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Old 2004-01-07, 21:50   Link #41
cho~ kakkoii
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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
New Topic: This thread has escaped it's creators control. The topic is now discussion of threads that should be closed. We are also bemoaning the loss of the great topics that have existed in the past and discussing why we see few of them these days. Does anyone know why, or can suggest something to revitalize the Naruto forum?
As many will undoubtedly agree, Animesuki forum registers more response every day than many other anime related forums in the net. One of the main reason I believe people are attracted to this forum is that it enforces rules without jeopardizing people's primary interest to visit this forum. This sort of trends are noticeable to any popular long running series where people run out of stuff to talk about pretty soon. We cannot forget about the new arrivals who may have just started watching the series or just have found out about this forum. Most of them will not check the forum to see if their topic of interest are in existence already. End result is we see repetition of topics that has been discussed thousand times. Now, to us who roam this forum often find this repetition irritable but to the new arrivals it just another new topic to talk about. What is irritating to me is when some of these so called mature people start creating this type of thread of belligerence even though they may realize what could be the real problem is.

This was something I posted in a different thread which I believe is relevant to this thread also.

"Expressing thought is not an easy thing. If anyone claims otherwise, I call them the biggest liar in the planet. Language seems to make things even more complicated to have the desired effect upon people when one tries to express their true feelings. Even if we speak the same language, you still may not cross your meaning to the others without loosing some people."

This is a public forum. Everything that is ‘said’ will be read by many people undoubtedly. So why do we continue to see these “pointless” threads (including this one before the creator lost control over it, as NoSanninWa aptly put)? This question needs to be answered before the solutions to prevent “pointless” threads are found. The most obvious answer I can think off is many authors of these so called “pointless threads” don’t even realize this is a public forum. Whatever is ‘said’ in here will be scrutinized by many. Lack of realization is the main problem. Enforcing rules more severly is not going to change a thing other than the fact that there will be a lot of closed threads. The mature ones could lead the way by participating/posting here without creating mindless self indulging threads which is insulting not only to those who creates "pointless threads" but to everyone who visits this particular section of the forum.
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Old 2004-01-07, 22:15   Link #42
pythagorean≠python gorax
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This is a public forum for all to view, i agree.. but you still need to register before you can post.

the animesuki forums consist of a variety of age groups...something that brings a difference of views and opinions. in a very real sense, animesuki is a community united through (duh) anime.

so what does this have to do with anything?

as an online community, there are certain rules to abide by and certain patterns and courtesies to follow.. as in any community. because you are young, inexperienced, or new to the forums is no excuse for innappropriate or even redundant behavior.

scenario: Junior forum member posts in the Naruto forums "is Yondaime Naruto's dad," a topic that has been covered over and over again. I'm not really irritated by seeing the title again. its not particularly distressing that someone is asking that question.
but rather than search for the answer, they trouble other members for the answer.... answers they've already posted in other threads.

well,.. ok, its only once,... right?
it happens daily....after a while, members just post forum rules, links.. anything so that the junior members learn their lesson.

they post forum rules.
they create new rules specifically for the Naruto forums.
they make a Naruto FAQ for junior members.
they direct them to the search buttons

so we have all these rules, at least three moderators frequenting the Naruto forums for innappropriate threads, and there are STILL people that have the mindset that if they're lazy or they're new, they can get away with these things.

so what can be done?

i am totally against limiting membership by age, since maturity isn't necessarily a sign of age.

is it possible for the forum rules to appear after registration, and before logon to the forums?
that way, there will be no excuse if they disregard the rules.

i'd suggest harsher punishments, but with the amount of newcomers, it would be hard to moniter all of them.

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Old 2004-01-15, 14:37   Link #43
Nine Devil
Master(Vicious)'s Padawan
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I agree with Diabolistic-san.
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Old 2004-01-15, 16:25   Link #44
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Age: 38
I think a possible solution would be to stop newly signed up members from creating a thread for the first week or so, that way, they would be move likely to search, read other threads, or post in the correct thread before creating a redundant thread.
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Old 2004-01-15, 16:29   Link #45
The Baka Mangaka Returns!
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Age: 35
Wow, when did this thread pop up? Must have missed it.

Back to the meat of the subject...true, there hasn't been a lot of originality in the forum lately, but it's a bit difficult, once all the best subjects have already been done. I still miss possibly one of the best threads ever created..."Narudo!". *sigh* Such a loss...brings a tear to my eye.


Now, the idea of imposing a two-day probation on new members before they can post counds like a good idea...just keep in mind that would dramaticaly decrease the rate of new members. Many people join because they want to post right then, to be heard at that moment. Makes them feel special, know what I mean? C'mon, admit it, you like the attention you get when you start a good thread and it lives for weeks upon weeks. I know I do. But on the other hand, maybe that's what you want? To keep out the newbies? But everyone's a newbie at first, you can't punish them for that. Give them a chance to develop.

Hm, just noticed there were almost more closed posts than there are readable ones...NoSanninWa is a force not to be reckoned with.

Anyway, don't get your hopes up looking for Shakespeare in these threads.

Originally Posted by GreyArea
I think a possible solution would be to stop newly signed up members from creating a thread for the first week or so, that way, they would be move likely to search, read other threads, or post in the correct thread before creating a redundant thread.
Now that's a great idea...
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Old 2004-01-16, 15:39   Link #46
A.S.S. Vice President
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wow everyone keeps on repeating my first post anyway it would be a good thing to limit the amont of newbs coming in mabye say max 2 a day eh that way we can deal with them one or two at a time
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Old 2004-01-16, 21:31   Link #47
Join Date: May 2003
Originally Posted by Lee-pimp
wow everyone keeps on repeating my first post anyway it would be a good thing to limit the amont of newbs coming in mabye say max 2 a day eh that way we can deal with them one or two at a time
I just unstickied the topic. I don't really like things cluttered up there if I can help it. Besides I only stickied up this topic so people would notice it's still alive and kicking.
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Old 2004-01-17, 01:49   Link #48
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I'm not sure if I agree with the limitation of allowing only 1-2 people a day to join, or even 10-20 for that matter. That's really elitist, and puts the wrong message onto AnimeSuki forums as a 'member's only' club. It really doesn't solve the problem of stupid people joining, as the 1-2 are 'whoever gets here first' rather than an actual test.

There's an idea! Have a multiple-choice test for whoever signs up. It can be based on the forum rules

1. I am allowed to make posts asking for licensed material.
• True
• False

2. Which of the following threads are acceptable?

and so on...

or, just do the 'new members are not allowed to create threads until 24 hours upon joining' clause.
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Old 2004-01-17, 02:00   Link #49
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Better idea is new members are prohibited from posting until they have met either or both of these requirements

1- They must have atleast 100 consecutive useful post, and if they make pointless comments like mine then they have to start over

2- They must read evey every page in this forum TWICE! if some one just posted they have to start over

3- if they met one requirement they must meet the other one but TWICE AS FAST!

4- after the do this they go dragonflame and ask if they still havea newb status- they must start over!
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