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Old 2006-08-19, 16:23   Link #1
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Looking for this type of anime

Hey guys, I haven't been watching much anime lately, the on-going series are released kinda slow, and I haven't really been watching much completed series. So I am looking for...

- Great character and relational development
- Romance (Not really a must-have, but it's good to have)
- A good story
Oh yea, almost forgot:
- Absolutely no harem. Pointless fillers + pointless story + pointless fanservice really isn't my type of thing.

Some other stuff that could be good:
- Sci-fi (Again, not a must-have, but I don't mind it either)
- Comedy is not really something I am particularly looking for. I don't mind it's there, but a good story will be more than enough, so the series doesn't have to have comedy, as long as it has a good story

Some stuff that I watched and enjoy:

Now and Then, Here and There
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Fantastic Children

(I can't recall most of the anime I have watched, so as you guys make suggestions, I will try and make more comments about different series I enjoyed or disliked.)

Thanks a lot for your help guys.
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Old 2006-08-19, 16:31   Link #2
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Go get Beck, Honey & Clover, Planet ES, Air, and Aishiteru ze Baby, in that order. Now go! Go! Watch as much as you can!
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Old 2006-08-19, 16:35   Link #3
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Zegapain has a pretty strong plot, its a mecha anime so its science fiction, but mecha isn't the main point of the story, its more character driven than anything else.

Then Eureka 7 is also a mecha anime with great character development.

These 2 mecha anime, like most mecha anime deals with 'end of the world' or apocalyptic senarios, but these two are outstanding and tells of the end in unique ways.

Then there's Top wo Nerae! 1 and 2, probably GAINAX's best works, I place it above FLCL and NGE.
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Old 2006-08-19, 16:39   Link #4
Join Date: May 2004
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Here are some that I think you might enjoy:

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Space + great characters + great plot

Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars series: Again great characters, romance, space, and a fairly good plot.

Twelve Kingdoms: Once again great characters and character development, and an awesome plot

Kurau Phantom Memory: good character development and relationships, good sci-fi, good plot, great ending.
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Old 2006-08-19, 16:45   Link #5
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 31
Seikai no Monshou - sci-fi, it's all about the interaction of the two main characters (subtle romance) ~ack, bud got to it first
Juuni Kokuki - great story and character development, there a couple side stories, but they are very well done (the one about the boy kirin you can skip if you want to, cuz it is never really finished) no romance, but its one of those that doesnt really need one ~and again!
Gunparade March - nice mecha anime... the first episode turned me off but the next one hooked me... has a nice little romance going on, which is actually prolly the main plot
RahXephon - another mecha... I really like the romance in this one, has a nice story too

~I liked Kurau also
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Old 2006-08-19, 17:14   Link #6
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Join Date: Jan 2006
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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu It's a 6 episode sci-fi romance.
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Old 2006-08-19, 22:10   Link #7
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Saiunkoku Monogatari

See this thread by Kaoru Chujo:

Saiunkoku Monogatari
A title based on a josei novel. Shows at 9 am Saturdays. I enjoyed it. There is a real story here, real characters and some amusing comedy.

The setting is a fantasy version of medieval China, called Saiunkoku or "Land of Many-Colored Clouds." The heroine Shuuri is the daughter of a high-born family that has become poor. She plays the erhu and earns money for the family, but is frustrated by their poverty. One day she is invited to the palace to be a tutor to the new young king. Beautiful young men in elegant robes abound.

The main character is the main attraction. Shuuri is played extremely well by Kuwashima Houko (Sango in Inuyasha, Kagura in Azumanga, Rose Tomas in FMA, etc., etc.). Seki Tomokazu (Sousuke in FMP, Rentarou in Futakoi Alternative, etc., etc.) plays the young king.

The setting is a combination of Japanese cherry trees and a slightly-off but enjoyable rendering of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. I loved the more-or-less Tang Dynasty Chinese costumes, especially Shuuri's.

The director is Shishido Jun, who directed Okusama wa Joshikousei (don't hold it against him) and some episodes of Beck. Wonderful Chinese-tinged music by Ryo Kunihiko (Twelve Kingdoms, Emma). Nice script by Yoshida Reiko (Kaikan Phrase, School Rumble, ARIA, Peach Girl, Scrapped Princess, episodes of Marimite, etc. -- and series composition for Canvas2....) The OP sung by Hirahara Ayaka is lovely, and so is the ED, written and sung by Tainaka Sachi, who does the OP in Fate/Stay Night.

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Old 2006-08-19, 23:22   Link #8
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Originally Posted by LCeh

- Great character and relational development
- Romance (Not really a must-have, but it's good to have)
- A good story

Honey & Clover (give it a chance, it may seem slow at first) and Beck both fit those descriptions perfectly. Do yourself a favor and watch them!
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Old 2006-08-20, 02:59   Link #9
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Fate Stay Night has everything you could ever want. 10 out of 10. i also recommend canvas 2.
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