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Old 2007-01-26, 07:51   Link #1
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Some Studio Fun!

If you were to seek a position in an anime studio, which would you be most excited to apply for?

Anything like directing, designing, coloring, sketching, producing, soundtrack, dubbing, etc.

Research some studio positions, and pick one you'd be interested in doing.

My Picks:

1. Director - Tons of people in this world would love to be one of these, so I'm not completely out of my mind when I mention this is a hard possibility. But we're speaking in "wants" and not "haves" for the record, so I can toss that sort of notion out the window. Directing would be fun for me, I'd enjoy taking apart every scene and looking at what angle it could be depicted, how the characters could look, and what other little tidbits I could insert to better convey a point. There would also be much relish in slapping in some form of philosophical or psychological themes that could be conveyed in a multitude of different expressions, whether through dialogue, or visual interpretation. In short: my dream job.

2. Producer
- Now here's something a little bit more reasonable, but not by much. It would be fun to slap together a campaign for a movie I truly believe in, and much to my usual expressing of gratitude for anything I love, this just might be my true dream job in disguise. The framework for great movies is put together by making the potential of a film realized through much persuasion! I'd also try to give my studio as much as I could, hiring young and spirited employees who wish to give me that film I've been dreaming to see, with my full support backing them in the process.

3. Screenwriter
- Though it's much different than writing a novel, it still involves the same passion, and it builds a more subtle framework than meets the eye. Without a screenplay, a movie doesn't exist. I'd love to describe intricate details to lavish scenery, or even create some memorable dialogue, and weave everything together around a cool "movie style" premise. This position is sought after by many more people than mentioned above, in fact, tons of jobless people write scripts everyday I'm sure!

Too bad I lack any artistic abilities that pertain to being an designer of any sort, though I might be able to draw my own crappy storyboards (no joke, Mamoru Oshii's storyboards for the Patlabor films, being I own the box sets for the first two, are not terribly great looking - though my Gunbuster storyboard set fared better, which had Anno's involvement no less).

I'm not going to ask too much out of anybody, I'm just curious (for the most part) which job in a studio would at least sound like the most fun for you, or one you might even be interested in to some degree.
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Old 2007-01-26, 08:27   Link #2
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I would rather be a screen writer, where all you do is set up the story and create the world in which the characters will interact... Once you've done that then it's up to the producers and directors to do the hard part and put your story together...

A screenwriter gives you the freedom for your creative imagination, without the hard parts..
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Old 2007-01-26, 14:03   Link #3
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An investor.

It's what I do anyways and I kinda hate working as a team. xD
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Old 2007-01-30, 00:44   Link #4
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Originally Posted by holyman282 View Post
A screenwriter gives you the freedom for your creative imagination, without the hard parts..
Now that I know it, I want to be a screenwriter too ^^
I don't have a problem with working as a team, I do have problem when my freedom are being limited tough
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