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Old 2006-09-18, 00:36   Link #21
nai mono wa nai
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thank you

thank you for the answer. i was wondering in fact if the training period for Tenma coincide with that of Nina and if it is so, just how comes that they had the same idea... in the same time. that would be one of the numerous coincidences yet...
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Old 2006-09-18, 07:51   Link #22
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It still makes good sense for the storywriters to go back and account for Nina for those five months passed, so why shouldn't she be training during that time? Remember that this was right after both Tenma and Nina had lost their place of belonging. Tenma had become a wanted murder suspect overnight, and Nina had just lost her parents. The two confided in each other (ep7) and knew that Johan was the culprit. Tenma and Nina both took a different route then, but knew that before they could jump right into things, they needed at least a little training.
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Old 2006-09-20, 13:48   Link #23
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Nothing's been said about Johan living with Margot Langer

When Karl read out the letter or investigation details that Schuwald gathered on her mother, it was clearly stated that during 1992 she lived with the owner of the Underground money laundering bank (Who was Johan), whom knew a remarkable amount about her and her son. She said she resembles her son. At this time Johan got every detail outta her and killed her

Johan was plotting to get at Schuwald since he turned 15, that would explain why he settled down and have the Lieberts take him up ever since
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Old 2006-09-20, 19:51   Link #24
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I thought that the people in the red rose mansion were killed to free the twins, not to create a monster. I'm pretty sure they related it to Johan's perfect suicide-- the only way to end the project and free the twins was to kill everyone who knew anything about it.
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Old 2008-05-24, 13:53   Link #25
Just call me Ojisan
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As announced in this forum, the Monster forum has been retired. This is just a natural part of a forum's lifespan. It has been a while since the new episodes of the show were aired. Over the time since then, the show has seen a great reduction of posting and attention. As a result, it is no longer meaningful to have a gadzillion threads to discuss the show.

This thread is one of the few remaining where discussion can still be posted. By concentrating discussion into a few threads it may be possible to actually have a semblance of interaction once more. Please continue to show Monster your enjoyment interest in these threads.
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