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Reika Tsukishima
Super X-Zibits Translator
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Remake Music Collections by

This is total remake of available musics both from anime, game, and other series. These musics was made by members of, and I try to add more musics later on... I also have the lyrics for these musics, so whenever you want it, post here and I send directly through E-mail. As everything are in MP3, you can also ask for its MIDIs which are very easy to make. This is also our first time to have something like this, and we also try to improve this thread as our connection with anime company has steadily improving. Feel free to visit at for more informations and anime game updates.

Personal note :
Since this is a closed-off from any other company-related forms, so I decided to take on request on any musics either from animes, anime games, other games, J-Musics, and anything. I also can search and look on other companies sites and talk to them directly for more informations, since I have the previlege because of our reputation. At this time, we only take musics requests, but later on we can also search requested infos for you.

Game Updates :
Some games from both anime and manga updates are about to open, and so the updates on anime games [ie. Galaxy Angel, Gundam Seed, etc.] will be announced here. I know this is not the correct forum, But before posting I'll contact forum moderators for guidelines. I'll also post in related thread for this announcements.

[M] = MIDI
[L] = Lyric

[=] Anime Musics [=]
- Tori no Uta+Piano version [L]
- Farewell [L]

Di Gi Charat
- Party Night [L]

Initial D
- Burning Night [L]
- Maybe Tonight [L]

Inu Yasha
- Change the World [L]
- Every Heart [L]
- Fukai Mori [L]

Galaxy Angel
- Ranpha Theme
- Milfeulle Theme
- Galaxy BANG - BANG [L]

Gundam SEED Destiny
- Ignited [L]
- Bokutachi no Yukue [L]
- Reason [L]

Gundam Wing
- Just Communication [L]

Full Metal Alchemist
- Melissa [L]

Kakyuusei 2
- Koi no Uta [L]

Mamotte Shugogetten!
- Saa [L]
- Sobani Iru Dakede [L]

Rurouni Kenshin
- Heart of Sword [L]
- Sobakasu [L]

- Scramble! [L]

Sister Princess
- Love Destiny [L]

Tokyo Mew Mew
- My Sweet Heart + Koi wa A la Mode [TV][L]

[=] Game Themes [=]
Dragon Ball Z
- OP Mode

Nemesis the Warlock
- [Nemesis]

3D Galax
- [3D Galax]

- Mirage Lullaby [Game OP][L]

[=] Personal Themes [=]
- Cryogenic
- Eliminator
- LemonAide
- Mad Cat I
- Mad Cat II
- Mad Cat III
- X3 Reunion [Argon Prime]
- EVE Online

[=] Currently in progressions [=]
- Soul Link [Dust Trail] -15%
- Soul Link [Screaming] -15%
- Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai [Metamorphose] -15%
- Gatekeeper [Asu no Egao no Tameni] -30%
- Initial D [Night of Fire] - 20%
- Comic Party [Kimino Mamade] -10%

Last update =>- 21 January 2007
Next update =>- 25 January 2007

All thanx for members of and any fansubs out there, and of course super thanx to for forums and supports.

Reika Tsukishima...

Last edited by Reika Tsukishima; 2007-01-20 at 16:25. Reason: Added new musics and infos for release.
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