth. However, there are many animes with deeper plot and more realistic characters.

An example of a romance/drama anime with very interesting story and characters: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

You´ll have to be more specific if you want better suggestions. You can read lots of suggestions in other threads.
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Old 2006-08-16, 12:40   Link #4
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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o lord... well, it is going to get better for the original poster. Its good you saw Shuffle! first because there's even better stuff out there.
The ones already mentioned are good.

Also good (most of them have flaws of some kind but anyway):

(unlicensed fansubs)
Lamune (romance ... a very nice romance)
Petopeto-san (interracial romance comedy, animation spotty but story is good)
REC (romantic comedy in the classic style)
Karin! (romantic comedy with vampires)
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (excellent sci-fi romance ... watch 5 episodes before deciding though ... its got a serious Twilight Zone edge to it)

(licensed i.e. for sale in the States)
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase (very weird drama about vampires with dollops of comedy)
Ai Yori Aoshi (lovely main plot .... goofy sometimes lame side humor)
Martian Nadesico Successor (big rambling sci-fi story romance comedic drama containing just about every genre element you might find in an anime)

There are literally dozens of moderately good to outstanding series out there and the novelty alone makes it better than most of what Stateside television offers. I also recommend watching in the original language with subtitles because the japanese voice actors are of a quality that matches the best film stars here .. whereas the english dubs use "talent" from the C-list or less. Disney is about the only company that doesn't make me wince with their dubs... Geneon next but they invariably ruin at least one character with someone who sounds like they're standing in a studio reading their lines.
Besides.. you might pick up some japanese phrases (just be careful not to end up using the phrases that make you sound like a japanese school girl.... unless of course you ARE a girl ... japanese speech has some minor gender variation style).

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Old 2006-08-16, 12:49   Link #5
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shuffle is one of my all time fav... karin is good too, along with kanon
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Old 2006-08-16, 13:01   Link #6
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Lucky find when you found SHUFFLE! And yes almost all anime blows American animation out of the water.

I recomend
Love Hina : romance comedy

Syikono : Romance tragady

Puni Puni Poemi: all out Comedy!

Macross (Robotech): Mech war anime

Figure 17: one of the best told animes i have ever seen!

and Chobits: romance comedy
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Old 2006-08-16, 14:01   Link #7
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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - If shuffle had you on an emotional edge than this will push you over the cliff--Prepare for many sleepless nights after you finish this title...I can only imagine what character you will support and how many times your heart will be crushed because of it??

His and Her Circumstances - If you can get past the Neon Genesis Evangelion character designs I think it's the best High School romance "dramedy" (comedy-drama) around...It's so realistic yet outrageous at the same time...I can't say this enuff,...the creativity achieved in this show in terms of animated artistic expression is a 10 outta 10...

ParadiseKiss - Another awesomely realistic love-hate romance "coming of age" story about a girl becoming a woman and the choices she makes as she begins to embrace the world of fashion modeling...Some of the most realistic guy-girl relationship moments I've seen in an anime...Georgie is one of the few guy anime characters in a drama that actually has a spine and doesn't let the girl character walk all over him eventhough he loves her...he's basically a stone cold pimp with a heart...Very stylish anime that's visually impressive...

I personally think all 3 of these shows are better than Shuffle however they are more relationship animes than harem...
Fly since ...
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Old 2006-08-16, 14:13   Link #8
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 60
You are an evil person recommending KGNE to a novice Might as well recommend Higurashi and mash his brains...

I'll add Nana to the list - its still in progress (fansub) ... the art style is unusual (compared with other shows) but it is definitely a show for older people (its been made live action).

And I can't believe I forgot Honey&Clover and Honey&Clover 2 ... a slice-o-life about *college students* (yay, away from the high school setting and into more complex situations). It also has gotten a live-action treatment.
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Old 2006-08-16, 14:27   Link #9
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Originally Posted by Vexx
You are an evil person recommending KGNE to a novice Might as well recommend Higurashi and mash his brains...
Well he//she is 25 years old...Ya gotta grow-up sometime and KGNE will put hairs on your chest for sure ...
Fly since ...
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