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Old 2006-12-28, 01:38   Link #1
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Join Date: Dec 2006
looking for an anime with romance and action

are there any? by action i mean like swords and stuff not like james bond action
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Old 2006-12-28, 01:45   Link #2
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Absolutely none.

Shura no Toki
Rurouni Kenshin
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Old 2006-12-28, 02:14   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2006
Dn angel
Tsubasa chronicle
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Old 2006-12-28, 06:36   Link #4
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Black Blood Brothers -- vampire theme
Busou Renkin -- currently ongoing
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Old 2006-12-28, 07:28   Link #5
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action huh? try Demonbane ~ mecha and mythological action

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Old 2006-12-28, 08:51   Link #6
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For romance, there are a lot of anime/manga series where the couple is dating and boyfriend and girlfriend during the series and gets married.

Fushigi Yuugi has the couple as boyfriend/girlfriend and dating during the series and lots of kissing. The manga is a lot longer than the anime, with two weddings and two engagements.

Ayashi no Ceres manga has lots of kissing, five sex scenes, lots of scenes with the couple making out in hotel rooms, action. Mang is much longer than anime.

Sailor Moon is 200 anime episodes, 18 manga volumes, the live action series. The couple are dating and boyfriend and girlfriend during the series, get married, have a child.

Marmalade Boy Great realistic romnace series.

Bokura ga Ita Great realistic romance series.
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Old 2006-12-28, 16:57   Link #7
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yo, u should check out shakugan no Shana. its what you are looking for
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Old 2006-12-28, 17:11   Link #8
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Shakugan No Shana

Fate Stay Night

Ruroni Kenshin
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Old 2006-12-28, 20:42   Link #9
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I second Shakugan No Shana and Fate/Stay Night. BTW Shakugan No Shana movie is coming out in 2007 to all Shana Fans.

Maybe u can give Zero No Tsukaima a chance. Where the boy is a servant to a girl, with a magical % success rate of 0. It also has comedy and harem in it. There is also a 2nd season in production.

And wat abt Bleach, the best shouen and action anime IMO. There is also a movie called Memories Of Nobody that is out.
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Old 2006-12-29, 07:51   Link #10
Join Date: Oct 2006
Futakoi Alternative?
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Old 2006-12-30, 15:01   Link #11
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I 3rd Fate/Stay Night and Shakugan no Shana
and i add
Mai-Hime it has pretty good romance and action plus it has amazing music.

2nd Zero no Tsukaima also. watched all of that in 1 day(not that thats a big accomplishment or anything).
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Old 2006-12-30, 15:38   Link #12
The black swordman.
Join Date: Dec 2006
Originally Posted by joten View Post
are there any? by action i mean like swords and stuff not like james bond action
Berserk , I recommend it , Its about sword and killing and battels and at the end some demon slaying.

Be warned , Its kinda twisted. from shattering teeth to smashing skulls. And it does contain some hentai.
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Old 2006-12-30, 16:32   Link #13
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Outlaw Star has a good blend of romance and action.
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