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Owaranai Destiny
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Originally Posted by atilim View Post
Forget about the spoiler for a minute OK. Suzaku woudn't want a victory like with Geass. Even if he doesn't change anything he doesn't want it. I think we all now what kind a type Suzaku really is, he has probely never dong anything bad and always follow the rules.
And simpelly because he would need it to change something doesn't meen that he would do it, he want to change's people harts and not deceive them unlike what Lelouche is doing.

Everything above is my assumption. We all know what 'type' of person Suzaku is, which makes it all the more justifiable to say that he's somewhat self-righteous. I don't know what the recent developments in the next episode would do to change him, though, but that's another discussion reserved for another thread.

Geass isn't necessarily used for evil. Suzaku can use Geass to control people to help him. If he has the power, it's up to him as to how he wants to use it, just like how Lelouch decides to use Geass to kill or control people. I don't know about him having done nothing bad, since no one's an angel (if he is, though, it just makes his character all the more strange )

Let's reserve the rest for the Generic or morality discussions, shall we?
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