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Old 2007-01-03, 03:13   Link #1
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I want to open Code Geass with VirtualDubMod...

It says that most of the frames are broken and "weirdly ordered", that the subtitle stream has "overlapping subtitles", that it couldn't locate the decompressor, and that its not VFW compatible. Is there anything to fix that, or am I out of luck? (its a matroska file, BTW) I tried it with several episodes, and its always the same thing.

If its the latter, are there any programs that WILL work that I can use to search frame-by-frame instead of trying to press the pause button at just the right moment?
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Old 2007-01-03, 05:48   Link #2
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I assume you're talking about gg's Code Geass, and in that case, you're out of luck as far as Vdubmod goes. Vdubmod hasn't been updated for years, and among the things it doesn't support are:
1. h264 video
2. ASS subtitles
3. VFR video
4. Attachments.
gg's Code Geass has all of these except #3.

Anyway, it's not hopeless just because you can't use Vdubmod. Depending on what you want to do, there are other ways to do stuff. From your description, it sounds like you just want to step through the video frame-by-frame (and possibly take screenshots). That's relatively simple to do; it requires two things: Avisynth and VirtualDub (not -mod). Avisynth is an extremely powerful video processing tool, and describing it in detail is out of the scope of this thread. What's important to us is that it can load basically any video and then trick some other program into believing that it's actually an uncompressed AVI file.

So, what you do is:
1. Install Avisynth.
2. Create an empty .txt file with Notepad or some other text editor.
3. Put this line in it:
(of course, replace the path and filename with the ones on your computer)
4. Rename the .txt to .avs.
5. Open the .avs (not the mkv) in VirtualDub.
6. ???
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Old 2007-01-03, 06:51   Link #3
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If you want to step frame by frame in the video and take screenshots, you can use avidemux. I advise you to not try and save parts of the file as avi.
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Old 2007-01-03, 13:05   Link #4
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Eh, I'll just copy the episode to another location just long enough to take screencaps.

Thanks, Fluff.
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