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Old 2006-09-14, 15:18   Link #21
s-class uchiha
Naruto = Painful
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Originally Posted by Ichimaru
i dont think he be loyal like kimmimaru, after all he is emo
LOL hahahahahaha

I actually hope that Sasuke kills orochimaru, b/c a sharingan wielding Orochimaru will just be too much. But then again, Sharingan Orochimaru vs Itachi will be so good to see.

The main reason I think Sasuke would give his body to Oro is that this really may be the ONLY way to kill him. Granted there may be someone more powerful than Itachi, but how would Itachi get that person to kill him?

But for the storyline and looking at the manga in general, i don't think Kishi will let Oro take over.
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Old 2006-09-14, 20:38   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Lollerpants
In a way I sort of hope Sharingan conflicts with Orochimaru's Jutsu.

Even though that would make it more h4x0rs, but I find it entertaining at times.
uh it will be another sharing 'feature'.
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Old 2006-09-14, 21:44   Link #23
anime pwnzer
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nah, sasukes a liar =) lol
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Old 2006-09-16, 19:51   Link #24
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to be honest i think itachi had this planed all along, sasuke searching for power that is, and i dont think he did it so he could fight him, i think his main goal is for sasuke to obtain mangekyo sharingan for what purpose we dont know yet, the big problem here is, even if sasuke gets stronger with orochimaru most of his power lies in the sharingan and with all his clan wiped out the the one who knows the most about it is itachi giving him always the edge over sasuke.
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