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Old 2006-09-07, 06:03   Link #1
Sui Yein Ng 13
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[ZZ Gundam] OYW MS with 360 screen?

I watched up to episode 40 something where the New Argama heads to Tiger Baum Colony and I noticed something weird.
The OYW MS that Judau and co. hijacked seemed to have the 360 screens in them...Now I dunno if the artists forgot about it or they were upgraded but it just seems odd.

Oh yeah, LOL at "Manly Girl Judau"!
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Old 2006-09-07, 08:49   Link #2
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The Zaku IIs that the Neo Zeon soldiers piloted when they faked the attack on Haman's ship, and then on the Moon Moon ship, also had 360 screens. I believe the Zaku IIs way back when Judau infiltrated Axis also had 360 screens.

They're upgrades. It's kinda hard to mistakenly put 360 screens in OYW suits in ZZ so many times wihout somebody sounding the mistake alarm. lol
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Old 2006-09-08, 00:41   Link #3
RX-78GP04G Gerbera
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There were, indeed, several old OYW Mobile Suits upgraded with 360 monitor cockpits. Also some of the MS that were hijacked were upgraded as well.
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Old 2006-09-09, 02:49   Link #4
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Do remember that Axis, while it has quite a few current-gen MS, still has a huge glut of older mobile suits in them. By ZZ Gundam, Linear Seat systems will probably have progressed to a level wherein the cost of building them and installing them in older machines would not be so prohibitive. In effect, Neo-Zion uses older machines, but put the linear seat in them as an upgrade for practical reasons. It's kind of like putting a HUD and other things like laser targetting systems into an older plane like the Mitsubishi Zero or the P38 Lightning--it may seem silly, and it probably won't outmatch modern-day aircraft, but it still makes the machine a bit more effective and survivable than if it were flown as-is.

And a couple of other things--who among you buy Master Grade Gundam kits? You'll notice that the Gundam MK-II (among other MS) have the 360-degree screen as one sphere-like contraption. Basically, the new system is better for two reasons:
1.) 360 degrees of visual range
2.) The cockpit itself being a sphere, it's much more survivable than the older OYW cockpits.

To be honest, the only question remaining would be: Where do they place the extra cameras? Because it was established sometime back that MS with Linear Seats have extra cameras/sensors all over the body to provide input for the screens (like the sensors on the body, backpack, and legs you see with some MS designs).
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