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View Poll Results: Your favorite Higurashi character Pt. 2
Maebara Keiichi 73 17.18%
Ryuguu Rena 157 36.94%
Sonozaki Mion 66 15.53%
Houjou Satoko 15 3.53%
Furude Rika 68 16.00%
Sonozaki Shion 46 10.82%
Voters: 425. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2006-09-30, 11:10   Link #101
Magician of Words
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Originally Posted by yakuri-moe
(I swear if there was another guy in Higurashi that I really liked I would pair him with him and make K1 uke)
If you'll excuse me, I'll go over there and stab my neck with a knife
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Old 2006-09-30, 11:26   Link #102
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Although Mion isn't winning here right now, she just won her match in Saimoe. GJ, Ojisan~ <3 Mion is numer one~ Ou~

Poor Rena lost against Fate... You did well Rena.
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Old 2006-09-30, 12:57   Link #103
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Originally Posted by kj1980
You have all these questions regarding other characters, but you don't ask them in the "Your Qs Answered" thread? Rena and her baseball bat incident at her former school is an excellent question. As with every other truths, that is just an "one-sided" explanation given by Oishi to Kei. Why not ask such questions in that thread? You'll get a different perspective on things when you hear it from both sides of the channel.
Well, I suppose it was off topic, but my post here was mostly a reply to another post.

The reason I haven't visited the questions answered thread is because I still plan on seeing/reading/playing the last two arcs and I don't want to be spoiled just yet.
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Old 2006-09-30, 14:04   Link #104
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Satoko became my number 1 after Meakashi-hen, Satoko so strong for nii nii . She also gains cuteness points for her brat attitude and her fang . *wants to pat Satoko's head*
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Old 2006-09-30, 15:20   Link #105
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it is kinda hard to decide seen as all the charas are so lovable (except k1) but ive made up my mind to be shion...
reason ~ she was treated like the "crap" twin and literally sent somewhere else so that mion could be the head...tradgic no? but she didnt really mind
next came to her falling in love with satoshi and the "redemtion" costing her some nails...tradgic no? but she didnt mind cause it was for satoshi's safety...
here comes the bomb shell...satoshi still went "missing"
now that is tradgic therefore shion deserves to be recognised ^_^ even tho she did go crazy she was one hell of a lover

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Old 2006-09-30, 18:49   Link #106
Keiichi no Hibi
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Well I decided to make lists of the characters as how I liked them after each chapter! It's a long list though, so under a spoiler! And I'm much more decisiver than in my last comment on this thread haha

Spoiler for teh lists:
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Old 2006-09-30, 20:51   Link #107
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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1. Rena - uhh, psycho? She wins over Shion though because she's not ALL psycho-kill, but also psycho about cute...
2. Shion - probably more psycho than Rena, but only has one psycho mode, so...
3. Keiichi - psycho, but not psycho enough, since he seemed pretty sane for all but 2 arcs.
4. Rika - psychoer than Keiichi, with her 'other self' and all, but since she didn't actually KILL anyone in the anime, she loses to K1.
5. Mion - pretty sane, but she's one up above Satoko since she actually ripped her sister's nails off
6. Satoko - well, she's the sanest person of the bunch, so that makes her dead last in my list.

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2006-09-30, 20:59   Link #108
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Originally Posted by sagematt
If you'll excuse me, I'll go over there and stab my neck with a knife
That's what you get for reading pointless posts XD and I rather have him for myself ^_______^

Nah, seriously, there are really cute hints and moments between K1 and Rena, Mion and Satoko, I considered every paring very cute, so I'm fine with that, there are enough bishies outside the Higurashi series XD
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Old 2006-09-30, 22:56   Link #109
Challenging fate head on!
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I hate placing characters in a list of favorites, well when in an anime and such where the characters are all just so great!! Last time I voted Rika but now Keiichi has sort of jumped and tied with her, so I can give no one a first place. Their all great characters in their own ways.

Rika's adorableness to her mysterious other personality,
Keiichi and his will to save his friends, I used to think he was like this unstable wimp in the first chapter but now after seeing the rest of the arcs, he is pretty darn cool to me ^_^'
Next would be Rena, sorta like me when it comes to cute things >.<... It scares me in a way... She has also proven to have a calculating mind as she had in Tataragoroshi-hen. I can't say I have a calculating mind for mystery like she did in that chapter but I sure wish I did.
Next is Mion, Mii-chan~ She is just awesome, so incredibly tomboyish yet shy and feminine on the inside, I always want for them to get their true love in the end in animes and shows.
Then Satoko, Ah so sweet in her own right and intelligent. Those traps of hers are awesome her awesome laugh and trying to (or being in cases) superior to Keiichi was just adorable. And Niinii!!! so cute!! Reminds me of when me and my little brother were younger, he ran around calling me 'Fun' since my name was too long to say. The brother sister bond that she and Keiichi forms are great, I sure hope she finds her brother some day.
Next is Satoshi himself, he did so much and tried so hard for her, I just wish I knew why he was gone and what happened to him, but I am trying to avoid spoilers to play the game >_< Must...Have...Willpower...
Then Shion finally, I didn't get as attached to her but still, I find it very impressive that she could become so attached and loyal to someone and love someone that much. If only she hadn't lost it and been driven to take it too far...
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Old 2006-09-30, 23:24   Link #110
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Rena still pwns....IMO of course.
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Old 2006-09-30, 23:44   Link #111
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Yes! Go Rena! I'm surprised Rika is up there so high, I mean she's cute and has trippy quirks, but the Sonozaki sisters and Rena are much deeper, I think.

1. Rena
2. Shion (Meakashi-hen wins)
3. Keiichi (he cries way too much though. if he wasn't always a protagonist he'd be cooler, but I know him too well...!)
4. Mion
4. Satoko
5. Rika

I guess it's probably good that I was forced to save this post locally and then post it later because I did change the order slightly as a result (of watching ep. 26)....

Edit: And yeah reading the spoiler topic doesn't make a different on my opinion of Rika personally, within the context of the show. Probably she'd be up above Mion & Satoko if they aired the other 2 arcs.

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Old 2006-10-01, 00:47   Link #112
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Originally Posted by yakuri-moe
Mion and her "call me ojisan" make me want to hang out with her, she's feminine but not to the extreme, I think she would be a great heir for her family.
Just a dumb question...
Does Mion say her "call me ojisan" in the anime? wich ep?

I thought I've seen it only in the manga...
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Old 2006-10-01, 09:32   Link #113
Wise Kitty Cat
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She doesn't say that in the anime, however there are two occasions (ep 20 and 25) where she refers to herself as that.

I want to love Mion over Shion but Shion has that psycho edge on her I find quite appealing.
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Old 2006-10-01, 15:28   Link #114
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1. Rena - I actually didn't like her much in Onikakushi hen because I thought she was freaky. Then after that, she began to grow on me, and after seeing the last arc, she became my favorite.

2. Keiichi - Before Rena moved up on my list, he was actually my favorite. I felt bad that a lot of the viewers were calling him stupid, though, the anime did make him rather stupid. I think the manga does a better job with his character.

3. Rika - Ahhh, she so cute! How can you not like her? Plus she has connections with... the whole curse and Oyashiro sama, making her a mysterious and interesting character.

4. Mion - Don't have much to say. I like her and think she's a lot better than her sister. I especially liked her during Meakashi hen.

5. Sakoto - I feel bad for her, but the anime didn't developed her as much as the other characters.

Everyone else

Shion - Okay, I think she's fine and I actually like her when she's not all... psycho. When she's all insane and on her killing spree, I dislike her a lot.

Overall, I think Higurashi has an awesome cast of characters, even though must of them are insane, but I enjoyed watching their interaction with each other.
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Old 2006-10-01, 16:17   Link #115
White Manju Bun
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Rena - still is my fav character, she totally freaked me out in Onikakushi-hen but she was still kawaii too, the needles in the rice ball was awesome!

Rika- omg kawaii!! Even though she's hundreds of years old and possessed, she's adorable!

Mion/Shion - Im pairing as two since most of the time I thought Mion was actually Mion and not Shion...I remember saying in the 2nd arc that Mion was creepy me out but now its obvious that was Shion. Totally awesome job by the anime doing that, I was fooled!

Kei - I loved him in the Onikakushi-hen since he was being targeted but I still have to put Mion/Shion above him cuz they have the creepy factor

Satoko - I hate putting her last but I found her kinda annoying, nothing against her of course.
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Old 2006-10-01, 16:20   Link #116
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I have to go with Shion as my favorite.

I just heavily empathized with her when I saw how her family treated her. Then I was happy to see Mion was on her side. But when she made her show the "distinction," I was rather angry and was hoping Shion would kill them all. So when she went psycho I was very happy to see it happen. The only downside of her is that she got Keiichi, if she hadn't done that, she might be one of my all time favorite characters.
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Old 2006-10-01, 21:34   Link #117
Shadow Miko
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Old 2006-10-01, 23:48   Link #118
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Originally Posted by Shiosai
She doesn't say that in the anime, however there are two occasions (ep 20 and 25) where she refers to herself as that.
orly? I do recall hearing her calling herself ojiichan more times, even on Onikakushi-hen.
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Old 2006-10-01, 23:49   Link #119
Magician of Words
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Originally Posted by Shadow Miko
I... I think I'm seeing things. L4 just kicked in yo
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Old 2006-10-02, 10:15   Link #120
Wise Kitty Cat
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Originally Posted by sagematt
orly? I do recall hearing her calling herself ojiichan more times, even on Onikakushi-hen.
I wonder why Mion turns out so masculine and Shion so feminine. Identical twins are super interesting.
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