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Old 2006-11-13, 14:34   Link #421
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well i'm finished watching all of the episodes for this anime...and i gotta say, the ending wasn't too was good, and i can understand why it happend that way, but it could have been, somewhat, better....
but yea Mari did annoy me also...
overall it was a good anime show, it was interesting in the first 4 episodes, then it got kinda slow in the next 4....and the last 4 episodes, it seemed kinda rushed....
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Old 2006-11-15, 12:48   Link #422
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I guess that most of us would have liked a "happier" ending, but it wasn't that done that way. On a side note, Mari annoyed me too...damn.
"Light and shadow don't battle each other, because they're two sides of the same coin"
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Old 2006-12-29, 20:04   Link #423
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Originally Posted by martino View Post
I guess that most of us would have liked a "happier" ending, but it wasn't that done that way. On a side note, Mari annoyed me too...damn.
Indeed Martino, i would of preferred a happy ending, but the bittersweet endings are what etches the anime in your mind.

I personally find this anime to be very enjoyable and makes one thinks about the world and the reactions humans are having on it. After watching this anime, it makes me appreciate the natural world we have more and more each day, the good and the bad.

I also believe the first 6 episodes were not fillers as the title suggests that it's about the "beautiful and ugly world" as someone suggested earlier and that the first six episodes were to weigh the good and the bad of the world, which comes to a very good climatic finish in the last few episodes.

I feel the show was directed very well and the OP was really good and gets you thinking about human's insecurities.
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Old 2007-03-17, 07:37   Link #424
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The ending was stupid. The entire anime was well done, until the very end. The scene where Mari, the stupid... I'd probably be banned for the entire rant I'd be tempted to give but I'll refrain..., interrupts was predictable and yet extremely stupid. Maybe I'm just bitter because I'd have preferred a happy ending. Hell, after watching that piece of crap ending, I'd have been happier if they'd lost funding and were cancelled before it aired, which left the entire thing entirely up to your imagination.

Bittersweet endings are memorable, yes, but not in the 'positive way' that these stupid writers, and producers think. It's not even funny anymore on how these things end. It's almost like somebody did it first, and these people thought "Oh, hey! They made everything back to normal, with only the memories of what happened to accompany the hero... LET'S DO IT!" or even a "Hey! Let's make an anime, where we make the most annoying character the ultimate choice for the main hero!"

Example: Fate/Stay Night's anime ending. Saber goes away, Shirou is left there to contemplate spending the rest of his life alone. This anime... Hikari goes away. Takeru is left there to contemplate spending the rest of his life alone. SHUFFLE! anime's ending. Main character gets with Asa-sempai... Only to find out that she doesn't entirely care if everybody else hits on him and manages to draw him away, therefore basically ending up in the same damn spot they began in. Da Capo's anime ending. Little sister character, that's in almost EVERY SINGLE ANIME, ends up with main hero, even though the best character, Kotori (I only remember her name because I hated everybody else), was the more viable choice considering. ToHeart. Nothing happened. Characters were introduced, he went straight back into step one, only with choices to make that he won't make, 'nd 'll leave it up to you to buy the hentai game to choose the one you want.
End of Spoilers!

It's just... so... stupid. Gah, I can't stop myself. The entire time Mari was ever on the screen, I wanted to punch her in the ovaries, and then snap her neck, repeatedly.

Damn you Anime companies who think you're being unique by making endings completely different then how they should end.
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Old 2007-03-17, 16:00   Link #425
Snape: "I hate Potter!"
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I agree on your post that there have been an increase in bittersweet endings.

I have even made a thread that talks about the trends of the anime producers to make bittersweet endings in the general anime discussion forumn
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Old 2007-03-21, 20:25   Link #426
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I am getting tired of the sad endings. I know it is cliche for happy endings but it is getting cliche for sad ones too. Why not a good mix of both.

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Old 2010-06-12, 07:14   Link #427
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---it may contain spoilers T_T---

I totally agree with the annoyance and effects of Mari on this show. I mean look at her, she is just cousin of Takeru, she seems to be caring at the beggining but how the hell she starts to fee indifferent through series and at the end she confeses to Takeru. I'm sure this series would be better if there wasnt character called Mari. But hey I liked her new hair cut at the end. She was ugly but now after Hikari goes she starts to being tsundere to Takeru. Well I can understand her feelings but what's the point of pursuing someone if he doesnt even love you and kisses someone before you and would you still continue to pursue this man? Well I don't but she is cliche character after all. But as stated above, she is really irritating character especially when she butts in the relationship between hikari and takeru. Kimi too in a sense. I smelled some wincest relationship between Kimi and Ryou, don't you think so? She is a bit being overprotective about his brother. Also about Ryou, I feel bad when Akari rejected his kiss at the end of series and told him we are family after all. But hmm, I don't care ethics at all if I love someone but Ryou is Ryou after all, understanding and gentle one. So sister-brother relationship ending was good for them. So at last but last, about Hikari and Takeru: at the ending I felt a bit bitter but the idea of loving someone even though she is not here staying with sounds really cool to me. So everytime I look at that star, as long as live, I will remember you <- that was really sweet. But as mentioned above bittersweet endings what makes this kind of series memorable isnt it?^^ Overall, I like it even though there are confusion of presenting some terms to the auience for instance what is the E-D, I mean Japan writes creates really amazing terms, what the hell is "EXTENDED DEFINATON" means lol. It's really makes no sense. So what makes you human different from other species is his heart. Emotion and insticts are two different things and emotion of Takeru what gives Hikari her soul in other words heart, more importantly her name. In the end thats why he couldnt kill him but instead wanted to be killed by the hands of Takeru. Episodes that we watched untill last episode shows us the development of Hikari as human being. These little servants also starts to develop human heart. I mean in the end Hikari's servant, Neon tells Jennefer that we will see the results of human heart if its worth for destroying or not when they ll awaken again. There are many things and questions that needs to be answered if I go deep down of the series but anyways, the ending gives me most of the answers that I need.

But somehow why I'm not satisfied and thinking that if I missed something in the series or not? Well I think it's because of bittersweet ending probably.
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Old 2010-06-12, 07:56   Link #428
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Holy thread necro Batman
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Old 2011-09-12, 20:08   Link #429
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The best anime i have seen. At the end it was pretty sad, but it was still a good anime. I really wish there where another season.
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