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Old 2007-01-16, 17:39   Link #1
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Character Heights in Bleach

I was just bored and decided to do some research on how tall the bleach characters were, and the results were shocking, check it out for yourself.

Ichigo: 174cm = 5ft 7inch
Orihime: 157cm = 5ft 1inch
Renji: 188cm = 6ft 1inch
Urahara: 183cm = 6ft
Byakuya: 180cm = 5ft 9inch
Rukia: 144cm = 4ft 7inch

I couldn't find anymore, but I think you get the general idea of how tall the characters are relative to real life... and dear god are the girls tiny, then again my wife is 5'2" also... and I'm 1 inch taller than Ichigo. :P
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Old 2007-01-16, 18:37   Link #2
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i thoguht ichigo was actually 5'9 like in some other sites say. and wow 4'7? rukia is a midget.

Edit: i just looked on wikipedia apparently ur off by 1 inch for a few lol, ichigo is 5'8 and 1 half, Rukia is 4'8 but still wow, there so short
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Old 2007-01-16, 19:38   Link #3
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That's nothing. There were some vietnamese girls in my senior year of high school that were barely 4 feet tall. It's all relative =P
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Old 2007-01-16, 19:39   Link #4
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well they cant all be 6'7 or above, but rukia really does look like a midget when standing next to like renji or ichi
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Old 2007-01-16, 20:48   Link #5
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1 m = 3.28ft
So correcting...

Ichigo: 174cm = 5ft 7inch (actually 5' 8 1/2)
Orihime: 157cm = 5ft 1inch (actually 5'2)
Renji: 188cm = 6ft 1inch (actually 6'2)
Urahara: 183cm = 6ft (correct)
Byakuya: 180cm = 5ft 9inch (actually 5'11)
Rukia: 144cm = 4ft 7inch (actually 4'9)

As for the heights, the show doesn't really accurately express them consistently. Most of the captains are 6-2 to 6-4 (Komamura and Zaraki are exceptions). But you'll find Ichigo sort of strolls in and only looks about an inch or less most of the time. Additionally, there is supposed to be a 5 1/2 to 6 inch height discrepancy between Ichigo and Renji, but they are often expressed at the same height.

Also, Ichigo doesn't look anything like 5-8 1/2, I swear he looks closer to 5-11 most of the time (comparative to Byakuya).

I think its a little silly when shows publish all these stats and then all these inconsistencies pop out.

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Old 2007-01-16, 23:43   Link #6
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Age: 35
I used a conversion calculator to get the heights, I guess the coding is wrong XP

But anyway, yeah, Its all scale. You can't really judge how tall they look by their figure, you have to compare their height to things that are drawn to scale, such as doorways, cars, lamp posts, etc etc, TV does the same thing, many actors and actress's appear tall but they are in reality really short.
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Old 2007-01-17, 01:54   Link #7
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This thread is too trivial to leave it open. If people actually start to talk about the meaning of Rukia's height, it might drive me to AIM to find an intelligent conversation.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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