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Old 2007-02-04, 10:19   Link #1
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MKV Does not work for Media Player?

I've downloaded the Codecs for the MKV.. but I was wondering how come I still cannot watch it on windows media player? Also on a side note, if I want to burn the anime onto a cd how can I convert MKV files into one that is burnable? Will it make the anime poorer quality when watched on a large screen tv?
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Old 2007-02-05, 00:36   Link #2
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If you've downloaded the Mastroka playback pack, you should be able to play MKV file extensions in MPC, Mplayer2 or WMP.

It looks like CCCP should install MKV support if you run it.

If you convert MKV to a file you can watch on your DVD player, you do run the risk of loosing all the subs if you have a softsub video. Depending on what you want to do, there should be plenty of FAQs, but it will proably involve a considerable amount of your time depending on what you want done.
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Old 2007-02-05, 04:40   Link #3
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Installing CCCP should do everything in one shot.

If you're doing it a different way, note that unless they've changed something since I last took a look, MKV support on its own doesn't include any video codecs. You'll need the XviD and possibly h.264 codec(s). If you can play anime in .avi form, you probably have at least one of those codecs; the specific codec you need depends on the video.

You should also restart after installing support for .mkv's; Windows Media Player is a bit cranky about that.
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