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Old 2006-09-12, 09:38   Link #41
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any more then me that thinks it would be cooler if they put in a filler season after the time skip instead? for example they show kakashi gaiden and [SPOLIER] sand village arc,believe its that arc that is right after kakashi gaiden at least =P [/SPOILER] and then give us a filler arc, then they keep on after that again.
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Old 2006-09-12, 11:57   Link #42
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Or they could flesh out Yamato's and Sai's backstories inbetween the new episodes like Pierre suggested.
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Old 2006-09-12, 14:09   Link #43
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yeah that dose sound good.
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Old 2006-09-13, 16:43   Link #44
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Is this thread not just exactly the same as the filler discussion thread??

We know the next that when fillers end kakashi gaiden starts give or take an ep or 2.

So surely asking when Kakashi Gaiden starts is the same as asking when the fillers end>?

Just my 2 cents.

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Old 2006-09-13, 17:04   Link #45
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I'd like to see the Chuunin Exams that take place while Naruto is gone.

Everyone got promoted, so presumably everyone won at least a couple of fights. Even the perenially shafted characters like Hinata, Lee, and Tenten...

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Old 2006-09-13, 17:08   Link #46
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when will naruto become a Chuunin?
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Old 2006-09-21, 14:50   Link #47
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Naruto 90 minute special

The 90-minute special as i've noted in the filler discussion thread is in fact a special because of Naruto's new timeslot. A moving special. So just to let you know definitely no kakashi gaiden.

1. leaf ninja's thingy episode thing name for Team 8 stuff is in fact Kurenai's squad that the name speaks of. Seeing as kurenai seems to and will be in the 90minute special along with of course Naruto and maybe some others.
2. To be nice i'll say, the end of filler could be near...( or in my opinion it's actually possible) since 90minute special will be on episode 203 date.....which could further end the filler.
3. As to the season change would be on episode 204 and on Thursday slot fillers over.
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Old 2006-09-21, 14:52   Link #48
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I thought the same information had already been posted in the filler discussion thread.

Was there any need to open a new thread for an episode that will indeed be considered as just another filler?
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