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Old 2007-02-03, 11:34   Link #141
Hyuuga Hitomi
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If (hopefully, since I'm a father-son fan) Naruto is related to Yondaime, then it would be better not to tell him until he's old enough to understand why Yondaime would put the Kyuubi in his relative. Plus how many enemies do you think the fourth had, if those enemies discovered that Yondaime had a relative alive do you think they might try to get revenge?

Same thing goes on the last part if he's actually Yondaime.
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Old 2007-02-06, 12:35   Link #142
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I was watching the anime this weekend on Cartoon Network (that's right...CN!) and it was when Sandaime used the Death God jutsu on Orochimaru. I noticed that the Reaper has Sandaime's soul infront of it, and when it stick's its arm from behind the soul, it comes out of the real body, even the clones. So the theory that Yondaime had the baby in front of him when he used the technique to pull the kyuubi inside the baby is not really likely since the seal goes on the body of the summoner. Since the seal is on Naruto then maybe he is the 4th's reincarnation?

Just another random thought....

When the 4th performed the Death God jutsu, both his soul and the Kyuubi become tied together (according to the 3rd's explaination, the 2 souls are locked in to fight forever... or something like that) but since the kyuubi's spirit was too big, the Death God could not swallow them both (because they are linked together) causing both souls to be locked inside the body. This also caused the body to turn into a baby loosing any memory of who he was.

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