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Old 2006-12-27, 12:59   Link #1
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Recommended video editing software?

My psychology group is to produce an advertisement for our school project. We have finished filming the advertisement itself, but have yet to put them together. I was wondering if there is a recommended free video editing software that I could download to use for editing the advertisment? There are about 8 different scenes, so the software must be able to link multiple videos together, as well as to edit the scenes/add in text/add in sound/music.

Another feature, though optional, was asked by my group member to be included in the advertisement. Something like:

First, flash scene 1. Zoom out to 1/4 screen size and move to a corner(top left corner, for example). Repeat for 3 more scenes (having the scene first shown full screen size first, then scaled to 1/4 screen size), placing each scenes in a corner till the screen is filled.


^bad explanation, but I think you get the drift.

Thanks in advance.

PS. It would be nice if there is a beginner guide to the software as well.
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Old 2006-12-27, 14:51   Link #2
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Yeah, there really isn't a free piece of software that'll do what you want, except maybe iMovie on a Mac. I guess Windows Movie Maker might be able to do some of what you want, but you really need a real piece of NLE software like Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, Vegas, or Final Cut Express/Pro on the Mac side of the fence.

Well, I guess there's Avid Xpress DV, but that doesn't let you have 4 tracks of video at a time, so you couldn't do your 4-way split screen.
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Old 2006-12-30, 13:23   Link #3
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Thanks, killmoms, I guess I'll abandon the idea of the 4way split screen. But right now I'm getting a little desperate - what I need, now, is a software that allows me to join up all the seperate clips together, because we didnt film the advertisement as a single video clip (And the link that the lecturers gave didnt help in that aspect). It has to be free, able to support avi and mp4 file types, and it would be nice if a download link is given, because I tried searching for Avid Xpress DV on and it just isn't there. Also, a software that allows me to add in text, cut away unwanted scenes and add in a background song (if the other software doesnt have the functions I mean).

Currently, I am downloading windows moviemaker and AVS Video to see if these two software can do what I want
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Old 2006-12-31, 01:47   Link #4
Zero Shinohara
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Though WMM can't help you with the split screen issue, it'll certainly work with different files. You can even cut clips directly from another larger video, as well as mount them any way you want in a single file. It's a small program, but has a nice capacities.

For what you want to do, it's enough. Might not give you the best results possible, but I'd stick with it.

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Old 2006-12-31, 08:17   Link #5
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The only problem with WMM is that it doesnt support mpeg4 file formats...which is, unfortunately, what most of the clips are stored as (in terms of file format). I tried using AVS Video Editor, but it seems like majority of the functions aren't available in the trial version (including deleting of scenes from a clip). Or maybe I just don't know how to operate the software...but as things are now, it seems like theres nothing I can do but to try out the other softwares from

Other video editing software that I have downloaded and can't get to work/doesn't do what I want:
-ACD Video Magic (apparently the server where I am suppose to apply for the trial code at is unavailable).
-t@b ZS4 Video Editor (doesn't allow me to combine several clips together)

I would have resorted to using iMovie, but since I don't own any Macs or use Mac's OS, I can't install the program. Seriously in need of help here.

PS. I'm not inteested in the 4way split screen anymore, as stated in my 2nd post.


Something I noticed: apparently, the clips that I want to edit aren't recognized as mpeg files (by Quicktime) but instead, as movie files (right-clicking and checking the properties of the files, the file type is shown as Quicktime movie...o_O). And I still cant get to open the file unless using AVS Video Editor (which, as mentioned, lacked the features I needed in the trial version). Currently tried VirtualDub (an open source software) and it too doesnt support the clip's file format (which I am currently unsure of).

And to clarify - the clips can be played on Quicktime, so are they definitely in mpeg4 file format? They were taken using a digital camera (not video camera) so I hope that helps too.

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