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Old 2004-01-15, 06:10   Link #1
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How and What will the series end?


This topic, some may think, is FAR out.... But then...
Might the creators stop the "manga" after they rescue (if they do) saskikun?

I would like, that thay stop it know, so it dont get far far far away, like the hunterXhunter.

What do you belive will be in the eding?

Will Naruto be Leaf nr.1 hokage? Or will he die saving the village and thereby kill the DEMON?
Will saskikuns brother be defeated og just push himself in background.
Oro, will he die?

Feel free to add more q. on your own.
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Old 2004-01-15, 07:13   Link #2
Monkeykyou Sharingan
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Omg Usales Thr3ad Of Teh Day
W3 Dont Know Wut Hap3ns S3riously Just S2p Makng Stupid Thr3ads Liek This Nobody Know Wut Hapends N3xt
Pokemon Cud Coma And Invaed Da Naru2 World
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Old 2004-01-15, 07:24   Link #3
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haha. Anyway noone knows!!!. I have no clue as how it will end, but i hope it wont be like Hng.......
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Old 2004-01-15, 08:18   Link #4
Nine Devil
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Saskikun omg im dying help LFMAO!!!!
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Old 2004-01-15, 08:57   Link #5
merely a ghost
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Dude, please stop doing useless threads like this one.

Close the thread, anyone?
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Old 2004-01-15, 09:28   Link #6
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Man, Vs threads are better than these pitiful threads of yours.
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Old 2004-01-15, 09:38   Link #7
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Originally Posted by theonlycowboy2002
I would like, that thay stop it know, so it dont get far far far away, like the hunterXhunter.
Hunter X Hunter manga is still running.

Its vary rare for extremely popular manga series' to suddenly get canned. Please, engage brain before posting.
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Old 2004-01-15, 13:44   Link #8
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Originally Posted by Nasuke
Man, Vs threads are better than these pitiful threads of yours.
you mean he has made more than one??? why?

it is going to end when i say it ends. end of story.

and it will go and go till kishimoto gets enough money to live out the rest of his life comfortably.
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Old 2004-01-15, 14:23   Link #9
cho~ kakkoii
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theonlycowboy2002, if you are wondering why there are so many negative response to your thread, just read this thread. It should provide you with few answers of why people are finding this "sort" of threads distasteful. You can make your own judgement.
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