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Old 2006-12-21, 01:25   Link #21
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Mardock Scramble OVA Cancelled

Gonzo announced today the cancellation of the Mardock Scramble OVA due to reasons not stated.


I'm speculating this has something to do with GDH's (Gonzo's holding company) announcement of incurring losses of 1.6 billion yen for the March 2007 fiscal year.

President Murahama was speaking so enthusiastically of Mardock Scramble at the Gonzo Festa in September, saying Gonzo is taking the "no holds barred" approach. How ironic it is that no one will have a hold of this forever.

I can imagine Ubukata Tow's disappointment at this news, as he took initiative in the production meetings just as he did with Le Chevalier D'Eon.

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Old 2006-12-21, 01:27   Link #22
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That's sad. I was looking forward to it. Oh, well...
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Old 2006-12-21, 07:14   Link #23
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Sad news indeed. It looked to have all the makings of a classy piece of work with Ubukata Tow and Range Murata on-board. Wonder what, if anything, they have planned for next years 15th anniversary?
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Old 2006-12-21, 14:49   Link #24
Join Date: Dec 2005
I was looking forward to this for so many months

Do you think they're saying -canceled- now but is it possible that the project could be started again sometime in the future
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Old 2006-12-21, 15:59   Link #25
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That would depend on the wording they use I think. I suck at kanji so I won't attempt to read the release, but there are a couple different ways to say something like this. From "we don't have money right now so it's stopped" to "never ever going to happen" depending on the kanji used.
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Old 2006-12-21, 21:00   Link #26
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Well, from my limited experience with the word "中止", I get the impression while it technically means that it's been stopped but doesn't cancel out it coming back alivel ater, usually it seems that when they say 中止 they mean it's stopped for good.

He does say ご期待に添えず (not following/realising [the fans and staff's] expectations) which makes me think it isn't going to get revived any time soon. But I could be completely and absolutely wrong, for sure...

I do suppose the financial success or lack of it for Gonzo is affecting it... and here they were touting it as a one-two Tow Ubukata thing, what with Chevalier D'Eon first and then Mardock Scramble. It would be quite interesting if Gonzo tried to push for the heavy reliance on cheap Korean studios (like they have been doing with so many of their works so far...) but this time the producers - or even Ubukata himself? Who knows - finally said no. I'd rather they not produce it at all than it end up like Speed Grapher, tbh.
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Old 2007-01-06, 11:00   Link #27
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This is what ANS posted.

Spoiler for space consideration:

Makes you wonder what the sponsor was afraid of?

Do you think that someone else will pick up the title and animate it? It's a shame that an award winner (the novel) got treated like this.
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