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Old 2003-11-28, 02:34   Link #21
also known as K!
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Most of the time people don't bother with the firstpass, so it's a default setting to output a dummy file while collecting stats. With api4 I keep the firstpass because statsreader2 will crash when it tries to read an api4 stats file. Need to know what the firstpass size is or I could end up overcompressing and the final video will look bad.

Not sure if you realised, i:2/4 p:2/7 b:2/10 are the quant cap settings. You will read varying opinions on quant capping on doom9... I think for anime it's a must - the nature of anime is very good at tricking the rate control into giving scenes too high a quant, eg. high motion scenes can end up with quants over 10 and end up looking blocky. Not a big problem in live-action movies, but very visible in anime.

I can't really think of anything else to add.

... and then you edit your post.

Now, ffdshow is an interesting problem. On the one hand you have nic's xvid decoder. It has the best decoding performance, the picture is crisp even with full post. But it has a b-frame bug, which can be seen in my gsg encodes - if you watch the prologue notes, some blocks will start to flicker. Then you have ffdshow, which doesn't have the b-frame bug, but smooths too much, and if you lower the strength it doesn't post-process enough (leaving mosquitos, etc.).

As a general rule, compare encodes by opening them in vdub. You can open several instances of vdub, position them over each other, have the video set to the same frame (remember there is a frame offset if using b-frames) and alt-tab between them.
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Old 2003-11-28, 02:40   Link #22
Afflicted by the vanities
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Fish-shape Paumanok
Age: 30
There's no way I could have realized that, because this is the first experience I've had encoding besides changing the codec to XViD for my Avssynth'ed anime music video and setting the bitrate to 666 because it's a nice number.

Anyway, thanks again.

[edit] Ohhh dear, it estimated my first pass at 1000MB.

[edit2] yeah, I figured that out about using VirtualDub to compare ^^

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Old 2003-11-28, 13:22   Link #23
Afflicted by the vanities
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Fish-shape Paumanok
Age: 30
No matter what I do, I can't get it to output a file smaller than 400MB... as if 100MB had magically been added to my raw by avssynth.

The raw is 640x480, but that can't make the video stream all that big...

[edit] The culprit was a 300MB audio track outputted by Avisynth. Anyway, now I have a 100MB video file which appears to be perfect quality!

Last edited by Shii; 2003-11-28 at 14:44.
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Old 2003-12-01, 23:42   Link #24
A-Blitz Founder/Encoder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Here it is!

Here we go...Now the world knows. This is for Dev-api-4, or Xvid 1.0 Beta.

IT'S A LARGE IMAGE! Careful with these settings, they can be changed and suit most material (anime or not) very well...It's for Xvid 1.0 Beta so the settings may change quite a bit...
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Old 2003-12-02, 00:16   Link #25
also known as K!
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Tokyo, Japan
I think libavcodec and dx50 break on matrices with values < 16. So it's not a good idea, unless your encodes are for you only.

Not using closed GOP also breaks compatibility.
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Old 2003-12-02, 00:34   Link #26
A-Blitz Founder/Encoder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Oh the closed GOP thing was simply unchecked cause I just got Xvid 1.0 today...I'm still trying to understand the "Zone" settings... All other settings have been carried over from Koepi's Previous Unstable Build.

If you can also explain why I can't set the max. bitrate then please do...
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Old 2003-12-03, 10:51   Link #27
Join Date: Nov 2003
Age: 34
Originally Posted by Sakaki-
Everything depends on your raw.

And the most important part is to filter out as much noice as possible out of the picture to be abel to compres it good.
woah buddy, you wanna make sure not to filter TOO much, filtering should be used to clean grainy noise or other distortion, detail should be kept and not filtered out. Filters should not be used to allow it to compress more, but just to clean the raw for optimal quality!
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Old 2003-12-28, 01:53   Link #28
A-Blitz Founder/Encoder
Join Date: Nov 2003
... ANYTHING above Fast Recompress is useless...not to mention LOSSLESS!

Full Processing Mode, which enables Vdub filters, converts the color space meaning a loss of quality (although this isn't noticable really) but what really sucks...Is that RGB color space, which Full Processing Mode uses, is LESS compressible!

This is the whole reason we use AVISynth! Preferably 2.5 since it works in YV12 colorspace which is the fastest, highest quality, and most compressible color format there is!

I prefer to set my quantizers at a fixed setting, or low fluxuation.

I and P goes 2/4 or 4/4
B frame always goes 4/4 or 4/5

hmpf... Anyway, that is true about AVS's warpsharp being inferior to Vdub's, but that's why I use "awarpsharp" by MarkFD. It seems to be a sharper version with better warping. (Setting is around 15-22)

Let's not forget about good ol' Convolution3D either, which IMO is good for some noise reduction. I use Msmooth or FluxSmooth for artifacting. (Heavier noise and artifacts are better suited for Msmooth, but Flux keeps more detail)

and since AVS 2.5 cannot support the original Textsub filter, I use VSFilter to emulate Textsub. (It works exactly the same)

As for Xvid settings...Dev-Api-4, VHQ4, (depending on raw) QPel, Bframes, H.263/Custom Quant, Unrestricted profile, Zone Settings are at Quantizer 3.06 with Chroma optimizer, For Motion I have level 6 with Chroma motion and Cartoon Mode. I use all the settings on both passes and set est. filesize to 200000kb for second pass (Keep in mind that that's NOT 200MB...It's around 195, but kept lower for overflow safety) For the upcoming 800x600 encodes I use 233000 (which is still not 233MB, once again for overflow safety)

My final filter for some more fixing is Tweak, which is now built into AVS. I prefer to lower the brightness by -1 and up the contrast by 1. For some shitty raws it may be higher settings. Generally though, those fix up any raw.

phew...I think that about covers it. Also, for any resizing I use Lanczos for the sharpest conversion. Well there it is everyone, almost all my secrets are out!
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Old 2003-12-28, 16:35   Link #29
Kiero mi Hanime Gratix™
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Daikoku city.
Age: 40
Send a message via MSN to RebootEDC Send a message via Yahoo to RebootEDC
If you're trying to use Avisynth as frameserver you can use QMF, which gives you the chance of having three configurations depending on the motion of the movie.
In low motion you can use dup.
In medium you can use a little warpsharp.
And in high motion, just 2d cleaning.

I haven't used it yet, since my VirtualDub isn't opening my .avs lately (something about my last Gordian Knot installation, crap! )... and worst of all... I haven't the proper links here so you could learn a little more about this special filter (or filter packager).

If you're still interested on this, I can answer you tomorrow.

Greeting from Spain.

PS. Discard any coding bellow 120 megs/30mins if it's not a direct ripping from DVD (in your case, from a RAW, so even worse)

PS2. This thread is becoming an anime encoding bible, can any moderator make it "post it"?? It would be VERY usefull in the future !!

Proudly enjoying Hanime Gratix™ since 2003
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Old 2003-12-30, 17:08   Link #30
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: New York
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This may be out of place, but I'd like some advice for making clips from video to send to friends and other stuff like that. I have a fair understanding of VirtualDub, but when I cut a piece of an avi out, some parts of it, especially fight scenes, end up really pixelated and white, and sometimes the subs aren't even readable. I'm using the divx 5.1.1 codec. Are there certain settings I'm supposed to use?

Oh, and I seem to have two divx codecs here, one is FOURCC code 'divx' and the other is 'yv12.' What's the difference?

(Just a note, I don't understand most of the stuff in this thread.)
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Old 2004-01-24, 00:04   Link #31
AnimeONE Do-It-All
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: US
Age: 30
Just to round off this discussion...

Download Koepi's latest binary build, 1.0 beta 3 i believe.
It includes a zip of different quantization matrices with which one can experiment. Certain ones are tailored for anime, high bitrate, high compression, and "Ultimate" fit all.
Although Virtualdub converts to RGB, it doesn't affect perceptible quality and the decoder automatically converts anyways when viewing the file so the same amount of quality can be lost no matter which way.
Also, Virtualdub has a list of filter which are VERY useful for tinkering with the video, such as HQ Smoother and 2Dspaceclean.
My preferred settings are:
Cartoon mode, Ultra High, VHQ 1, no GMC, no turbo, no trellis, I (2, 31), P (2, 31), B(2, 31), max 1 consecutive b frame, Qpel, MPEG Custom with either Animation matrix or Ultimate matrix. And of course 2 pass with a touch of Smooth, warpsharp, and clean.
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