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Old 2006-11-20, 00:57   Link #221
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ah, I felt for Peach in ep. 21

anyway, next week, HIM appears

"saikyou sai'aku no kare" - uhm, something like "Him the evillest and the villainest."

in the preview they show a sillhouette of his joker form, but looks like his first appearance will be in the form of a mummy.
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Old 2006-11-20, 08:30   Link #222
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Those "fairies" that the characters have must be based on the Doremi concept...
"Nous dirigeons vers un système planétaire inconnu..."
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Old 2006-11-24, 20:51   Link #223
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PPGZ Quastion

hey i read somewhere on a site saying there taking a break after getting season one done there is only 26 episodes so does this mean theres gonna be no more fan subs of it?
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Old 2006-12-21, 16:59   Link #224
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hi. hello
what can i say, i was very enthusiastic about the series just having heard of the first news... when i saw the first ep, of course i saw it stinks, but if you are this kind of anime freak capable of watch and enjoy almost any kind of series, 'cause you always liked animation, plus you watched all 200 eps of Sailor Moon at around 9, 10 years old and loved it and their transformations, plus you really really like the character desings (i mean, their eyes have geat similarity with the original ones and that's a good point) and you like that kind of music, it's absolutely imposible to NOT LOVE THAT TRANSFORMATIONS hahahaha

well... just wanted to said that after watching ep 18, the series is getting more interesting and fun, the girls are building up, and there's plenty of remaning eps for the show to get better and i want to watch them all

wanted to say too, that i really really like the original version since i was a kid, it's much much funnier and the girls are more.. violent XD, and that it`s a shame that the japanese version is so stupid, but i can`t overlook a rare thing like a ppg anime, and it`s not thaaaaaaaaat bad at all

and another thing.... about the caps RenHina posted on page 11, it`s a REEEAL shame that the series has not been done like that, it`s incredibily better how they look, i hope the girls grow up to that ( i think it`s a posibility don´t you? cause they look more mature on those screenshots ) i would be so happy if the series got that animation quality really really hope so.......

ok that's all have fun
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Old 2006-12-21, 19:47   Link #225
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Originally Posted by itzfurrball View Post
ah, I felt for Peach in ep. 21

anyway, next week, HIM appears

"saikyou sai'aku no kare" - uhm, something like "Him the evillest and the villainest."

in the preview they show a sillhouette of his joker form, but looks like his first appearance will be in the form of a mummy.

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Old 2006-12-28, 22:54   Link #226
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Criticing like an Anime fan like always...

Originally Posted by SpaceDrake View Post
Some fans of US PPG may also be suffering from fatigue, you realize. This is essentially a reset of the PPG "universe" (ridiculously technical but it's the only word that works) and so we're having to go back, practically, to "Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins."

Also, though: I wonder. Remember, like many of its first-generation What A Cartoon siblings, the Girls were founded on a base of ruthless parody. Johnny Bravo as generic "tough guy" parody, Buzz Cheeply as sci-fi parody (BUZZ GOT A RAW DEAL BTW), the Girls as superhero parody, and probably the most sharply constructed parody of the three, once people understood what they were looking at.

From the previews I've seen so far... Toei may or may not have understood that. Those transform sequences seemed gratuitously long, so much so that I wonder if it was intentional. Also, transferring them to Tokyo rather than Townsville fits parody: Tokyo is the most overused anime site ever.

I'll need to see the episodes to pass final judgment, but done right this could be as wonderful and as ruthless a parody as the original PPG was, while still remaining kid-friendly.

EDIT: Wait


This HAS to be parody, I refuse to believe they'd pick THAT letter purely by chance. I am intrigued now.
I don't think it's a parody, because normally CN Parodies do generic things like the "tough guy" act, not specific things.

The depriving thing might be it, but this is just ridculous. The only thing I like is the character designs. They all seem extremely ditzy from the original (except bubbles, it looks like she was improved to a more serious girl).

I don't think the transformation thing was intentional but who knows, they porbably wanted us all bored to death trying to say, "WE ARE NOT THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, WE ARE THEIR REINCARNATIONS!" I don't like the weaponary, I'd prefer the original power (glad that they can still fly).

I like the layout of Mayor not being so short and adding more of a look on him. Miss Bellum, is well, still Miss Bellum. Peach is an interesting touch and the Professor's "Son" seems like a good move. I'm going to watch to see what's up. I'm just having difficutly finding it.

After thought:
PowerPuff Girls (Original) was meant to look like an anime (knowing the best friend of the creator). He's an obessive fan like alll of us, he probably wanted to see what it would look like anime style. I think they are waiting to see if he likes it himself.

Edit (after watching more snipets of episodes): Um, god help me, I can't breathe! This is hilarious! Excuse me while I go and scream to the world it a parody of the "Magical Girl" Act + PPG.
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Old 2007-02-18, 12:27   Link #227
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Powerpuff Girls episodes

I am currently downloading Powerpuff Girls for my niece. I have noted that there are 52 episodes. Does this break down to 2 twenty-six part stories; 4 thirteen part stories; or something different?
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Old 2007-02-18, 13:56   Link #228
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Originally Posted by tomcurda View Post
I am currently downloading Powerpuff Girls for my niece. I have noted that there are 52 episodes. Does this break down to 2 twenty-six part stories; 4 thirteen part stories; or something different?
It's scheduled for 52 episodes...52 separate episodes of 30minutes each.

Initially, it was generally mistaken that it'll last for 26 separate episodes only since each episode consisted of 2 parts. But the raws have gone over 26 episodes already, so it's heading for 52 different episodes.
(This week should be episode 33 if i'm not wrong.)

Personally, the series hasn't impressed me enough (mostly due to the plotline) for me to continue watching it. I'm only viewing the episodes when 'true villians' (eg. Him or the Rowdyruff boys) show up.
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Old 2007-02-18, 20:21   Link #229
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Powerpuff Girls


Thanks for the info. I thought they were 13 part stories like Stratos 4 or Midori no Hibi. I thought I had to wait for a complete story. Now I can start sending her episodes.
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Old 2007-04-14, 12:09   Link #230
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Okay just to get this out of the way, this post isn't to ask WHEN the next PPG Z ep is coming out. I understand that policy. What I WILL ask is: is there any other group besides TVNihon that has episode 33 subbed? I've checked T-N's site, and here for ep 33, and it seems to be nonexistant. I see ep 33 and on by other groups, namely To The Z! Fansubs. I'm just wondering what's up with that. Now, I'm not being impatient. I'm simply curious as to why it can't be found anywhere. That's all.
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Old 2007-04-16, 14:36   Link #231
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News: PPGZ is coming to the Americas, dub is confirmed to be done by Ocean Group

As to who owns the license... Well, Cartoon Network itself, I suppose. Also, sorry to say that I don't think the original voices will be returning at all. But, in some ways maybe that'll help to form the series as something "different" in my mind.
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Old 2008-06-26, 07:56   Link #232
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Yep, I listen to the Dub. It's just as bad as One peice, They've removed the good BGM including the transformation music, Renamed people and pretty much removed anything good about the show..
I will no be supporting this Dub! It's just another peice of americian rewriting crap... Man I hate when this happens such a enjoyable show turn into some cheezy saturday morning Toon. What is wrong with the Dub companies and TV station is all they want to do is line there pockets with money. Ah well , You wont be seeing me waking up in the morning to watch this on tv.. Poor Poor Anime
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Old 2008-06-26, 08:30   Link #233
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Big shame, but I supposed that's to be expected. Emiri Katou's ultra-cute voice (IMO one of the cutest voice in anime as Blossom and also as Kagami in Lucky Star) obviously being one of the biggest omissions. And oh yeah, the background OST was pretty good too.
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Old 2011-02-03, 07:14   Link #234
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This is so wrong…

Seriously, making an adaptation to another culture is a hard thing to do. Especially one which was originally a parody of the exact culture it is adapted into.

Powerpuff Girls Z (PPGZ) is the retelling of the homonymous American cartoon (I’ll just call it PPGA). Instead of just stopping to a dubbed version for reasons that I only imagine being fan pleasing, Japan decided to have its own PPG series, made from scratch. And boy, did they change a lot…

This is not exactly new in the industry. Since as far as the 80’s America and Japan make their own versions of the same story. Famous examples are Macross/Roboteck, American-only sequels to Voltron Defender of the Universe, an American-only OVA conclusion to the Saber Rider and the Starsheriffs, several Japanese-only sequels and spin-offs to the Transformers. The thing is, all those shows were 90% identical or easily recognizable to be of the same franchise. PPGZ is way too different to PPGA to the point it feels as a different show. And unfortunately, it is far, far worse as well. I will explain why by comparing both shows to one another in each section.

ART (PPGA: 7, PPGZ: 5)
PPGA was using a rather simple to draw and animate artwork which looked very 2-dimensional. It was also made to be a tribute to both the pop-art movement, superhero comic books of the 60’s, as well as a parody to several Japanese anime stereotypes. That made it look special and unique in a way, even if there are several series that were made the same way, like South Park, Dexter’s Laboratory or Ying Yang Yo. It was still somewhat different from the typical cartoon, which packs a lot more animation, 3D effects and lip-synch.

PPGZ on the other hand looks way too typical. If you have watched several anime, you can easily see how average its animation is, with its jerky animation, frozen panels and repeating transformation clips. I’m pretty sure it costs more to create 3D effects and fluid animation but at the same time it looks far less captivating. It has no in-jokes to comic books and the anime jokes are of course not working as good, since mahou shoujo parodies are abundant in Japan but not in America.

In a somewhat similar fashion we have the music score and the voice acting. Although both versions have perky voices and funky beats, it is again the American version which brings out better the humorous feeling of the setting. The dialogues felt a lot more childish and stupid in the Japanese version, while the pop song opening is just preparing you to see a mediocrity.

Although both shows are based on short stand alone missions, it was the variety of the American version that made it look slightly better. It was at moments quite ingenious in what was going on with the scenario, dealing with some rather heavy to the mind ideas. For example, in the American version Mojo Jojo would create doomsday devises or hoards of ugly mutants would invade the city. In the Japanese version Mojo’s plans would be totally retarded and wouldn’t go further than stealing candies from little kids, while most monsters are way too silly looking. Then again it was PPGZ which had a sense of progress, as the story seems to have a loose plot that heads towards somewhere. That makes both cases to be equal, although the show was never serious and thus in need of an overall plot to begin with. In fact, it was the short 15 minute missions of PPGA that were going to fast to get tired, while the dragged to double or more duration of PPGZ was easier to be bored, without really being more complicating or captivating than the American version.

Here is were the most drastic changes were made and shows easier how far inferior this version is. Here is a quick reference:
PPGA: Created by a chemical accident, kids, very powerful, don’t need to transform in order to fight, hand to hand battles.
PPGZ: Given powers by accident, teenagers, not too powerful, need to transform in order to fight, using weapons in battles.

In all aspects, the original is better. Being created makes them feel not human and thus excuses their huge eyes and hardship in fitting with society. Being kids brings out their innocence and how easy it is to be tricked all the time. Being very powerful means that the villains would need to use cunningness in order to escape or win, making the story more intelligent. Not in need of transforming means that their powers are part of who they are and not some cheap gimmick anyone can easily steal or suppress. Fighting hand to hand means that they are not defined by their accessories and the story focuses more on their personalities.

The remake takes a whole different approach and makes the whole thing feel less special. Being normal girls who are given powers means that they are not any different than any other mahou shoujo show and takes away the unearthly feeling of their nature. Being teenagers means that they are now wasting a lot of time on hitting on boys or running away from them, becoming objects of lust and not of affection for their kind hearts and will to help their world. Being not very powerful means that the villains could use anything to escape or win, making the story less in need of strategy on the part of the bad guys (on the other hand the girls need to smarten up for the same reason but we don’t see that much since most villains are just idiots who steal candies from babies). In need of transforming and weapons means that their powers are gimmicks, just extras anyone can easily steal or suppress. Fighting with weapons means that they are mostly defined by their accessories and not their personalities.

If you think about it, the American version is using all the elements that made Superman very famous in his early career (in fact they are a parody of him). He was the first superhero to be born with powers and not from Earth and that alien feeling is what made him special when compared with others of his era. So ok, I like Batman more but remember that he was more of a silly clown at first (Adam West anyone?) and it was only after his new persona as the Dark Knight kicked in that made him far more interesting. Superman’s interest as a character was a plus while he was so alien in origin and all the other heroes were blunt archetypes, but as soon as they all started to have darker sides to themselves (Watchmen anyone?) and Superman remained stuck to his usual self, they are now more interesting than him.

And here is where the remake failed. Making the girls more humane in nature without making them more humane in character. They feel equally silly as their American counterparts but way less interesting as characters… As well as more pedo-bait; I mean they are cute looking girls doing cosplay while looking at you all perky. I could never see the American looks of the girls as sexy with the silly way they were drawn (and don’t show me the fanfics because I have seen those as well; I find them disturbing and not sexy).

Bottom line, the original is special and unlike anything else ever made in America. You can’t confuse it with another cartoon, even other works the same team made. The remake on the other hand is carbon-copy of a thousand other similar shows; place it next to them and you might as well be looking for Waldo. At the same time, the humor worked just fine in the original because the combo of visuals, comic-book looks and anime parodies was unique, whereas the remake is one of the same old stuff we have been watching since Sailor Moon (and with even far less context than it). Thus PPGZ is a poorly made series that has nothing to offer to the fans of the original and hardly anything new to the natives of the Rising Sun.


p.s. American derived works suck and Marvel trying to anime-ize its heroes sucks harder.
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Hmm... Sorry for reviving this thread, but, we could have probably liked PPGZ better if it was darker and edgier and the girls are a little older (like 16-18 perhaps) and they didn't suck at fighting (with weapons, no less), yes?
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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
Hmm... Sorry for reviving this thread, but, we could have probably liked PPGZ better if it was darker and edgier and the girls are a little older (like 16-18 perhaps) and they didn't suck at fighting (with weapons, no less), yes?
No, because PPG>>>>>|>>>PPGZ.

Z was only meant to be a placeholder since they could not easily air the original Powerpuff Girls at first.
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