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Old 2004-01-13, 03:01   Link #1
Elite Ninja Sex Machine
Join Date: Jan 2004
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New to (these) forums... An introduction.

Heyas ppl... Sayin hi, and gettin to know these forums.

Pretty much lookin for somethin that I can cruise around while doing nothing during class... Been here before, but might as well start posting n_n

Well, an opening gift... One thing I never see enough of is Gaara wallpapers, and a friend of mine agreed... So he (kinda) made this. It's a work in progress... Hes gettin the kanji in the center changed into the "love" (I think...) kanji Gaara has on his forehead, but it'll take some work.

Ill update w/ a final version if you like...


Also... Here's a few of my favorites he made:


Kiba from Wolf's Rain

Spike Pimped

Dont forget to expand first 2.

Edit: messed up clicky.
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Old 2004-01-13, 03:32   Link #2
Elite Ninja Sex Machine
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Pie! Pumpkin Freakin Pie!!!!
Age: 29
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Well, he's pretty quick with the finished version.


Gaara Wall
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Old 2004-01-13, 05:41   Link #3
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Age: 37
Welcome to the forum

Nice wallpapers btw
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Old 2004-01-13, 08:21   Link #4
Blue Siren
Yuki is MINE!!!!!
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second Gray area... welcome to the forum

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Old 2004-01-13, 11:13   Link #5
Terabyte needs anime!
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Hello! Nice stuff! *runs away- Gaara WP scared me, perhaps some flowers in his hand would help* Welcome
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Old 2004-01-13, 17:19   Link #6
Ero~Kairin! ^-^ Yeay!
*Graphic Designer
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Age: 36
Welcome Anime-lover dude, liked your wallpapers a lot
Edit: Dont be scared Pathyfinder I will protect you from EEEEEEVIL GARAAA
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Old 2004-01-13, 17:26   Link #7
A.S.S. Vice President
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DAMN THAT GAARA HE CRIPPLED MY LEE ILL KILL HIM GRRRRRRRRRRR anyway welcome to the animesuki forums phunk and always use the search button i had to tell you that before you get flamed for it have a nice day

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Old 2004-01-13, 21:27   Link #8
Join Date: May 2003
Welcome. But sorry I have to close your thread because it's not within the rules. But cool wallpapers. Use the search button for wallpaper topics and post your little babies there.

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