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Old 2006-10-01, 23:05   Link #2361
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: In the interweb
Age: 33
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Hey, I'm Sachi. I was googling avatars and I found your request thread and was thus drawn to your forums. I live in Florida and hope to move to Japan someday after I graduate

My favorites are Loveless, Nana, Blood+, and Host Club.

See ya on the boards!
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Old 2006-10-02, 14:59   Link #2362
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: U.K Hertfordshire
Age: 29
near St.Albans
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Old 2006-10-02, 18:02   Link #2363
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Hullo all! I just finished watching Rahxephon for the second time, and I was googling for interpretations. This seemed like a nice forum.

So far, the anime that have meant the most to me have been Haibane Renmei(listening to the soundtrack right now), Evangelion, Hoshi no Koe and Rahxephon.

Stuff soon to be in rotation includes Kino's Journey and Witch Hunter Robin.

Anyhow, thanks for having me!
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Old 2006-10-02, 20:10   Link #2364
Headband Kid
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: United States
Hey, I'm Kyuriko, also known as Kyuu. I've known about AnimeSuki for a couple of years now, it wasn't until about two years ago I knew about the forums.

I used to visit these forums a long time ago, now that I have been getting into fansubs again recently I decided to go ahead and join up this time to discuss the fansubbed series with other fans. It seems like a nice atmosphere, and I look forward to getting to know everybody here.

At the moment, I'm watching Powerpuff Girls Z and later, I hope to be able to download the Prince of Tennis Musical, as Prince of Tennis is my favorite anime and manga series~
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Old 2006-10-02, 21:14   Link #2365
Vetern L-R anime watcher
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Riverview, Fl
Age: 27
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ohayou, I'm new(obviously) and I started watching anime when I was 9 and still watching it now that I'm 16.....I've been an Otaku for about two years now and proud.....though I used to watch a lot of action, fantasy genre, I seemed to steer off torward I'm addicted.(damn the humorous, love-romancey steel angel kurumi and futakoi alternative....) Though the actiony ones will always have a place in my heart....though it won't be as big....oh and I'm a big J-Pop fan.....well... ja....
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Old 2006-10-03, 01:24   Link #2366
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
hi there people! im new here... (duh?)

hoping that there are flamers around here... lol

LOL, going to start agian in a new forum!! lol!!

EDIT: btw, how can i know if the person is a mod, admin, member, etc?
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Old 2006-10-03, 04:59   Link #2367
Weapon of Mass Discussion
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: New York, USA
Welcome to the forums.
Originally Posted by chris_o
EDIT: btw, how can i know if the person is a mod, admin, member, etc?
If their name is in a boldfaced or italic font, then you know they are someone special. (Bold for mod, bold AND italic for admin.) Take a look at my name for an example. Also, all such people are listed on the Forum Leader page. The link for that list is found on the bottom of the forum's front page.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2006-10-03, 12:14   Link #2368
Way to the Dawn
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Age: 29
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Hello, my name's Ben, and I've known about this site for quite some time, so I finally decided to register a forum account.

I'm 17 years old, and reside in Perth, Western Australia; I've been watching Anime since I was 10 years old (My first series being Neon Genesis Evangelion). Right now I have about 720gb of Anime on my PC, and an additional 250 on DVD disc, and I've watched about 4/5 of it so far. My favorite anime series' are: 1) Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, 2) BECK, 3) Great Teacher Onizuka, 4) sCRYed, 5) Fate Stay Night.

My other hobbies include playing the MMORPG World ofWarcraft, in which I play about 5 hours a night, 3 nights a week. And also playing the CCG Magic: The Gathering. I also attend LAN's often to "rebuff" my anime collection. In my free time away all of these activities, I play away at Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts 2, piecing together my own thoughts and theories to the incomplete series.

Only one genre of music can satisfy me, and that is Heavy Metal, the sub-genre's of metal that I prefer are Power, and Death.

So that's about it for my little introduction.

*The post begins to fade, with a barely legible signature scribbling itself down without aid of a pen, nor hand*
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Old 2006-10-04, 07:12   Link #2369
also known as K!
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Hi! I'm K_R, some of you once knew me as K!

I used to fansub, some of you might have even seen my work. I'm sorta back...

Hello to all my old friends and acquaintances.

The scene sure has changed in the last two years :\

Anyone need a translator?

Last edited by K_R; 2006-10-04 at 07:24.
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Old 2006-10-05, 01:26   Link #2370
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Hayes, Middx UK
Age: 39
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Originally Posted by NightWish
That would be because xris and I keep a very low profile
You two aren't the only ones as I'm rarely online and end up doing os much I can only go to certain places in any kind of alocation I give myself but I thought I'd better make myself known as I've been on these forums for over a month now (I think) and I've only had the advantage of my own broadband internet access for just under 2 weeks now (it'll be two weeks dead on friday)
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Old 2006-10-05, 07:56   Link #2371
Mutou Yuugi
Kazama no Shinken
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: A new journey to find the answer for who I am...
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Talking New Member

Hey hello there people from AnimeSuki forum. I'm Mutou Yuugi. Just call me Mutou-san, Kusanagi, Masaru, or whatever of my nickname. Knows a lot from anime more of otaku. I'm usually single. *cough* My talents for making signatures and avatars. And also big fan of video games especially which are anime. It is nice to meet everyone and I hope to get along with. *smiles*
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Old 2006-10-05, 08:35   Link #2372
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Hello everyone, I am new here I am very familiarised with Anime and Manga, so I decided to register here. I am Portuguese (from Portugal and not from Brazil), and (obviously!) I love anime. Nice to meet you everyone
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Old 2006-10-07, 23:45   Link #2373
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Miami, FL
I've been on Animesuki for a while, but this is the first time I've joined the forums.
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Old 2006-10-08, 00:16   Link #2374
The itch you cant reach.
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Corner you gave birth in.
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Oh zee, noob alert. .::Nod::.
Yer, that's me noob. ;o!
Well, just got started today recently, was googling Papa to Kiss in the dark
&& Woah there! Found this forum. Arent I a lucky duckling? >.o
I think I got it kinda down. o_O Just need to find out how to make my siggy larger.
D; Help anyone?
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Old 2006-10-08, 05:23   Link #2375
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
hi everyone! i am ningggg, and uh, i am a big fan of anime? (duh, i guess everyone here is ) i started off with naruto as my first anime (although i have more or less given up on trying to follow it >< ), but started branching out to more shojo-type ones. lately, i have completed gravitation, fruits basket, ouran, harukanaru and tactics. i am currently watching saiunkoku monogatari, hantsuki, and attempting to find subbed versions of la corda d'oro primo passo (i am a sucker for music-themed animes)...

um, sorry for all that rambling... it's nice to meet you all and hope we get along well!
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Old 2006-10-08, 05:52   Link #2376
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: England
Age: 31
Sup. Been lurking since the start of Saimoe, but only just got round to joining. And I'm no good at writing intros... so I'll leave it at that
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Old 2006-10-08, 16:27   Link #2377
Priestess of sorrow
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: ......Paradise.......
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im new to kinda joined awile ago but just got around to posting some thing sorry ^-^
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Old 2006-10-08, 21:56   Link #2378
I am mowing clowns
Join Date: Dec 2005
Welcome all.

Please take a moment to read over the Forum Rules. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message (PM). Again, welcome, and we look forward to your thoughts.
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Old 2006-10-09, 05:08   Link #2379
Join Date: Sep 2006
"Namaste" - I Bow to the Divine in You; I Praise the Good In You; I Hope You Do Enough Good To Gain Enough Merit To Get the Heavens to Reserve a Place in Paradise For You.

Any person who watches "Lost" should know that this is a Hindi greeting polite enough to start a conversation.

I started developing an apparent interest in manga when I was 13. Back then, I thought manga and anime to be something that pre-teens and late-teens would watch. At least until I finished watching Evangelion, and its movie. And both did not turn out like I expected, and both are definitely NOT for kids.

I realized that just because some anime or manga has cute bi-shoujo's and gaki-s doesnít mean itís not a serious show. And Doraemon is certainly NOT for (non-Japanese) kids Ďcos it has occasional scenes depicting nude minors. (In fact, I would not be surprised if some kids got their sexual awakening from supposedly kiddie mangas.)

Just because the Japanese can make beautiful animations and comics that make Western ones look like rubbish in comparison, they are not exactly free from the same things that plague the latter; bad themes, dialogue scripts, plot development, plagiarizing, fan-directed stories. In fact, the Japanese popularized (if not invented) the scourge/blessing that is fanservice, which can either make an anime or manga more appealing, or totally ruin it. I would put some examples here, but I will reserve these for other forum threads.

And hentai anime/manga/doujin just make me realize that cartoons and comics can never be truly innocent, especially when there are artists/animators that have turned over to the dark side.

Maybe I am getting way off the topic of my introduction here. Even so, what I wrote would suffice for my views on anime and manga, and my opinions on these are most important if I am going to be a member of the Anime-Suki community right?

By the way, yoro-shiku.

Note: I have an interest in anime and manga, but I am not exactly obsessed enough to go around looking for posters, model kits and all that so I can decorate my room and display cabinets with them. In fact, my room is rather Spartan and drab-looking compared to other peopleís rooms I have went into (with their permission of course). Not that I am ashamed or proud of this though. Just so you know that I am not a person that would salivate and making gleeful grins whenever I hear of a hot new anime or manga.

BUT I would do so over the latest bits on hot new computer games though.

Oh yeah, and Catgirls, you might want to read the forum thread on avatars. I wrote something there.

On second thought, forget that. Please donít read my post on that thread. And if you do, please donít mark me for flaming practice.
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Old 2006-10-10, 09:14   Link #2380
Spirit Goddess
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Soul Society
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Smile Hello

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and I look forward to meeting all you anime fans out there.
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introduction, new members

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