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Old 2006-12-03, 09:20   Link #21
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Kuchikiyose No Jutsu and the healing jutsu that Kabuto and Tsunade uses.

Summon a couple of elite ninjas and stalk em underground, healing them when they get damaged. Excellent wartime strategy, bringing back old legends to do your dirty work.
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Old 2006-12-04, 02:28   Link #22
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Rasengan alone is order for that to be effective, you need to be DAMN fast.
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Old 2006-12-06, 06:48   Link #23
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2nd interesting combo : Kage Bunshin + Henge.

1/Kage Bunshin money until you have billions
2/Impersonate emissary from village X
3/Pay whatever it takes Village Y to attack and obliterate village Z
4/Impersonate emissary from village Y
5/Pay whatever it takes Village X to attack and obliterate village Z
6/Wait for the two armies to obliterate village Z and then dissipate the KGmoney
7/Watch them killing each other at a result

Who needs Bijuu to start wars really.
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Old 2006-12-06, 08:19   Link #24
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Henge seems to be a jutsu more commonly used by genins rather than upper level ninja. I wonder if at some a skilled enough ninja may be able to see through the henge jutsu no matter how perfectly it may have executed. This probably the reason why Oro uses the Face Transplantation Jutsu instead of Henge.
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Old 2006-12-06, 11:05   Link #25
Mr. Johnny 5
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Kage Bunshin + Hiraishin.....there is simply no escape if more then 5 kage bunshins are preforming this on you...'s rather handy stuff if you need to know info pretty quick...
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