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Old 2006-08-17, 22:35   Link #341
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hmm btw can anyone whos read the full Return of Condor Heroes novel tell me how it ends?

edit: nm i found a site summarizing the whole novel and the ending. im pretty happy to find out how things turned out you can find out here

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Old 2006-08-18, 03:08   Link #342
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To those interested: The novel ("Return of the Condor Hero" or as the site translates it, "Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight") has been translated online, and it's already complete too. Even the Third Edition changes have been explained and translated.

Actually, you can find the whole Condor Trilogy over at

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Old 2007-05-16, 13:40   Link #343
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legend of the condor hero

Anyone except me saw it? I saw it and it liked it a lot.
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Old 2009-05-11, 19:38   Link #344
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Just found this randomly -- ^__^

Epic tale is epic!

This story deserves better animation, but I saw the live action version with Andy Lau when I was little and it just doesn't get old (not that I remember much). I also remember there are 2 other tales that are somewhat related to Condor Heroes-- I'm trying to hunt it down now, does anyone know what I am talking about? I remember I saw a live action version of one when I was little and I think it starred Tony Leung.

Damn, this makes me want to learn some hardcore martial arts.
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Old 2009-05-11, 20:50   Link #345
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The other two are:

The Legend of Condor Heroes (Prequel)
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Sequel but not a direct one since most of the characters are no longer alive)
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