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Old 2006-12-13, 18:10   Link #61
cheese no koma
kita kita oyaji
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akatsuki is like a terrorist organization, so it wouldn't be surprising that they go guerilla or engage in some hit & run tactic.

Garaa is only 15 years old and he is still a bit short in skill to be called kage. Fighting him is like fighting naruto or sasuke, of course deidara would win, and sand shinobi sucks anyway, apart from chiyo, garaa and co.
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Old 2006-12-13, 18:26   Link #62
back in black
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why dont you fan boys cant even respect a members idea? you can like him her anyone...i just dont like that style of fighting. nothing you say can change this. i dont say its right or wrong...i just dont like...
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Old 2006-12-13, 18:54   Link #63
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Originally Posted by lukeluke View Post
Sai can draw something when on his bird and launch an attack that way. It's the same as Deidara except using ink in place of clay. (I don't say that Sai is as powerful as Deidara but Sai can also attack from the sky).
OK, now i feel certain that is gonna be a definate fight... they're so similar and yet they're opposites
Think about it, two ninja who create animals through art
Ink vs clay
painting vs sculpture
creation vs destruction
the artistic assasin vs the cataclysmic construtor

yet this is not a real world only bad guys use dirty tricks and good guys never leave honor aside.
heh, not really, i mean by all means performing a sneak attack on someone with out first making your presence known is very unhonorable... such as when shikimaru snagged hiden in his shadow when hiden was minding his own buiness, or when kakashi stab kakuzu in the back when he was not aware that kakashi was part of the fight... Even in naruto, ninjas good and bad place opprotunity above honor...
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